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What Are The Odds?: 45 Ironic Moments That Would Make Alanis Morissette Proud

Sometimes you see something in the middle of the street or while on a routine visit somewhere that just seems to be funny to be true — ironic signs, the perfect timing of 2 opposite things aligning, or just a laugh-out-loud moment. It’s funny enough in person, but what is really great is when you have the chance to snap a picture of it! You have to see it to believe it. Pics or it didn’t happen, right? Now you have evidence! We’ve gathered a list of ironic and funny images that will surely give you a chuckle. Some might take you a second to register what is happening in these images, but we will explain the irony if you’re stuck!

Again? Seriously?

Life has many loopholes you can take advantage of, but some things you just can’t do, and you have to stick to the rules. For example, if you break the law. Most laws are in place for everyone’s safety, and if you break them, you can find yourself in court.

Photo Credits : imgur.com

This lady was called to court for shoplifting, and if you look closely, you will see that she is wearing clothes with some tags on…which she shoplifted. She surely is brave, but also very ignorant. Wearing goods you’ve stolen to your hearing is definitely on the top of the list for having guts. 

Why Not Get Some Fresh Air During a Tornado?

Apps don’t read all the data sent out into the world, and they don’t take emergency services’ notices into consideration. After all, it’s just a gaming app we’re referring to here, right? Well, maybe if the gaming app encourages you to step outside, it should factor in weather conditions.

Photo Credits: tumblr.com sainatsukino

Pokemon Go is notable for getting otherwise lethargic people active outdoors, but it clearly didn’t sync up with the weather. Two seconds after an emergency alert, it suggested this user get some fresh air. PSA: hatching Pokemon is not worth risking your life.

Tanned Gary or Natural Gary?

You would assume that the sellers on Amazon do a final check before posting their listings, but it seems like this combination of two listings was just too slight for them to notice. When you look closely, you will see what we’re referring to.

Photo Credits: reddit.com u/SystemOfaPawn

The seller probably meant the color “gray,” but it’s too funny when you think of the possibility that this person posing might actually be named Gary. Is this a before and after of a day at the beach? Well, if you don’t have a hat, you’re sure to get a darker tan.

We Don’t Like Pumpkin Spice Odors!

This user’s Twitter feed was simply hilarious; there was a very serious news article warning of a possible hazmat emergency, followed by an anti-climatic update to the story involving a very common seasonal scent. The only way this could have been funnier is if it was at a Starbucks.

Photo Credits: reddit.com u/[deleted]

The irony of the danger followed by the anti-climatic result of the emergency is too much for us not to have a giggle of relief. It seems like someone mistook the pumpkin spice odor for something more dangerous and got emergency services involved. Autumn, we love you!

Thank You Again

Seeing as this is not a very fatal and serious crash, we don’t feel bad for having a laugh at this very ironic photo. It seems someone wasn’t driving very carefully, yet the sign pre-maturely thanked them for doing so. 

Photo Credits : reddit.com u/ShermheadRyder

The photographer snapping this image must have laughed, too. What are the odds of such a thank you sign being knocked over at a crash site? We don’t know if it was moved closer to snap the shot, but the irony is rock solid in this image. 

You’re Confident This Works?

Animals, especially dogs, tend to chew on things in our homes. As part of training your puppy, you might want to turn to some help to aid your training. However, these product manufacturers might want to consider going back to the drawing board.

Photo Credits: reddit.com u/ayeyotia

The image is clear; it is a chewing deterrent for animals that you could spray on the items they chew. However, the product obviously doesn’t hold up since this owner’s dog got a hold of the bottle and chewed it up. 

The World Is Ever-Changing

Do you remember the days of dogs being on leashes in public and small children were kept safely tucked into strollers? Well, that has slightly changed; as you can see in the picture below, the two have swapped places with each other. 

Photo Credits: reddit.com u/soyvickxn

You now get strollers for pets and leashes for children. We’re not here to judge; what works for you, works for you. We just think it’s funny that the inversion of these classic examples appeared right next to each other and someone managed to snap a picture of it!

Not Cool, Man!

This is an example that is more ironic and sad than it is funny, but we managed to see the humor in the situation. We hope this person took their own sticker or sign to heart and got better road manners. 

Photo Credits: reddit.com u/Beanbean420

This driver has a sticker clearly warning users not to text and drive when they are doing exactly that. You have to practice what you preach, or no one will take it to heart. We’re sure there are good drivers who don’t need the reminder, but those who do will have less faith in this sign now. 

Move Over Please

We understand the intention behind this very impactful sign, and we stand by it. However, look closely at its placement; it’s asking the drivers for space for the cyclists, but itself is blocking the way for the cyclists! Can you believe it?

Photo Credits : reddit.com u/riceyHD

We chuckle at the irony of the situation since this sign is literally taking up the space for the cyclist, forcing them to drive past it, using the car’s lanes. The people who placed the sign there must not have thought this placement through at all. 

More Solving Training Required

You would think to trust people claiming to have advanced parking solutions to be able to do their job much better than any regular person trying to park their car, right? That’s not the case for this driver. It seems they need are still at a beginner level. 

Photo Credits: reddit.com u/Xtratimesoccer

Unless this parking tactic is considered advanced, we think they should go back to training since they have done an awful job. We won’t be needing your services anytime soon, thank you! All we can do now is stick to normal parking and laugh at this photo. 

Read Your Material

It seems one unfortunate spelling error was made at the wrong time and stuck to a book, creating a very ironic situation. We hope it was only a typo and not a sincere attempt at spelling. Or, should we say ‘speeling’?

Photo Credits : reddit.com u/kHammeth

See, this spelling error was made on a label meant for a spelling & grammar book. Apparently, the person writing the labels needs to read the book first, before continuing with their job. Either that, or their spell-check program needs a serious update. 

Late-Breaking or Braking?

We love a good ironic image, and thankfully it seems like no one got hurt in the making of this photo. The signage on this car indicates a news agency is “late-breaking,” which sounds just like what happened here; there was some late braking!

Photo Credits : reddit u/YouRebelScumGuy

We know if you’re a news reporter, you want to be the first on the scene, but that doesn’t mean you can sacrifice braking for breaking news! Look on the bright side; this news reporter was first on-site for the news of this accident!

Egg Man Fans, Come Get Your CDs!

Labels cutting off words is not a new phenomenon, but it’s still hilarious when the result is still comprehensible, just with a whole new meaning! In this case, Gregg Allman was renamed to Egg Man with just one little sticker. 

Photo Credits: reddit.com AccidentalComedy

It’s also funny since the artist looks very impressed with this new title he has been given of Egg Man, and it comes at a great price of only $5, too? We’d love to add this to our personal collection of Egg Man CDs!

Kitty Got Tricks

Sometimes designers don’t think the design through. For example, they don’t think of where holes will be cut, or tape will be placed. In this case, this image of a person was printed in the wrong place, or perhaps it’s perfect for the situation. 

Photo Credits: imgur.com/Hexxam1keY

Cats love boxes, they seem to feel playful and safe inside, and when this cat’s owner took a snapshot of him playing, his own little eyes lined up with the hole in the box, where the image’s eyes were missing. We give this new and improved model a 10/10. 

YouTubers Are On Netflix Now?

Netflix has a range of movies to stream, and it recommends movies according to your viewing history and what you liked. In one user’s case, it seems Netflix might have thought he was a fan of famous YouTuber Logan Paul. 

Photo Credits: reddit.com u/[deleted]

Two movies titled “Logan” and “Paul” appeared next to each other in this user’s recommended movies to watch. Put those titles together, and you get Logan Paul. This probably happens more often than we think, but you need to be quick to catch it since the recommendations get scrambled often. 

Ouch, That Must Have Hurt

When you brag that you are better than someone and then get a taste of your own medicine, we can’t help but smile at that. This person was upset at a stranger and made a nasty comment about their lack of ability to get a better job. 

Photo Credits: reddit.com u/twow995

Well, that’s the thing; maybe you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, nor should you judge someone’s job. You don’t know what happened before then. And, if you’re careless like BreAnn, you might just look like a jerk for insulting others and ending up in the same situation.

No, Really, I Promise

Most of us know the age-old line that kids use when they don’t complete their homework — ‘Sorry, my dog ate my homework.’ It never worked, but when this person’s puppy ate their Cards Against Humanity card, it was just too perfect.

Photo Credits : reddit.com u/JaredGutie

What are the odds that the dog — who can’t read — would chew the one card that refers to his tendency to chew on things. Even if the dog wasn’t playing, we think he should have won that round.

Nothing Except This Is Written In Stone

There is a saying: “nothing is written in stone.” It means that nothing is guaranteed or will happen for sure, but when someone went shopping for garden stones, the quote literally written in stone was quite ironic and downright hilarious. 

Photo Credits: reddit.com u/spedmonkeeman

The stone actually had the quote written on it, so by doing this, it contradicts the whole meaning! Of course, the saying is much deeper than its literal definition, but it was rather funny seeing this ironic saying written in stone!

Scary Robots Aren’t All That Scary

There have been some conspiracies saying artificial intelligence will take over the world. So, when this user opened up his social media, he was confronted with two contradicting posts, claiming both we should be scared, and bringing some relief to the fears we might have. 

Photo Credits: reddit.com u/ves_05

Elon Musk claimed artificial intelligence is a threat to humanity; then another post appeared right after it where a robot had accidentally drowned itself. Surely artificial intelligence can’t be that scary when robots make these silly fatal mistakes at their own expense. 

Are You There?

Sometimes streaming services pause after a long time of inactivity. It’s actually useful if you have left or fallen asleep and don’t want to miss out too much on your show or start you off at a random episode way ahead of where you left off. 

Photo Credits: reddit.com u/Everythingisdumb0624

The timing of Netflix pausing this series was perfect. This fan of The Office had a fun surprise when Michael Scott stared down the camera just as Netflix paused the episode. We can almost hear him asking “Are you there?” Talk about breaking the fourth wall!

Clifford The Big Red Adult?

Every series and movie has a brief overview in the title card. Even popular titles such as the age-old cartoon we all know and love, Clifford The Big Red Dog, have these synopses. But it seems like there was a mistake or glitch this time…

Photo Credits: twitter.com @selmashutup

This doesn’t seem appropriate for a kid’s cartoon. We can only assume that it was a mix-up on the streaming service that combined the cartoon’s description with that of a movie or series aimed at a much older audience. We can’t help to laugh and wonder if this movie now also has the description of Clifford?

Oh No!

When you order fragile things online, you expect both the seller and courier to handle them with the utmost care to avoid any damage. Unfortunately, this buyer’s first words when opening the package probably matched that of the image printed on the product. 

Photo Credits: imgrum.org

“Oh No!” is definitely what you would think when you got your mug in pieces. But what makes this image funny is that the mug was thinking the same thing. It’s a cute design for a cup, but a hilarious phrase to have printed on a broken product.

A Beautifully Classic Saying

It’s a great idea to learn etiquette when going to foreign countries. You never know what might be offensive, and it’s good to know the sayings that might come up often during conversation to avoid confusion — however, we found one strange saying that seems very out of place.

Photo Credits: reddit.com u/John420

This saying is very unlikely to have happened in the old and modern days in Japan. This amusing hiccup happened due to a viewer not having a flash plugin installed, so they couldn’t see what these Japanese warriors used to shout and got a modern error message instead. 

We Don’t Think They Should Mean This Literally

When you go to the grocery store, it’s common to find a can here and there that has a small dent in it. Depending on how badly the cans are damaged, you might find these marked down. But one shopper found a very literal can of crushed tomatoes. 

Photo Credits: reddit.com u/Bananapeeler666

The coincidence is hilarious in this image; imagine finding a literally crushed can of crushed tomatoes! Maybe the manufacturer wanted to take shortcuts with the crushing process and crushed the whole can instead of just the tomatoes? We’re joking, of course, but it would be funny!

Look Out!

Sometimes words in an image get cut off, and it has another meaning, but when a user comments on the right line to go along with it, it is hilarious! This happened with the title of a Sonic The Hedgehog print.

Photo Credits: reddit.com u/dragonPower2000

If you cut it off just right, the words “Son the hedge” remain — this could be handy if your kids are running around outside and you need to warn them of some hedges. Okay, this one was a stretch, but it still tickled our funny bone. 

Shrek is Risen

You would never think a church sign and a billboard for a kid’s movie would go together, much less in such a hilarious way. One stranger snapped a perfectly angled image of these two signs aligning in the funniest way imaginable.

Photo Credits: reddit.com u/__Rev_

We hope none of the churchgoers are offended. In this image, it seems like the character, Shrek, is rising from behind the sign that states, “He is Risen,” which is quite entertaining to us. Maybe it was a smart marketing move from the movie franchise?

Who Are You When You’re Hungry?

Snickers had a campaign where they asked you who you are when you’re hungry. This particular candy bar stated that the hungry snacker would be annoyed. Considering the situation, we absolutely are annoyed. Even if this wasn’t us, we’re irked on their behalf.

Photo Credits: reddit.com u/mwalt19

This person was craving a snack and decided to get themselves a candy bar. The only issue was that it got stuck. Vending machines are known to get the snacks stuck, and you get annoyed — this time, the candy bar put that into literal words. 

Actually, We Have Spotted Something. 

Asking your audience questions is a great way of subconsciously getting them to engage with your advertisement. This company used that tactic to market their insurance app, but it seems someone will have to send them pictures of their own sign. 

Photo Credits: reddit.com u/scrubadubadubadub

If the billboard was knocked over by someone clipping it with their car, they’d probably need some pictures for insurance of the damage. If they do, they better include the sign! Car repairs stink, but at least you can have a good laugh with this one.

Like No Other, Right?

Bold statements and graphics were quite the trend, with garments ranging from simple words to emphatic phrases. This shopper spotted something quite ironic when looking for a new pair of pants. A statement aimed at being unique was printed on the same pants in bulk.

Photo Credits: reddit.com u/TinySegwayJesus

What’s even funnier than the same statement printed across multiple pants? The pattern! Half of them incorporate a leopard print design, which is unique to each leopard when found in nature. The same statement was also reused on another camo print version of the pants. Not so unique after all, right?

Shouldn’t You Know?

Psychics claim to be able to predict the future, and without getting too into it and offending someone, we had to share this hilarious moment caught on someone’s news feed. A FedEx driver had to deliver a package and got a shocking question.

Photo Credits: reddit.com u/OctopussSevenTwo

When he knocked on the door, he was stunned to get asked, “who is it?” Psychics claim to know the future; maybe she’s just not good at her job. He posted his expression to the social media platform, seemingly in disbelief. It was a funny joke, but surely he knows that’s not how these readings work.

No Humans Should Be Allowed

The reason dogs are often banned on beaches is because of the mess they make — or people claim they make. But, after you see this image, you probably agree that they should ban certain types of people instead of dogs.

Photo Credits: imgur.com/VeryFastWithACucumberNiceAndSlowWithAZucchini

This image of this dog staring at the mess humans made says all we need to hear! He clearly wants to go for a run on the beach but is not allowed to, but not only that, the poor fella wouldn’t even be able to with all this trash lying around!

Dominos at Domino’s

Some companies choose seemingly random names of objects as their brand name. Usually, this only leads to difficulty when searching for said object online, but other times, things align just right, and you get hilariously ironic situations like this one:

Photo Credits: reddit.com u/abdullah10

This Domino’s establishment had the misfortune of their bikes falling in a, well, domino-style collapse. We don’t know if the name was random or forecasting this event, but we’re finding it rather amusing that this unfortunate event happened in such a hilarious way!

You’re Gonna Need More Than This

As parents, we love to see our children’s attempts at art and depending on how you view it, you might consider it artwork! But sometimes, you have to hold in your laughter when these little darlings present you with their drawings with smiling faces!

Photo Credits: reddit.com u/Clifflampe

For some unknown reason, this child decided to give up on coloring their artwork. Maybe they were tired, bored, or distracted — who knows? If you take a step back, though, the irony is outright hilarious — they gave up on coloring a quote that says, “don’t give up”!

New Life or Dead End?

You see it everywhere; towns often have regions where the streets are all named with a certain theme. For example, there could be a dozen streets named after trees, or Middle English poets, or perhaps inspirational phrases such as “New Life.”

Photo Credits: reddit.com u/Septim202

But here’s the hilarious problem with these. If you don’t plan them well, they make for odd and sometimes funny combinations with other mandatory street signs. This stranger managed to snap this photo showing two very contradicting statements. So which road did he take?

There Really Was An Inheritance Waiting For You!

If you haven’t already gotten some form of scammy email saying you are the heir to a throne, or a wealthy person with no other direct family, consider yourself very, very lucky. They pop up everywhere, but this Twitter screenshot says something else…

Photo Credits: reddit.com u/mathouchens

It’s almost always a “Nigerian royal” that has millions to give away, and they need you to keep it safe, with the promise of a reward later on. Imagine the shock this person, also likely scammed at one point, had experienced when they saw the news of an empty Nigerian apartment truly holding millions of dollars!

Next Move Is Yours

Pests come and go, but some are peskier (pun intended) than others. Wasps are some of the more scary problems since they pack quite the burning sting when they are angry. So one homeowner decided to use a repellant spray, but the insects had other plans. 

Photo Credits: reddit.com u/kabdelgaber

The wasps hadn’t been scared by the pest spray. In fact, they had the guts to build their nest right on the nozzle of the spray bottle! How incredibly funny is that — although it might not be for the person who lives here. Oops!

So What Do You Want

This person saw someone wearing some low-hanging pants — a common “fashion statement” made by many. But what the shopper had in his hand made the situation funnier than it should have been. See, people usually say — or think — something like “pull up your pants.” 

Photo Credits : reddit.com u/siekone

When this shopper snapped this pic, you have to look closely at what the person is holding. That’s right; a pack of ‘pull-ups’ — something this person might need to do if they’d like to conceal their underwear! So what does this person want: low pants or pulled-up pants?

I Can’t Read!

‘Do Not Feed’ signs are usually aimed at visitors to an area that want to interact with the local wildlife. Feeding local birds is almost guaranteed to get their attention. These signs are not put up to be cruel, but rather to avoid any danger to the animals and/or humans.

Photo Credits: fishki.net

This animal had enough of signs interfering with his food. If humans can’t feed it, it will feed on the signs they put up! This is a funny way of unknowingly creating an ironic situation — the sign says no feeding, and then the beaver feeds on the sign! 

Hold On, I’m Still Reading

The smarter and more high-tech cars become, the more warnings they give. This is great because all of us should be reminded of great safety tips and driving practices daily, but perhaps the intent of this warning was different from the execution. 

Photo Credits: reddit u/IAmTheFartThatKnocks

If you try to read this, you’ll notice it’s a pretty hefty and long way of saying, “Don’t keep your eyes off the road for too long.” This is funny because, to read this warning, you would have to take your eyes off the road for quite a long time. 

They Got It So Right, Yet So Wrong.

Warning signs are there to keep us on alert. Why? Because then we avoid getting into troubling situations. However, one driver had different ideas or perhaps missed the sign entirely. When you look closely, it becomes clear why such a warning sign was in place.

Photo Credits: reddit.com u/whiskey9

The exact same truck the sign used as a warning, in the exact same position, was stuck on this corner. The execution was so perfectly similar that it’s hard to not see the humor in the situation. Technically, he got it perfectly right as per the sign?

What’s The Plan?

When you have to post important news to the public, it’s well worth double-checking if it works since, you know, it’s important! The prime minister of Britain at the time of this post declared they had some important news, but what was it?

Photo Credits: reddit.com u/[deleted]

They declared there was a plan for the controversial matter of Brexit, and they wanted to share it with the public. However, there were some technical issues, and the video couldn’t play. This looks like a very elaborate way of saying they had no plan, which is slightly humorous considering the political climate at the time. 

Who Do You Want to be Kept Out?

This is most likely not intentional, as the keep-out signs are meant for construction work, but the placement is a bit distasteful when you really look at this image. Without getting too into the politics, it is a known issue that some countries have immigrant issues.

Photo Credits: reddit.com u/pangalaktichki

These signs, if put together, read “immigrants, keep out,” which isn’t the true intention here. It’s simply a museum about immigrants and immigration, having some construction work done, which calls for safety barriers to be put up to keep the public out of danger. 

Hypocrites Much?

This title reads “Sea of Plastic” on this magazine cover, warning the world that the oceans are full of plastics, yet the entire magazine is covered in thin non-recyclable plastic film, which could very well end up in the oceans. 

Photo Credits: imgur.com/SergioFonseca

We think it is ironic and a bit hypocritical that companies blame consumers for plastic pollution when they don’t come up with sustainable solutions to deliver their products. If the magazine is so worried about plastic in the ocean, surely they wouldn’t wrap their magazines in it, would they?

Excuse me?

Neon lights are made with each word, and sometimes letter, as separate pieces. So, when one part burns out, you are left with either something that makes no sense or creates a whole new word or phrase with a very different meaning than what was intended. 

Photo Credits: reddit.com u/WorrierrPrincess

This restaurant originally bragged about having the best chicken fingers, but when the ‘chicken’ part of the sign is burnt out, you are left with a hilarious and strange phrase instead! We won’t be ordering your fingers, no matter how delicious you say they are.

Don’t Use False Advertising

When you go out looking for certain qualities in furniture, you pay for what you want. This client obviously bought this piece of furniture since it promised to be improved and break-resistant. However, it failed to live up to its promises.

Photo Credits: reddit.com u/DMvampire

We feel sorry for the unfortunate situation this person found themselves in, but it’s just so ironic and a little bit funny that this panel would break right through the part that had a sticker on, promising us it’s break-resistant. We hope they get a full refund!