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See It To Believe It: 42 Breakthrough Products From Clever Innovators

Few things can make you feel genuinely happy. We mean that satisfaction and joy from deep within your soul that cannot be rivaled by any other feeling. You can get these emotions from personal accomplishments, participating in the things you love, playing with pets, or even just enjoying the goodness of nature. As luck would have it, we’ve laid our eyes on some incredible designs that will bring unparalleled joy to you. Each day, designers get inspiration to showcase their craft and shock us even more. Even cutlery designs and bookends can leave you astonished. As you read the complex ways artisans formed these objects and their reasoning, you’ll appreciate them even more. Without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Clever Caution Sign

If you are a lover of the famous cartoon in the early 90s, Donkey Kong, you’ll know how dangerous banana peels can be. In truth, banana peels are slippery and can be extremely dangerous, especially if you step on them.

Image source:

The floor had just been mopped, and they needed a sign to alert people. Instead of using an ordinary sign which reads “Wet Floor”, you can choose to go creative by using a banana peel-shaped sign to pass your message across.

Star Wars

Star Wars is undoubtedly a fantastic movie franchise and a favorite of many people. This Yoda bookend is super exciting to look at. The design creates an illusion that the Jedi master is using force to hold up the book.

Image source:

In reality, a hidden metal base holds the books in place, but who cares about facts? For a more dramatic feel to your bookshelf, you can take advantage of this design to add a creative touch. You’ll also get to see Yoda’s force in action.

The House Key

There is an amazing joy that comes with buying a house in the perfect neighborhood. In other words, this company understands the feeling and decided to make things even better by adding an extra key to the typical one we encounter.

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However, it’s not a key to the door. It is a key-shaped USB drive containing a digital copy of the house documents. It was thoughtful of the company to do this, as you are securing yourself and your data both physically and digitally.

Glass Mountain

What do you see at the base of this glass cup? A mountain, right? The glass is from a Japanese restaurant, and it has a little design of Mount Fuji on its base. Also, the color of your drink determines the color of the mountain.

Image source:

Gold-colored drinks like sweet tea will give the mountain a sharp gold look like the sunset. If it’s Cola, expect a dark-colored mountain in a rainstorm. This cup is the best gift for orophiles (mountain lovers) because they’re literally taking a drink on a mountain top.

Origami Bird Lamp

One of the first sounds you hear as you wake up in the woods is the chirping of birds. During the day, you are blessed with the constant singing of birds as they move from one tree to the other foraging for food.

Image source:

Surprisingly, you can get that feel of nature in your room. An origami bird lamp can do the trick and it also lights up when you plug it in. Although this bird may not sing, you will get a beautiful glow in your room.

Perfect Complement

This paintbrush is complemented by an excellent package design. It was just an ordinary brush until someone came up with a brilliant idea. Since the brush looks like a mustache, drawing a man’s face as the package perfectly complements it.

Image source:

The packaging was done in the heart of Mexico, where you’ll find men with long mustaches. This way, you’ll know you’re in the right environment. All you need is to get your own mustache-looking paintbrush to be a perfect fit.

The Doctor’s Pen

Sometimes, a person’s possessions can give you a clue about their profession. For example, let’s say you have a friend who is a doctor, and their birthday is around the corner. You can gift something that perfectly depicts their profession and they’ll love it.

Image source:

A cute syringe-shaped pen like the one above will do the trick. It’s a nice gesture, and it would be greatly appreciated and remembered. This pen can also come in handy as a gift to an aspiring teenager hoping to become a medical doctor someday.

A chork

Ever heard of a chork? Here’s one. This special cutlery got its name from its shape from the look of things. The upper part is a fork, while the lower part is chopsticks. Merging the two, you have a chork.

Image source: / u/alsoandanswer

So if you’re not a fan of using chopsticks when eating, all you have to do is switch to the opposite side and enjoy your meal using the fork. A chork can come in handy when eating meals like pad thai, spaghetti and meatballs, etc.

Plant Life Support

At first glance, this picture is quite hilarious when you think that you can place plants on a drip. On another note, plants are beneficial to the environment, and they need all the moisture they can get. They come in handy, from providing food and beauty for the environment to contributing immensely to the ecosystem.

Image source:

Therefore, we have to take care of all plants no matter what. The water is kept in an IV bag named “Plant Life Support (H2O)” to avoid things getting messy. This is a creative way to test your doctor skills in a safe and healthy environment.

Square Pants

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Sure, most people know the answer. It’s none other than Spongebob Squarepants, who happens to be the favorite cartoon of most people. You can imagine the excitement of seeing a SpongeBob sponge holder.

Image source: / u/mRairden

His arms show they are ready to get to work; as you can see, he is all geared up. As we all know, if Spongebob is around, then Patrick isn’t too far away, so be on the lookout for him too.

Doctors On The Go

Anyday, anytime, it is crucial you appreciate doctors as they make themselves readily available to ensure others are in good health. If you look closely, there’s a stethoscope at the back of this red Porsche, and you can guess it’s a doctor’s car.

Image source:

For a kid, this is one way to stimulate their desire in the medical field, and at the same time, their playtime would also be fast and energetic thanks to this toy. In addition, they can attend to emergencies as fast as possible with this car.

Mighty Pen

Edward Bulwer-Lytton may not be a name that rings a bell at first, but there’s every chance you know his famous quote. He said, “The pen is mightier than the sword.” This means that words have a powerful way of getting the point across compared to violence.

Image source:

The knight in the above picture shows that this fact holds true in more ways than one. A pen can accomplish so much more than a sword, and what better way to depict it than with this pen holder. Thanks to the pen knight, you’re sure not to lose your pen.

Delightful Bollards

Legos fans would love this next slide. What better way to bring these dull blue railings to life than with a set of funny painted Legos on them. Each bar has a different face, maybe to show how they feel at the moment.

Image source:

You can see one railing with an eye patch, and the midday heat is telling. Also, if you look closely, you will notice the woman and a kid in the background admiring the rails. You can tell they are having a swell time.

Vertical ChessBoard

This chessboard proved that you could play the game differently and not the traditional way. If you’re a genius in the game, this may give you another perspective about thinking on your feet. For some, it may just make the game way easier than expected.

Image source:

With this board, you can play a quick game with a friend who is or isn’t also chess savvy. Surprisingly, this wall space that was once bare has now been given life thanks to the vertical chessboard. Sorry friend, checkmate!

Eyeglass Handles

An English singer and peace activist, John Lennon will always be known as a legend. He achieved world fame as the founder, co-lead vocalist, co-songwriter, and rhythm guitarist of The Beatles. Millions love him due to the numerous hit songs and albums released.

Image source: / Diane Munoz

The glass doors were made with his signature round glasses to immortalize him forever. If you look closely at the door handles, you can tell that you’re looking at a famous singer. This is an excellent way of getting his fans through the door.

Playing and Chilling

Love and passion for football can make you engage in the sport at all times. What could make it fun is having a table and chair like this to enjoy with friends and family. While chilling outside with your pals, you can play a friendly football game while seated.

Image source:

Practice makes perfect, they say. So if you keep practicing your skills, you’ll definitely become better day by day, regardless of the situation. You can tell there’ll be many goals smashed on this mini football field. Never lose a ball again? We are in.

Variety of Colors

Band-Aid is well-known as a brand of adhesive bandages or sticking plaster used for medical/health purposes. They are very effective when used for first aid. Luckily, there’s a special band-aid available for you, regardless of your skin color. Up until now, they were all a light beige.

Image source:

These plasters from Band-Aid come in several kinds of colors, making it possible to select the one that matches your skin tone. Now, your band-aid doesn’t have to stick out like a sore thumb, as it’ll fit your skin effortlessly.

Creative Spill

Oh No! This barrel of Pooh’s honey spilled on the carpet. Just kidding, it didn’t. You don’t have to worry about cleaning the rug; this just shows the artist’s high level of creativity. The spilled Hunny is a soft pillow for a cat to place his head.

Image source:

Living with pets can be fun because you’ll never have a dull moment as they go about doing things their way. It looks quite comfortable, and you can see the cat already napping quietly, not wanting to be disturbed. Thanks for sharing Pooh!

Love is in the Air

Valentine’s day in Kaunas, Lithuania, took a whole new dimension as they went all out to fill the atmosphere with love, even using traffic lights. With this new traffic light in place, lovers no longer have to converge under the mistletoe.

Image source:

At least lovers now have visual cues to know when to go ahead and when to stop in their relationship. Thankfully, the traffic lights will go a long way in bringing smiles to people’s faces while showing the essence of Valentine’s day.

Double Creativity

You can find lampposts in several places, but you can’t find a lamppost holding an umbrella over a bench spot in most areas. Whether it’s rainy or sunny, you know you’ve always got a shade to cool off. How cool is that?

Image source:

The best part is that it also looks charming and comfy, like a stick man protecting the occupants of the bench. The conclusion was to add hands and an umbrella to the post, which was successful. Now it looks like a caring robot.

Spectacular Sinks

Typically, traditional office bathrooms are almost the same everywhere you go with slight variations. But the case is different when you look at the sinks at Le Creuset headquarter in South Carolina. They are replicas of flame orange Dutch ovens.

Image source:

In truth, this is a perfect way to merge design and functionality in a mind-blowing way. The unique cast iron bathroom sink has a bright hue that illuminates the entire room. Taking it up a notch, the soap dispensers should also be based on a product like the sink.

Whale Plane

The first thing you will notice about this airplane is that it looks like a whale. A beluga, to be specific. Imagine such a plane flying in the open skies. The aircraft is named the Airbus Beluga, which is a perfect name for it.

Image source:

Whales are one of the largest mammals on earth, weighing up to 200,000 – 300,000 pounds ( 90,000 to 136,000 kg). Little wonder that its design comes in handy for such a gigantic airplane that should accommodate lots of passengers.

A Butcher’s Doorknob

Often, there’s an urge to let others know more about you or your profession with subtle feelers here and there. The doorknob is knife-shaped, which helps to open the door quickly but yet, it passes a message across to those entering the store.

Image source:

At least you have a clue that the store is a butcher’s shop even before you walk in. The name and logo of the shop are also enough pointers to tell you that this butcher’s shop is a one-stop-shop for a household.

Paper Grocery Bag

Although plastic bags are what has always been around and useful, the Lidl Lithuania grocery bag (with an animal design) promotes the use of paper bags over plastic bags. This supermarket hopes to reduce plastic waste by 90+ tons every year.

Image source:

The whale design is quite functional beyond the aesthetics. The fishtail curves to form the bag’s handle, giving it a unique look. Apart from the fact that paper bags are easier to recycle, they are 100% biodegradable, recyclable and reusable.

Cat Pen 

Most of the pens you use in writing come with a regular cap. However, this pen will do you one better. It comes with a cat-shaped pen cap. The best part is that you can comfortably set it on your table without it falling off the table.

Image source:

The pen’s tail also has dual functions as it can also serve as a clip. To be honest, this pen looks quite perfect and will be a superb addition for any child that loves Hello Kitty. On the other hand, the cap can serve as a plaything.

Book Bench

Looking at the chairs alone, you can already tell what to expect in the building. This local library has benches that look like open books. Perhaps, you can call it the “Seat or Bench of Knowledge” – pun intended. These are fabulous!

Image source:

Reading books has several advantages that cannot be quantified. You can learn several things, discover resourceful things to use for a project, improve your spelling, and more. The best part of this library is that you’re literally reading on an open book.

Lego All the Way

Lego sets remain a masterpiece toy for all kids, and it comes with a wide range of exciting features. This set comes with loose change for transactions, about 5 lego money. From the look of things, it seems to be some sort of vault where the coins are kept.

Image source:

Your day cannot go boring with various colors and intelligent designs like this set. These legos will have you coming up with creative things to do and make with or without friends. What better way to keep a child engaged than to get them a lego set!

Pencil Bollards

Just like we saw earlier with Lego, pencil bollards are a great idea from the get go. It works well in almost all settings. These pencils look like the ones used in school. These amazing bollards breathe new life into walkways.

Image source:

To match the theme, if you look closely, you will notice sizeable colorful polka dots on the road. No more boring walkways and roads thanks to these amazing and colorful designs. Now kids can have fun and be inspired by just taking a leisure walk

Hourglass Traffic Light

Hourglasses are used for measuring time. In other words, they help keep track of how much time is left. Surprisingly they can be helpful at a traffic stop with several lights. Now, drivers have a visual cue to know how much time is left before turning green.

Image source:

This way, the drivers around that area won’t get too anxious waiting. All they have to do is look at the hourglass and they’ll know the exact time required before the hourglass turns yellow, then green, and they are good to go.

Pink Blossom

Under normal circumstances, cherry trees ought to blossom, and this tree sure did. But if you look at this particular tree, there’s something different about it. Well, to break the ice, the pink blossoms you see are actually pink frogs.

Image source:

In a different way, this LEGO Bonsai set has all the attributes of a beautiful indoor tree. The small pieces at the bottom give it a solid base to stand in the house—every chance, you will enter a new level of fun with this playset.

Maneki-neko Statues

This welcoming and blessed golden cat is a Japanese statue that is believed to bring good fortune and luck to the owner. Usually, the figure is placed at the entrance of homes or businesses to welcome good luck to the building.

Image source:

Maneki-neko is common in Asian stores all over the world, and this particular gold statue was spotted in a local gym. Its arms are more muscular than normal, and there’s a medallion on its neck too all of which attracts luck and the typical lifter.

Cheerful Rainy Day

Rainy days can sometimes make you feel like you are having a bad day and disrupt your plans. However, it can become cheerful with the help of this unique umbrella. You’ll notice beautiful details like the jellyfish, fish, shrimp, and underwater plants.

Image source:

The transparent part of the umbrella ensures you can see what’s happening around you. So if your plans were disrupted by the rain, with this umbrella, you’d get some sort of relief and it can also be your good luck charm.

Fantastic Fit

No matter how silly it looks, your skills can come in handy at the least expected time. A small part of this walkway had a minor crack, which didn’t look appealing. Thanks to this skillful artisan, he fixed the damage and turned it into something better.

Image source:

This is what the finished work looks like. Mosaics and stained glass have always proven to be outstanding no matter where they are used. Though it’s an ordinary floor, the mosaic portrait of a cat in the sun gave it new meaning.

Little Heroes

There are times when you need to step out of your comfort zone and do something out of the ordinary. Even something as regular as a banister can be given a new lease of life with some creative touch, just like this one.

Image source:

Take a good look at this railing, and you’ll enjoy its symbolism and the art behind it. You can see the work the statues are putting in to ensure the railings are still standing. This isn’t just good looking, it also looks sturdy.

Puzzle Carpet

This library room is one of a kind. From the giant chandelier to the carpets, everything in it is incredible. Actually, the carpet is a perfect fit for a library. Thanks to the puzzles that improve a person’s IQ and mental capacity.

Image source: / Richard Hutten

When you need a break after long hours of reading, the carpet can help you. It will lower your stress levels and improve your problem-solving skills. Scatter it and redo it as many times as you want, you’re allowed to.

Easy Pull

Struggling with a plug sometimes is not an easy task. Luckily, things just got easier with this finger pull feature. The toaster plug will be much easier to unplug due to this ingenious new aid that allows you to tug it with ease.

Image source:

As a result, using your toaster and unplugging it has just become more convenient than it used to. Now, you won’t have to struggle with pulling plugs out. Now you’re wondering how you’ve been doing it this whole time without one of these.

Aladdin Mousepad

If you remember the Disney classic Aladdin, you’ll resonate with this slide more than you usually could. On the other hand, is the mousepad just like the mythical magic carpet, or can it serve another function that we are unaware of?

Image source:

In truth, a mouse pad like this is not typical, and it can expose you to a whole new vista or a whole new world. It is nice to treat your mouse to some extra comfort, but it’s with the hopes that it doesn’t fly away when you least expect it.

Grandma Chinese Cups

Right from time, China has always created quality teacups explicitly for enjoying tea. Grandma had a secret hidden in her teacup, but it’s no longer a secret anymore as one of her babies has finally let the cat out of the bag.

Image source:

The discovery is that when you place grandma’s cup against the light, a woman’s face shows. No one said anything about the mysterious woman. You may not quickly notice the secret because the cup’s beautiful design already steals your attention.

Vauxhall Car Shark

Vauxhall is one of the oldest vehicle manufacturers and distribution companies found in the United Kingdom. Every model of the vehicle manufactured after 2004 has a hidden shark design. If you didn’t know that before, aren’t you glad you do now?

Image source:

The design is an Easter egg present in any part of the vehicle. This vehicle has its shark design in the glove box. Others can find theirs in several places they least expect. If you look closely, you can find yours too.

Tesla Charger

Tesla is a popular American electric vehicle and a clean energy company based in Austin, Texas. The charging station somewhat looks like a vintage gas pump. The invention is a notable one that goes in line with the company’s creativity.

Image source:

Tesla cars are superb, and everyone agrees with that. You can plug in your charger at a convenient location and grab a quick bite or coffee. The most convenient place to charge it is at home and allow the car to charge while you enjoy your sleep.

Vintage Milk Pitcher

This glass cup takes the experience of drinking tea to a whole new level. It is shaped like a cow’s udder, and the glass cup has double layers, which contributes to its thickness. The status of creativity of the cup is so astonishing.

Image source:

You can enjoy fresh milk in this cup while marveling at its design. This cup will also come in handy to help get your kids interested in drinking milk again. This way, you are sure they’ll get their daily portion of milk, and they’ll look forward to it, thanks to the exceptional cup.

Stadium Cups

Imagine it’s your turn to serve your friends, but there’s no way to carry more than one drink at a time. Not to worry, Freiburg football stadium cups have got you covered. It has hollow handles that you can stack into one another.

Image source:

That means you can carry a maximum of four drinks at a go. This way, you can use one stone to kill multiple birds not just by holding the drinks alone but also by getting different flavors to suit everyone’s needs.