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45 Clever Entrepreneurs Who Creatively Marketed Their Mirrors

Standing out online is not as easy as some may think. It might look like a place where you can randomly get instant and overnight success, but that’s not really the case. It takes a dash of creativity and imagination. Whether you are trying to become an influencer or just make a few bucks by selling stuff you don’t need, standing out isn’t easy. One of the things that are hard to sell online is mirrors. How do you take a picture of a mirror without inserting yourself in it? We don’t know! But neither do these 45 people who tried to sell mirrors online. This problem is so common that there is even a subreddit r/mirrorsforsale dedicated to it! Some mirror sellers are more self-aware and are intentionally funny, and some hilarious moments are unintentional. Enjoy!


To make it in sales, it helps if you are naturally charismatic. Some individuals are more charming than others, and if you are not as charismatic, you can work on it. In the following photo, we can see some raw talent!

Source: d***kholejohnny

Look at that charm! Would you buy that mirror from him? We think he won us over. We might need to see the rest of the mirror, though; it is a little cropped at the top. But we are sure he has more pics to share!

Strike a pose

Now, we all know taking a picture of the mirror without inserting yourself in it is not easy. You might have some decent photo-taking skills or some editing skills to keep yourself anonymous. But let’s face it, most people don’t have it.

Source: stretch2323

In the photo above, we have a man who made the most out of the experience of selling a mirror. He made an alter ego who is an Instagram model, and he showed off some poses you could take if you were using the mirror as an Influencer.


You know what they say, there are two types of people in the world. In the last photo, we had someone taking a positive spin on inserting themselves in the frame. But in the following picture, we have some posing…

Source: SellingAMirror

… with a dark twist! So you can do funny poses, but you can also do some scary ones! You can appeal to those who like things with a bit of an eerie vintage vibe. To those who want a mirror with character!


One more way you can sell your mirror is by focusing on the potential and the possibilities! Now, to be completely transparent with you, this option does require you to have some photo editing skills. First, you have to take…

Source: heyhigello

… a picture of yourself in the mirror. It does not have to be professional or from a specific angle, but you have to edit yourself out of it after you take it! The caption like the one above can be on the photo or in the description.


In the next photo, these two good boys (or girls; we are not sure) are not salespeople, but they look so fascinated by the mirror that maybe they are, in a way, selling it? Pictures speak more than words so take a look below.

Source: wmmason

These two puppers are fascinated by the mirror, or perhaps just their own reflections. Maybe they think it’s two other doggos approaching them, wanting to be friends. In any case, we want to know what they see. We want to join them in that magical puppy land.

Goofy Child

In a few of these goofy photos, we’ll see some things that are probably not on sale, but the seller wasn’t specific in their description. In this next photo, you’ll see what appears to be a teenage boy sneak peaking out of a room.

Source: LilSis279

The seller made a point to specify in the Facebook post that the “goofy child” is “not included.” Although, we have to wonder, would that request be as popular as the cute dog? No offense to the human race or anything.


“Duck” and “duck” do not mean the same thing. Sure they sound the same, and are spelled the same, too. But what we mean is that shouting the word duck can mean that you want the person to dodge, bow, or move quickly, or you might mean, “look at that cute little duck!”

Source: fishwhispers17

Well, in this photo above, we can think of someone shouting “duck” and meaning both of those things. Maybe the seller was shouting duck, as in dodge, being on the picture, and the duck went like, “oh, you want me to be there, ok.”


Speaking of accidents, we don’t know if this next photo was intentional or accidental but what we do know is that it is hilarious! The caption we found it with makes it even funnier, “never skip leg day.” And it…

Source: DarthVaderino

…took us a minute to realize whose legs were whose! The more we look, the more details we see. First, we didn’t see that the “upper body person” was holding the mirror for the photo! So maybe it was intentional!


Someone pointed out that this mirror might not be a mirror, but a painting. Honestly, if it is a portrait, would you hesitate to buy it? Probably not. If someone artsy is reading this, maybe this style can be your next painting series.

Source: gunchaa_

Paintings of dogs who look like they are dogs staring at themselves in a mirror. Listen, it’s a vibe. We would buy the whole collection for sure. If this is out there, let us know. And if you have the skills, please make it happen.


Even if you are not setting up an elaborate scene to sell your mirror, it can still be cute. Although we are all becoming more tech-savvy. Social media is no longer something just for teenagers, it is still not…

Source: redeyepenguin

… common to see senior citizens proficient in using social media or online marketplaces! This is why it’s cute to see this lady in the photo above. Also, we have to compliment her decoration skills with those plushies in the chairs.


Ok, there are a few things to unpack here. First, is that a filter on those sheets, or does someone have a sheet with those eyes? Like, anytime you get into your bed, that face is just somewhere in the middle.

Source: deekaph

Or is it like a bed sheet you just use for Halloween? Was it specifically bought to sell this mirror? Hopefully, it’s not the last thing that wouldn’t be a financially sound decision. Anyway, best of luck with your sale, ghost!


In the following photo, we have two individuals just horsing around. Pun very much intended. This next creative sale requires you to have a horse as a prop! That’s just not something everyone can use. However, if you were a…

Source: maiege

… “cowgirl” growing up, this mirror might be unique because of the proximity to horses. Moreover, to the best of our knowledge, the seller didn’t specify if the horse comes with the mirror or not. So maybe it’s a steal! Two for one, right?


Ok, at first we thought, what’s special about this photo? There’s just a guy making a funny face, right? Not a big deal. But then we took a closer look, and we had more questions than answers. So, first of all…

Source: rugbyleather

… who is holding the mirror? We thought it might be a friend or a family member, but the shirts look really similar! Or even the same? Also, the hands are kind of similar too! Who is holding the mirror? Who?


In this next photo, it looks like the dog made an appearance by accident! Despite the unintended appearance, dogs always improve your chances of standing out. Or maybe the photo was just timed perfectly. Who knows? Does it matter in the end?

Source: sexyminecraftgirl

All that matters is that you have a photo that makes your mirror stand out in the crowd. Although, this mirror is pretty unique all on its own. We’d prefer it in a brighter color, but that shouldn’t be a problem.


In this next sale post, we have another ghost. This time it’s a faceless one, but that does not mean there are fewer questions about the logistics of this post. How do you squat on the bed sheet or duvet…

Source: AmandoCommando

… and then take a picture while your hands are still in the cover?! Aren’t smartphones touch-sensitive?! We’re also confused by the potential buyer who wants to know what it’s made out of. It’s a mirror! Or, maybe they’re referring to the frame…

Painting, again

Listen, we already pitched the idea for paintings of dogs in the mirrors. We feel like there is a market for it, and this next photo just proves it. If people love these mirror sales pictures, imagine how much they…

Source: dirt_dobber_/Reddit

… would love your paintings! Someone has to do this. We don’t have the skill for it but, come on! The market is right there. You might even get your own subreddit dedicated to it. Dogs in mirror-like paintings sounds pretty good, right?


If you haven’t heard of the movie Inception, you must have lived under a rock until now. Not only heard, but it’s impossible to find someone who hasn’t seen this movie! Or, if they haven’t watched it, they couldn’t escape the memes.

Source: Anhapus

In this photo above, we have some mirrorception or selfieception. A selfie within a selfie within a selfie. Mind-blowing stuff. Although, we don’t know who would like to see themselves daily from this many angles. It looks a little scary.


Ok, if you don’t have cool props or an idea for a photo set, it seems like your next option is to… fly? In this next photo, we see a man mid-jump who somehow managed to take a perfectly still…

Source: BumPica

… selfie in the mirror?! How is that even possible? Maybe you should buy this mirror because it gives you superhuman abilities. Like flying! Or at least taking non-blurry selfies mid-jump?! How?! We must know, is it him or the mirror that’s magical?


Sometimes, even if you are not in the picture and you are not particularly trying to set up the scene, it turns out weird. Such is the nature of mirror pictures, it seems. In this next photo, there’s just pure chaos.

Source: christopherhero

The disorder was not even intentional; it just happened. Then again, isn’t that how chaos is? It just…happens! Is the dog doing number two in the corner?! What about the man in the corner; is he just sad or working on something we can’t see?


Ok, what in the IKEA is this? Because how do you take a picture of the mirror without even your shadow being in it?! This next mirror photo must be someone with either excellent photoshop skills or amazing photo-taking skills.

Source: TwoPlusLuc

Because this is not possible for an average human being! Where were they standing when this photo was taken? We can’t find even one shadow around the mirror or on it. How is that even possible without at least some editing?


The following mirror seller took their task seriously. While they did not have the mind of an artist, they made do with what they had. If there is no beautiful scenery for the background, or excellent Photoshop skills, you have to resort to other means.

Source: Jackjackhughesa123

And what this seller had was a Spider-Man suit and an adorable pug! It seems like having a cute dog sells! Considering if they specified what comes with the mirror, they have! They are selling only the wood-frame mirror, not the dog.

Spider-Man 2

It seems like our previous seller started a trend! Because in this next photo, we have another Spider-Man suit. Without a pug this time, but we have to give credit where credit is due. Although a cute dog is absent…

Source: SleepySniper45

… there is visibly more dedication in this mirror photo to the role of the superhero. As you can see in the image above, this mirror seller even suspended himself from the ceiling! We hope that he told whoever bought the mirror how he did it.

The Void

This next vendor has also mastered the art of disappearing. They’re just… gone from the picture! Well, there is someone holding the mirror, but no one in the mirror?! Now, this seems a little more realistic than the earlier photo because at least…

Source: Marble_Turret

… we can imagine the other person was in the opposite corner, and realized they were not in the mirror and thought it would look funny. They are not wrong; it does look like the mirror is some void. Good stuff!

Why the banana?

People go to great lengths to conceal their identity when selling mirrors. Although, if this is on Facebook Marketplace, then it’s somewhat futile because, well, your photos can be easily found. This next photo looks like it was taken by…

Source: Valentine-Venom

… a serial killer from a horror movie on vacation! Seriously, do can you feel those vibes? If you are a serial killer, you might want to stay lowkey, so it’s understandable you would wear a mask. But maybe don’t wear that one.

Noodle arms

In this next photo, we have someone who opted only for their arm to be in the picture. But because their arm is so far from the image, it looks kinda tiny and slender. Sort of like an alien arm.

Source: Patsycoconut

This is definitely a safe way to take a picture of your mirror for sale, but it is still pretty funny the more you look at it. The more you stare, the tinier and skinner the arm gets, which ultimately makes it weirder.


We’ve seen all kinds of animals selling mirrors on this list. However, we have not seen a middle-aged bear who has been through a lot. Well, believe it or not, that’s what we have in the next photo. Unfortunately, it’s not a real bear…

Source: greengoeskiwi

This bear looks like a dedicated father of four kids who came home after a long day at work and just wants some peace and quiet for a few minutes. It looks like it is contemplating the state of the economy and is selling the mirror to make a few extra bucks.


Superheroes need to sell their unwanted housewares, too. That much we know. We saw a few Spider-Mans (Spider-Men?) selling mirrors. But here we have a contender from the DC universe. However, it seems like his costume has seen better days in the past.

Source: Bandits101

This Batman might be looking for Alfred, who finally took a vacation after like 50 years of something. That would explain the state of his suit. He has no one to take care of it until Alfred is back. Poor thing must sell mirrors now!


This next photo can only be captioned with “when you have an apocalypse to survive at 5 PM, but you have to sell a mirror at 4 PM.” Well, umm, priorities, right? You have to do what you have to do.

Source: lesamrobert

Sometimes you need to prepare for your next event, but need to get some chores done first. Prepping for the apocalypse is hasty work, but surely there are a few minutes to spare to take a picture and post it online.

Horse, again

Ok, we’ve been looking at this one for a hot minute. At first, we planned to make jokes about the horse taking pictures, but the more we looked at the photo, we are not sure if the horse was even real.

Source: SellingAMirror

One thing is for sure — people lead much more exciting lives than us. Who just has a statue of a horse lying around? Or a real horse?! Cute dogs are affordable, but full-sized horse statuses? That’s another story and a whole other level.


Sometimes, people specify what’s included and what’s not. In this following photo, we see a person who put on a lampshade to hide their identity while selling this mirror. They captioned the mirror sale post with “lamp not included.”

Source: Dadspeakingwhodis

While that is understandable, and if it was included, we are pretty sure that it is illegal. What will the mirror stand on in their new home?! Does the sale include the pallet at the bottom that seems to function as the mirror stand?

Ghosts, again

We had a few ghost cosplays on this list. Being a ghost is a great way to stay anonymous. In fact, it’s synonymous with anonymity. However, those were obviously joke ghosts. In this next photo, we have a real ghost!

Source: ganzhimself

Where is the person? The more you look, the more details you notice that blow your mind. The photo is taken on a front-facing camera, but facing the mirror? But the full mirror is in the pic? Is it done with two mirrors?


In this next photo, we see a regular ghost costume. This is what we mean by a normal mirror ghost pic. And we know how that sounds; what is a normal mirror ghost pic outside of the context of this subreddit?

Source: Mr_Savage_Cabbage

Imagine you are in a pub with your friends who know nothing about the incredible world of people selling mirrors online, and you just say, “oh, that’s a regular mirror ghost pic,” with no context. Yeah, it sounds a little crazy.


In this next photo, we might have the start of a new mirror selfie trend, actually. Now, this person obviously wanted to stay anonymous, but if an influencer did this, you would probably think they are cool, right? At least…

Source: jonnatje

… you would think they are pretty flexible. Maybe even creative. Now, if this was outside of the mirror selling world, you would need some better shoes to flex with, but you get the idea. Anyway, if there are any influencers out of ideas, here’s one.

Cheeky Grandpa

In this next photo, we have some pure chaos going on. We can’t help but wonder was the grandpa a willing participant in these shenanigans? Is it his mirror for sale? Was it his idea? Is that his favorite measuring stick/tape he’s showing off?

Source: Unitron333

So many questions, and not enough answers. We like to think that this is grandpa’s idea and that he is selling it to move to a nicer house to live his best life. One can hope, right? We are a glass half full bunch.

Oh no

We’ve seen some cute dogs in this collection, but in this next photo, we have a cute dog, but we can’t guarantee if he is a good boy. Maybe he is a good boy having a bad day, because he…

Source: [deleted user]/Reddit

… is not behaving in this photo, that’s for sure. His human was just trying to take a photo, and he jumped on their leg… to do things. However, we have to wonder why is the mirror blocked by the table?


This mirror seller was aware of the problem of taking pictures of mirrors and turned their marketplace photo into a piece of art! And what better inspiration than their dog! Surely, they could even try to turn this photo into an NFT?

Source: irregularcontributor

Stunning! Look at that composition in the photo above. The dog in the center, the colonel flowers, the freshly cut grass. Wow. We hope this mirror found a new home as unique as its original. However, we hope they specified if the dog comes with the purchase or not.

Mirrorception part 2

In this next one, we have another mirrorception moment. However, in this case we are not sure which mirror is being sold? Are they both for sale or just one of them? Using a mirror to take a picture of…

Source: pwapwap

… another mirror is an excellent idea to keep your anonymity. However, is it the best idea if you are only selling one of them? Because now the buyers don’t know which one you are selling! Maybe choose another method to stay anonymous.


This next photo is not particularly crazy, but it has a cute little photo bomber that makes it have that extra something something. We don’t know about you, but we just love it when cats have names that fit them.

Source: obligatoryexpletive

In our imagination, this cat’s name is cow, because, look at him! Also, we have to complement their human’s VHS collection. It’s impressive considering that you can stream everything now. It must have taken some effort to collect it all.


If you have been on the internet long enough, you must have heard of the legend of Slenderman! There are different stories, but some people believe Slenderman exists, and some don’t. If you have missed the conspiracy theories somehow, Google it.

Source: armeliacinborn

Because in this next photo, we have Slenderman selling some mirrors. Usually, the Slenderman appears in a more formal outfit, but we guess when he is selling mirror, he is trying to keep a low profile and appear more casual.


Everyone loves a themed item. There’s just something about owning things that are specific to certain holidays that’s so appealing. Like, a pumpkin-shaped cup; it’s a whole vibe. It’s a piece of Halloween and fall that you can have in your house…

Source: hey00guys

… for the whole year! Magical, right? So, in this next photo that you can see above, we have something special and magical, too. We have a Christmas tree trying to sell you a mirror. That’s a story to tell the grandkids, right?

Ghosts, again!!!

People will go to great lengths to stay anonymous in the mirror selling community, which is understandable. You don’t really want to become a meme. At least not unintentionally. In this next photo, we have no human, just a camera.

Source: theMiezmiez

Now, the logistics of this photo above are pretty straightforward: someone set a timer and ran away. Still, doesn’t make the image less ghost-like! But hey, if you have a tripod and the timer option, this is an excellent way to stay anonymous.

Checker Board Cosplay

Like we said before, people have much more exciting lives than us. This next mirror seller does not have a full-sized horse statue, but they just so happen to have a checkerboard full-body suit lying around for some unknown occasion.

Source: Anhapus

We don’t know for what occasion, but there must be some reason for owning it. If not, you can always wear it to stay anonymous on the internet while selling a mirror. Although, people who know you might identify you as the “checkerboard guy.”

Monkey Suit

In this next photo, we have another very specific costume owner who is using their wardrobe to hide their identity. However, this costume is a little less straightforward. Is it a monkey suit? Is it a bear suit? Is it some hybrid animal? We are just not sure.

Source: jayasunshine

Again, we have to wonder what kind of occasion was this costume originally for. Maybe it was a local play, but how did they get to keep the suit? Perhaps it’s for Halloween. Who knows. But the mirror set is pretty nice, at least.


Ok, in this next photo, we don’t have anyone wearing anything crazy to cover up their identity. However, we do have a crazy balancing act happening. It is clear this person is moving, but why, oh, why is the TV…

Source: Shot-the-imposter

… barely hanging on to its life?! Who thought it was a good idea to put a flat-screen TV on a fragile plastic laundry basket?! Why would you risk breaking your TV like that? Those things are not cheap, and the mirror sale won’t make up for it.


We came to the last photo in this compilation. Given we’re at the end, we figured, “go big or go home.” So we will leave you with an image that will haunt your dreams from now on. Or may you laugh for hours on end…

Source: LittleOKidd

You are welcome. The more we look at this photo, the scarier it gets, and more questions come up. But we will leave you to ponder and develop your own theories. Where did the torso of the person holding the mirror go?