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Funny Tales From Tech Support: 40 Times Turning It Off And On Again Wasn’t Going To Work

If you think you’ve had it bad because you listened to people complain about lousy internet service or how their banking app isn’t functioning, you should ask people who work as tech support. We’re not sure where it ranks statistically, but it has to be one of the most frustrating jobs ever created. If you were destined to live a hundred years, working as tech support would slash it by half (don’t quote us on that). It’s not just the complaints they have to worry about but also the cluelessness of customers. What would take customer support five minutes to address might take tech support an hour. They deal with all kinds of cases and get ridiculous calls from customers. We’re here to share some of the worst issues these people have encountered with you.

1- Someone Mistook a Hard Disk Platter for a CD

Considering the evolution of humanity and how much advancement we have seen, it’s surprising that people know so little about basic technology, especially the ones they use every day. How does an IT specialist try to shred a hard disk platter?

Image courtesy of Reddit/bubonis

If not for his colleague, he would have shredded the whole thing thinking it was a CD. At least he didn’t think it was a doughnut and try to eat it. If he did that, we get the feeling he’d call tech support and not a doctor. 

2- Someone Dried their Keyboard in the Oven

Unlike lawyers who get to choose what kind of cases they work on, tech support doesn’t have that kind of privilege. Instead, they have to deal with clients who prefer to dry their keyboards in the oven after spilling coffee on it.

Image courtesy of Reddit/IAteYourDogLoser

The typical question to ask is, “What were you thinking”? But since the customer is always right, we’re sure the tech support person just fixed it without any complaints. Even after many years of civilization, some people still act like barbarians.

3- The Working Dead Charger 

How much of a miser is this person to not purchase a new iPhone cable, and instead walk around with this piece of junk. The dangers of charging phones with already exposed wires cannot be overemphasized. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/SR_RSMITH

Once your charger looks like this, just let it rest in peace. Spending $5 on a new cable will not kill you, but charging with something like this might. Also, why was tech support called? For our sanity let’s hope it’s not to repair this. 

4- The Supposedly Broken Power Strip

Yes, someone called tech support to fix this. Imagine driving for hours to repair a power strip someone told you was broken, and when you arrive, you see it looks like this. There’s nothing broken about this power strip; it’s simply extinct. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/HackerBill

People need to start knowing the difference between a broken power strip and a dead one. After explaining for 20 minutes the impossibility of bringing this power strip back to life, the tech support went out to buy a new one for him. 

5- Not Only on eBay 

Like many other online outlets, eBay does not always sell items in the best working conditions. However, we never expected this customer to fall for a scam so glaring. A graphic card displayed on the floor should be an obvious red flag. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/intercake

It’s common knowledge that naked internal parts of a system should not touch the floor or anything liquid. You should have seen the face of the tech support when he was showed the online advert where the customer got his graphic card. 

6- Never Give a Roadside Repairer Anything

This is the precise reason why you should only repair all of your gadgets with verified tech support. What kind of solution to an overheating problem is this? We’re surprised the client believed all was okay and even paid the repairer. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/joh0115

The repairer of this laptop is an imposter, and the owner also clearly doesn’t know a thing about notebooks. We already feel bad for the tech support who will take this job, how will he explain to the client that he was scammed.

7- The Frozen iMac 

A lot of people seem to think everyone can think logically when in reality, it’s not the case. This woman’s laptop was overheating, and despite having the proper thought to cool it down, she went about it the wrong way…

Image courtesy of Reddit/B-L-O-C-K-S

…by putting it in the freezer. It’s bad enough she put it there, but she also forgot about it and left it there overnight. These days even frozen fish don’t get this frosty anymore. Hopefully, tech support personnel know how to make a fire. 

8- The Floating System

At first glance, this room looks like a crime scene with ropes hanging around as investigators left it. What’s even scarier is the naked computer system hanging in the air. What kind of setup is this? And why does it remind us of Spiderman?

Image courtesy of Reddit/MyGFsBFisHuge

We can understand the need to manage space since it’s a small room, but hanging a system in the air is going off the rails. Whoever got this job as tech support must be worried about the sanity of this customer. 

9- Occupational Hazard

You should not take tablets or laptops to some places, not because you can’t trust yourself to be careful with them, but because it’s not safe having them around. Look at what happened when someone brought an iPad to a construction site. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/EnderHawkeye

Even construction workers have to put on helmets to protect their heads when they’re on-site, much less a fragile iPad without a screen protector. We’re guessing a massive brick landed on it, hence the damage to the back. Probably not his wisest idea.

10- Network Server Entanglement

You might not know this, but sabotaging your school’s network server is one way to postpone an online exam. We just wish the students at least cared about how long it was going to take tech support to fix the mess.  

Image courtesy of Reddit/zmeul

Seeing it already fixed up looks like magic, but undoing all of those wire entanglements alone must have taken at least 3 hours. If you include working time and diagnostics, tech support probably spent the whole day working on it. 

11- The Real Mouse

Yes, we know computer mouses are made to be shaped like a real mouse, but this is the first time we think someone might be using an actual mouse to navigate his computer. Either that, or this mouse was handed down by ancestors. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Mission_Ad_716

On second thought, it looks like a mouse trying to come out of its carcass; what an uncomfortable sight. Why is this person calling tech support? When a mouse like this stops functioning, you say “Good riddance,” and get a new one. 

12- Charging by Any Means Necessary 

They say desperate times call for desperate measures, but we still never expected this. How bad of a person is this man that he’s unable to borrow a charger from his colleagues. He instead had to use a car battery. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Sanctimonious1

In his defense, he probably had a deadline approaching, and since he wasn’t on good terms with anyone in his office, he had to think deeply and quickly. Perhaps too profoundly considering things went KABOOM, hence why he called tech support. 

13- The Bee Panel

There is no end to how ridiculous people can be. What was the owner of this panel system doing to have this many bees infested in it? He has to be living in the jungle because there’s no other place to find this amount of bees. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Coyote_den

We’re surprised he called tech support because there’s nothing technical about this situation. This is why you should always hug your tech support friends when you see them; they are going through a lot. You don’t know the half of it.

14- The Not-So-Smart DIY Move

Nice DIY move, but this person probably watched the wrong YouTube video. If you’re going to apply DIY skills to laptops you use daily for work, you better be sure you know what you’re doing. We recommend just calling tech support. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Andri753

Screwing a fork to your system panel is a temporary fix that could create much more significant problems for you. Once the system starts to overheat, the utensil will melt on the board, and then you’d have to fork out money to replace it. 

15- Kids and their Art 

As pretty as this laptop is, no one would want to see their computer in this state unless, of course, you’re five. This laptop was brought in by a mother of four, and she wanted tech support to clean up the drawing. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Son0fSun

After explaining for an hour, she finally understood that they could not clean it with an eraser or any liquid substance. Instead, they had to change the colored parts to new ones. We’re still trying to figure out where she got the eraser idea from.

16- Even Servers Need AC

This might seem harsh, but someone needs to fire every single technician in the building. With people like that around, the company will end up going under anyway. How can no one care enough to wonder why it’s dripping water?

Image courtesy of Reddit/juliaphoenix

All it needs is air. They need to remove the glass or install an air conditioner. This is why tech support people always assume all customers are ignorant. Every time they start to think differently, they get jobs like these. 

17-  Ants in the iMac 

What kind of environment is the owner of this laptop living in for this many ants to be in the vent of his laptop? This only makes sense if this laptop belongs to Marvel’s Ant-Man. That would explain where the ants came from.

Image courtesy of Reddit/Sydnxt

The laptop owner didn’t get rid of the ants before calling tech support. Now tech support will fix not only the laptop but also exterminate the ants. A typical day for tech support, solving problems that aren’t technical. He better be paying extra. 

18- Just Call Tech Support 

This is corrosion caused by battery leakage, and it’s pretty common in our tv remotes and wall clocks. The simple solution would be to remove the old battery, clean the surface with baking soda, and put in a new battery. Or, of course, call tech support. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/tank_the_boss

What makes being part of the tech support team so hard is the fact that people will call you to solve technical and non-technical problems. According to some customers, even problems as minor as a battery change might require the help of tech support. 

19- Mold in the Keyboard 

The kinds of problems people keep having with their gadgets will drain you as tech support. This is because more than half of them have to do with hygiene and proper care. Keyboards don’t develop mold over time. They simply stop functioning. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/drempire

If this keyboard has mold it’s because the owner must have repeatedly spilled drinks or food substances on it, or maybe it’s been kept in a closed box for ages. Hopefully, the tech support fixing this brought along hand sanitizer.

20- Customer said it Fell While He was Sleeping

Unless his bed is as high as a two-story building, a simple fall can’t do this kind of damage to a laptop. Rather than a fall, it looks like it survived a gunshot, but of course, the customer is always right. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Eviljim12345

Most tech support engineers have gotten accustomed to not asking too many questions from their customers. That way, they don’t get involved in whatever drama they have. Still, it hurts when a customer tells a blatant lie like this one.

21- A Stingy Man’s Set Up

People are always trying to have their cake and eat it too. If you know you can’t afford to buy powerful air conditioners, why would you have a server locked in a room. You’re better off leaving it out in the open. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/frying-pan-stan

This man knew what he was doing, seeing as he bought only one fan and pointed it at the server like it had only one face. Now the server is down from overheating, and the tech support has told him what he already knew – “Buy an air conditioner.”

22- “All of a Sudden, it Just Stopped Working”

We don’t have the stats to back it up, but at the very least, we believe tech support people listen to an average of 10 lies per day. When it comes to technology, nothing just stops working. There is always a reason. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/clark4821

We’re guessing the reason for the scramble on the screen has to do with the line of crack on the mouse panel. Perhaps it fell, and affected the laptop screen, or maybe this person was eating too much Taco Bell and had to run to the bathroom, throwing his laptop out of the way.

23- He Lost To His Friend Playing a Video Game

Just like how in sports, everyone knows it’s a game, but still, emotions flare up, and players get sent off. The same applies to video games. Sometimes there are things at stake that you want to protect, and when you lose, this happens. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/DiogoSN

For some people, it’s not just about mere bragging rights. It’s about their pride. We don’t know why this person called tech support, with the look of things, he should prepare to buy a new system. There’s not much left to repair.

24- Windows Giving Orders

In today’s episode of Stranger Things, a crashed computer system is telling a man that it has everything under control, despite the smell of an internal burn and a weird crackling noise. No one would blame him if he made a run for it. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/BlueishMeteor

We’re sure it’s just a windows malfunction, but it sure scared the hell out of the laptop owner. He is still waiting outside for tech support to give him the go-ahead that all is well before coming inside his own house. 

25- Temper Flares on the Network Cabinet

We know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking maybe the Incredible Hulk was here. It’s not Hulk; it’s just an annoyed employee who lost internet connection while watching the NBA playoffs. He took out all of his frustrations on the network cabinet. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/aquaritis

People do love their sports, and when their favorite team loses, they don’t cope that well. Unlucky for him, he was caught on tape clubbing the network cabinet with a bat. He was asked to call tech support before clearing out his desk.

26- Cooking with Electricity

Due to the constant advancement of technology, the world has seen the rise and fall of many computer products, and this system being used to cook was one of them. Instead of selling the parts, this customer uses them for his office kitchen duties. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Cat_Tunez

One of his colleagues caught him cooking with it and decided to call tech support out of fear that things could go south. After all, he’s messing with technology that he knows nothing about. He could end up cooking the entire office roster. 

27- The Sticky Keyboard 

More than half the problems most people have with their computers are self-inflicted. It’s either due to their carelessness or something they should have done better. Just like you can see here, this person mistakenly spilled slime on her keyboard. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/120everything

Now she can’t type or even use the spacebar for her official duties. What she’s doing with slime during work hours will forever remain a mystery to us. The wonders tech support agents keep seeing will not be ending anytime soon. 

28- The Fat Battery

If you see your phone battery in this state, just throw it as far away from people as possible and run. More than half the time, a swollen battery is likely to explode, even if it doesn’t, it may leak hazardous contents into the air. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/purplefrog3356

A swollen battery is caused by overcharging or a defect in the product. At this point, the last thing you want to be doing is holding your phone. Thankfully, someone saw this man taking a picture of his phone and called tech support. 

29- The Explosive Mattress

They say it only takes a moment to change a person’s life. We agree with that notion. After all, this man’s life changed in a flash from unfortunate to fortunate because someone caught him sleeping on swollen batteries and called tech support. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/YTAppleDemo

It’s unfortunately common for homeless people to pick up things they do not know about. He might have been only trying to make a bed, but he almost slept for good. With this many batteries, it indeed would have been a loud bang. 

30- Battery Got Bloated After Completing Payment 

It’s a sad life, and we’re all living in it. This man had just finished paying for his phone when he discovered his battery was swollen. Since overcharging is a user’s fault, he couldn’t return it and had to call tech support. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/okietechie

As sad as we are for him, he made the right choice by calling tech support. However, he’ll eventually need to buy a new battery. No tech support can save a bloated battery; what’s dead is dead. Hopefully, his phone has a warranty. 

31- Customer said He left It for Just a Few Months. 

One thing about gadgets is if you leave them and don’t use them for an extended period, they wear out and start malfunctioning when you finally go back to them. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case here. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/SwGustav

Headset foams get old and weary over time, but they do not grow mold on them. Unless it was kept in an unclean drawer with dirty items. Customers and their lies, we’ll never understand why they tell them or who they think they’re tricking.

32- Ignorance is not Always Bliss

To see the value of something, you need to know its worth. A one-dollar bill is worth more than a Bitcoin to an ignorant person. Just like how this man here is using hard drives as a makeshift chair holder.

Image courtesy of Reddit/Competitive_March753

If he knew what a hard drive was, he’ll pack all of it and sell it to an engineer or to tech support, but since he doesn’t, he’s happy knowing he has use for them. Education will always be important no matter the era. 

33- The Toilet Server Room

We’ve seen a lot of crazy things, but this one tops our list. Who does electrical wiring in a toilet? Let’s put aside the fact that it’s a filthy environment, but what if an electric wire falls off and touches the wet floor?

Image courtesy of Reddit/guccimaneslawyer

We’re sure the tech support has so many questions to ask, but what kind of answer can he possibly get from someone who sets up like this. They’ll need another tech support visit to any slight touch of water to any wire. 

34- “My Internet Suddenly Stopped Working”

Of course, it stopped working. It’s barely hanging on from the ceiling. We don’t know if we should call it laziness or lack of effort, but most people are not interested in the technical aspect of anything unless their monthly paycheck depends on it.

Image courtesy of Reddit/Jak3527416

When you lose the internet, the first thing to do is check your Wireless Access Point (WAP) to make sure it’s on and in good condition. Instead, they just call tech support and say their favorite words – “My Internet suddenly stopped working.”

35- DIY doesn’t Always Pay

This customer made an effort to fix a connector for a high-power studio flash. It was not until a jolt of electricity went through his body that he remembered to call tech support. Word of advice – don’t play with electricity. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/PRIMEFiL

The effort to try and do things yourself is commendable, but only do something you’re sure you can do. Getting shocked by electricity is not worth the risk. You’re better off calling tech support to help you solve your problems. 

36- The Collector

Over the years, Apple has improved its technology in its phones and watches. Due to that advancement,  many of their old watches have been discontinued and scrapped. This man here is a collector of those old watches. This is something we’ve never seen before.

Image courtesy of Reddit/YTAppleDemo

We have no idea what he wants to do with them; maybe he plans to keep them for a hundred years in his family, long enough for them to be considered old artifacts. After all, most artifacts are worth a fortune. 

37- The Dusty GPU

Even though we can clearly see the Gtx580 written on it, every bone in our body wants to call it a grinder. You can’t blame us, considering how the dusty particles are shaped around it. That’s what it looks like. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/pPandR

Just where was this GPU being used? The Sahara desert? We know it’s been at least 12 years since it was launched, but even books we used in the fifth grade are in way better condition than this graphic card.

38- The Video Game Keyboard

Part of why video games like Playstation and Xbox exist is so that people don’t use their computers and laptops to play games. However, some people still find it convenient to use their laptops, thereby causing problems for their keyboards. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Beautiful-Pace2059

Tech support is becoming a regular at this man’s office, considering they change his keyboard three times a month. All of that constant tapping and pressing video games means that it will always wear out a controller, much less a keyboard used for typing. 

39- Please Don’t Stop the Music

If anything can ruin a great party, it’s the music going off, especially when everyone’s having a great time on the dance floor. This man tried his best to save the party, too bad he doesn’t know jack about wires.

Image courtesy of Reddit/gKostopoulos

Despite his best intentions of taping the wires together, the music still went off. Things went from bad to worse when everyone saw him coming out of the technical area. Thankfully tech support came just in time. They were about to have his head. 

40- Bad Technological Hygiene

We’re not surprised at the state of this laptop because you can’t expect people to take care of things they don’t know about. Aside from typing and surfing the internet, many people struggle to find other uses for their laptops. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/JarradLee

It’s almost as if an animal was using it. No average person’s laptop should look like this, not even a kid’s. This is such a fine laptop, and it broke the heart of the tech support agent to see it in this state.