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Things To Look Out For That Can Trigger Anyone’s Thalassophobia

The concept itself may seem simple, but you can bet your butt that it’s a pretty highfalutin word to add to your vocab. But let’s not make it difficult, ‘Thalassophobia’ is simply the fear of the ocean. Now, it’s pretty normal to be scared of that, right? Well, this fear isn’t just being scared of water or how deep it goes. Those things aren’t all that scary when you realize that what you really have to fear is what’s inside the water, not the water itself. From shipwrecks to sharks, it could honestly be anything that will give you the heebie-jeebies. Still, one thing’s for sure, and that’s the fact that these images are gonna haunt you in some way or another. So buckle up and get ready, because we’re going right into the things in the deep that you should be very afraid of!

See the Sea

Diving underwater sure is one of the ways for you to get this phobia, and after this first picture on the list, we won’t blame you if you do get it. But imagine going deep into the water and seeing not just a big strange statue, but coming in contact with its eye first.

Photo credits: 4acodimetyltryptamin, Reddit

No one can really say where the eye is from or what it’s doing underwater, but it’s definitely creepy! Just from the photo alone, it already gives off horror vibes, so we wonder what it was like for the person who took the picture in the first place!

A School of Sharks

Sharks aren’t all that scary alone, especially once you realize that more people die from bulls than shark attacks per year, but the thought of you being face to face with one is enough to instill fear within your body!

Photo credit: Chocolatecows88, Reddit

So just think about how scary it would be to face the shark school in the above image in what you thought would be a chill dive! If you were to ask us, though, then we’d indeed be cowering in fear and finding a way out of there.

Lovecraftian Creatures in Real Life

If you’ve ever read an HP Lovecraft novel, then you’d know the fear of seeing something in the dark deep that looks both so real yet so fantastically scary at the same time, like big octopuses. And this photo gives off that vibe perfectly.

Photo credits: HO, National Science Museum

To be quite honest, from the picture alone, we’re not sure if it’s a squid or an octopus. What we are sure of, however, is that it has multiple limbs, and it definitely does not look friendly at all. Are you appreciating dry land more yet?

Crocodile Camo

‘Thalassophobia’ shouldn’t just be limited to the oceans because, frankly, a lot of the creatures we should be scared of are right in our rivers and bayous as well. That’s why sometimes, having a quick swim in some freshwater may not be the best idea.

Photo credits: the_dark_knight_ftw, Reddit

If you don’t have a keen eye for these types of situations, then you should maybe not go out swimming in the river for a while. Not being able to spot that crocodile in the water may cost you your life, so best to be careful!

Is This Still Cliff Diving

Pardon the pun, but this one is pretty amazing, to say the least! Some will do anything to get that perfect photo opportunity, and this person certainly did not disappoint! This guy also had the nerves of steel to pose down there.

Photo credits: TheGreatPlanet, Instagram

This underwater pit has an unknown depth; we can tell just by looking at how dark it is down there. It’s terrifying, but it was probably a blast to do by the photographer and the person in the photo. How he kept calm during this situation is beyond us, though.

Please Be A Hoax

Looking at a terrifying sea creature is one thing, and it’s another beast altogether when you can’t even make out what it is. The worst part is, sometimes you know that it’s right there beneath you, with dread just taking over.

Photo credits: PointsBeforeKarma, Reddit

Let’s just hope that this picture is an elaborate hoax, or maybe just a trick of the eye from a weird and low cloud formation. We hope that the person in the boat is alright because if that picture is real, then that’s gonna be a heck of a situation to paddle out of.

It’s Way Too Clear

There’s a saying that states that the biggest fear isn’t what we see but it’s what we don’t get to have a look at. That applies to the previous picture in the list, and it for sure applies to this one as well. At least the one before this had a shadow!

Photo credits: HollieMariee, Reddit

We’ve seen this seen in the movies before, a “calm before the storm” type of situation, if you will. What’s left is for a huge sea monster to jump out from the water. Well, on second thought, let’s not hope that it’ll happen.

A Scene Out of Dante’s Inferno

If you’ve ever read or studied about the famous epic, then you should be familiar with the famous “sign of warning at the entrance of a perilous place” trope. It’s been used time and time again in movies and TV, but have you seen it in real life?

Photo credits: World Adventure Divers

It’s very obvious that you should heed this warning because nothing good is gonna come out of this, no matter how brave or daring you are. And if the skull and crossbones don’t scare you enough, then maybe you should reevaluate your life choices.

This Guy Has Some Nerves

We never really get to see how big boats are. Airplanes, on the other hand, are open books, so you already know their size properly. But ships are a whole other beast of their own since we only get to see most of the vessel, but not all of it.

Photo credits: MegaPythonVSGatoroid, Reddit

This isn’t fake, nor is it a scaled-down model of a person on a boat propeller. That is an actual person on the rudders of a ship, and they’re just sitting down and holding each blade like it is just another Tuesday for them.

Yes, That’s A Giant Squid

These creatures aren’t a work of fiction, or at least we realized that they aren’t anymore. You just have to look far and wide to actually see them, but honestly, who in the right mind that isn’t a scientist or explorer would do that?

Photo credits: Guitamnandakumar, Reddit

That isn’t CGI, and it surely isn’t an edited photo. That is an actual giant squid in the ocean, and they’ve been discovered to be real for quite a while now. Let’s just hope that they’re friendly and that there aren’t any giant sharks anywhere.

Is This Jurassic Park?

The thing about plastic dinosaurs is that if they’re made well, then you can bet that they look real. The problem with that, however, is that if you use the fact that water distorts your vision a bit, then a plastic dinosaur underwater is as real as it can get.

Photo credits: Squeakachu_15, Reddit

Just imagine swimming under the water, totally oblivious that the next thing you see is going to give you a mini heart attack, or maybe even a real one at that. If you look close enough, though, then you can see the subtle giveaways that it’s fake.

Uh, This Isn’t The Moon

If you’ve ever indulged in any media about space, maybe movies or documentaries, then you would know that whenever astronauts land back on Earth, they land in the sea inside a little shuttle with a floatation device and a parachute.

Photo credits: ThatRacerGuy, Reddit

Of course, that would mean that everything someone goes up there, then those shuttles that aren’t retrieved stay under there for who knows how long. This happened with the Liberty Bell 7, which touched down in 1961 and took 35 years to be recovered 16,000 feet under the ocean.

How Low Can You Go?

It’s pretty crazy how daring some people can be. A lot of us can’t even fathom the thought of going into a giant hole in the seafloor. We just try to find a way out as fast as possible back to the safety of the shore. This person isn’t like us, though.

Photo credits: Guillaume Nery, YouTube

Yes, they’re going into the hole. No, this isn’t a cleverly timed optical illusion. This person is literally going into a giant hole that’s as low as… no one knows. As for what’s inside of it, well, that’s up for us to guess, but hopefully, it’s just a little goldfish.


We think that most of us are familiar with the hit blockbuster Titanic, about the cruise ship that sunk way back when. This next photo is, of course, not from the actual ship but from the 1997 film with Leo DiCaprio.

Photo credits: Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox

Anyone who was on board at the time and seeing the entire room cave in with ice-cold water from the ocean and also from the iceberg the ship crashed into was for sure scared for their lives. It triggers both ‘Thalassophobia’ and ‘Claustrophobia’ at the same time.

You Have To Look Twice

Now, going back to the works of HP Lovecraft, there definitely is a sense of cosmic dread when you’re in a space much bigger than you. Especially if you think that there are creatures lurking around, ready to snatch you at a moment’s notice.

Photo credits: BeardedGlass, Reddit

Under the waves are these long, tentacle-looking arms that look like they’re from a scary primordial god of the sea. Thankfully, however, they just look like that and are actually long strands of seaweed along the shore. Or at least that’s what we hope.

The Abyss Stares Back

The top half of this photo sports a ton of awesome rock formations, possibly limestone, and that is an Instagrammer’s dream to take a snap of and post. The second half of the photo, though, is quite different from it.

Photo credits: AristonD, Reddit

The darkness of the ocean at the very bottom, along with the sharp rock formations just above it, peering down, is a sight to see. Of course, a guide is much needed during times like these, and honestly, you wouldn’t want to be alone here.

What a Handsome Fellow

Okay, that’s sarcasm; there isn’t actually a handsome fish waiting for you in the photo below. Sorry about that. What awaits, though, is this freaky and huge specimen that has eyes that stare deep into your very soul and will give you the chills.

Photo credits: Iamnotburgerking, Reddit

We don’t even know what kind of fish this is, and honestly, we think that it’s better off that way. The eyes and size of the thing aren’t its only prominent qualities, though; it also has sharp teeth that look ready to tear into your flesh!

Now That’s A Smile

Daytime boat rides are, honestly, quite relaxing. Yes, you may catch sunburn at the end of the day, but all of that is worth it if the waves are calm and the seas are blue and bright. Boat rides at night, though, are a different story.

Photo credits: Deleted User, Reddit

Now, what we said about sharks not being the cause of a lot of deaths worldwide is true, but not all of them are as friendly as the others. Just look at this photo of a shark jumping out of the water, teeth out, ready to have its next meal.

Majestically Haunting

The water part of our world is just half of the full potential of Mother Nature. We can’t forget the trees on dry land, of course! But what if we combine the two together by finding trees and their roots just floating inside a cave lake?

Photo credits: Josiahwg, Instagram

Like a scene from a painting, this one isn’t as scary as the other pictures on the list, but it’s one of those situations that’s haunting despite its beauty. The light shafts going through the water, and the diver barely reaching the surface, it adds a lot of dreadful glee.

You Shouldn’t Eat This

Now, keeping with the theme of combining stuff, how about we bring you some more nightmare fuel for your next night’s sleep? This time being spiders and crustaceans. Not only does this crab have long legs, but they’re quite spiky as well.

Photo credits: NOAA Photo Library, Flickr

Don’t worry; this photo is a close-up. It may look big in the picture, but it’s just an optical trick caused by the ground around it. Still, if these small ones are already freaky, just imagine if they came from bigger versions of themselves. Now that’s scary!

“Call Me Ishmael”

That’s one of the first lines of the famous story of Moby Dick, which, for all intents and purposes, is a story about a giant old whale in the ocean. Well, no one really can say if anything from that tale is true, but this photo gives off a bit of that vibe.

Photo credits: MintyBobas, Reddit

No, that isn’t a model spine of a dinosaur from a museum that was dropped in the ocean. That’s an actual whale skeleton found floating in Norway. We wonder what happened to the whale that washed up here, and how long ago that was.

What’s Up With People and Ship Propellers

Earlier on, we saw one of our friendly diver friends casually sitting on a ship turbine, but this one is gonna take the cake, to be quite honest. This diver decided it would be cool to have a photoshoot right on top of a turbine.

Photo credits: Pastafernianism, Reddit

That’s a human diver indeed, and that’s an old ship propeller that they’re standing on. As dope as it looks, it definitely took a lot of courage to get down there and do this! What if it suddenly collapsed, or even worse, what if it turned?

Just One Sight

Looking into the dark abyss of the ocean depths is one thing, but it’s always unsettling if the black darkness is what you see but another color. This diver thought so too and decided to get a snap of it right there.

Photo credits: zootia, Reddit

The water’s cloudiness and sheer pressure make it almost impossible to see anything else down there but an icky green hue. And since you’re down there, then it might be hard to even tell if you’re going down or up!

Currently, 30,000 Feet Under

We’ve all seen shipwrecks here and there. Unfortunate accidents that led to them staying there forever, or maybe just old age that caused them to be discarded and sunk just like that. But a ship that was meant for the air inside the water hits different.

Photo credits: maevenable, Twitter

It looks quite eerie, and the way the photo is taken makes it even scarier. But aside from being scary, it also brings forth quite a sad story. Hopefully, most if not all of the people aboard this place managed to get out in time.

Silly Fear Comes True

Okay, it’s not real, don’t worry. We want to take the time to reassure you that this photo is confirmed to be photoshopped. And if you look close enough, then you can tell that it’s obviously edited from the get-go.

Photo credits: Felhammr, Reddit

Now, that’s quite a silly fear, since there’s no way a shark can into a pool, anyway. Well, the hit movie Jaws says otherwise. Although that is indeed fiction, you can’t help but be paranoid about the one-in-a-billion chance of it happening.

“Here’s Brucey!”

If you’ve ever watched Finding Nemo, which if you haven’t, then you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, you can remember a friendly big shark named Bruce. We already know where that was heading, to be honest.

Photo credits: OnTheOctopusRide, Reddit

That’s where most people’s fear of sharks came from as kids. This photo from the Crystal World Exhibition Centre in Devon Meadows, Victoria, Australia, gives off the same vibes. Don’t worry, though; Rosie wasn’t really mean, and she has since passed away.

Not A Funny Prank

This is one of those things that will scare the living daylights out of anyone who passes it. Picture this, you’re just casually diving down in the water, hoping to find some cute fish to snap, then out comes this behemoth.

Photo credits: 1091drawde, Reddit

Don’t worry, because that’s a fake shark. When you’re down there sick to your stomach with fear, though, then that sight can quite literally take your soul out of your body. Curse the people who made it and left it in the water!

Adorable Even In The Dark? Nope.

We’ve all seen sealions and seals in exhibitions. They look slippery, silly, and cute all at the same time. Well, turns out they aren’t actually adorable when you’re in the deep dark depths of the water and hoping for nothing to jump out at you.

Photo credits: Deleted User, Reddit

This seal is absolutely terrifying and intimidating to look at. If you’re scared by looking at the photo, then just imagine how haunting it was for the person who took the photo. Thank our stars that humans are way too big to be their prey.

Time For A Snack

There’s a time when you have to realize that not all horrors in the water are found deep within it, but a bunch of the things we should be scared of are right there lurking near the surface, just like this water snake in the photo.

Photo credits: ingreenlight, Reddit

That’s a huge fish for scale, and that’s an even bigger water snake dragging it along for a pleasant little stroll to fish heaven. If that’s a sizeable meal for it, then let’s just hope that humans are off the menu for this species.

In Black and White

Remember that fake shark that we saw under the water a bit ago? Well, this one is even scarier because this is an actual shark with its mouth open, seemingly going in for the kill. Let’s be thankful that the food wasn’t the cameraman, though.

Photo credits: Morc-Glork, Reddit

The picture is truly terrifying, but you just have to appreciate the take of the person behind the camera. They managed to capture a haunting yet perfectly awesome moment. Again, for sharks, humans are friends and not food, unless you provoke them.

It’s Lunch Time

We know that this list has been about thalassophobia, but what we’ve gotten from all these photos is a strong sense of galeophobia, which is the fear of sharks. They might not eat people, but who knows what could happen.

Photo credits: alwaysthecat, Reddit

Words can’t describe the amount of fear your heart would be put under if you were faced with something like this. If you’re a fish in this situation, then you might as well just admit defeat because you aren’t getting out alive.

When Does It End?

This next photo is going off our creature and shark-infested waters to give you another taste of the fear of the unknown. Well, just look at how deep the chain goes, without even a sense of where the other end will reach.

Photo credits: Detonator212, Reddit

Just add that to the fact we haven’t even begun to fully realize the exact size and depth of our ocean yet, and what it has to hold. Maybe we should put off the space race for now and start to look down there! Who knows what we could find?

Another One

Do you remember that one picture from earlier on in the list, the person who sat right next to that giant pit and said, “hey, let’s take a picture?” Well, this other tourist decided to give it a go as well, and we don’t know which attempt is better.

Photo credits: deepfreediving, Instagram

This one is even more daring than the last, with our resident diver dangling their feet off the edge of the pit. Let’s just hope that no tentacles pop out and drag them into the hole. That would be terrifying, but we bet the thrill is what they live for anyway.

Going Down

As for this person, they decided not to dive and find a giant pit down in the depths, instead finding one just right by the surface of the water. Another case where you can’t stop hoping that no sea creature comes out and bites your leg!

Photo credits: sashajuiard, Instagram

Judging from the rocks in the picture, sitting there on the edge is already really scary since they look like they’re pretty slippery. One wrong move, and you might slip and cut yourself on the rocks, and who knows what else could happen after.

Yo, Ho Ho!

The original poster of this photo visited an AirBnB Island and thought that a quick paddle around in their canoe was a good idea. Well, based on the current of the water in the picture, this person got a bit too far from the island.

Photo credits: MrMalta, Reddit

Being in a very small boat this far away from the shoreline is dangerous, so you should really keep away from these types of situations. At least our lovely traveler here seems like they enjoyed their trip, though. It definitely beats swimming.

Underwater Ruins

Being far from civilization is a scary thing to behold. Not seeing your nearest Starbucks or fast food restaurant can be refreshing at first. But it causes a lot of people to panic once they realize the gravity of the situation.

Photo credits: WashedUpNothingness, Reddit

See that in the corner of the photo? That’s a diver swimming among these ruins located on the ocean floor. You can just feel their sense of wonder and dread as they traverse through these structures, and we would be filled with those emotions too!

Now That’s An Exhibit

A lot of ancient and even modern art is actually located deep in the water, specifically statues or sculptures! These are amazing sights to behold down there for any diver or thrill-seeker, and everyone is welcome as long as you can swim.

Photo credits: Grenever88, Reddit

This photo gives off an awesome fantastical vibe as if you were going to locate a lost city down there along with some mermaids. We’re not sure if these were dropped down here or maybe sculpted down here by the artist.

Light in the Dark

We’ve seen darkness a lot among the photos in this list. But have you ever been scared of seeing the light down there? Well, if so, then you’re going to absolutely love or dread this next photo. It’s pretty haunting in its own right.

Photo credits: WashedUpNothingness, Reddit

Whoever was brave enough to go down this deep to the seafloor and take this photo deserves an award for nerves of steel. Just imagine being the next diver, seeing a creepy unidentified light down there. We’d be swimming up faster than you could say “shark week.”


Know that meme with the iceberg and how deep it goes? Well, this photo is exactly that, but only the bottom part. They may look beautiful and majestic from the surface of the water, but what do they look like down there?

Photo credits: Mooseborgoer, Reddit

The photo above is a photo of the underside of an entire iceberg. You heard that right: the bottom of the iceberg. The black thing down there with lights is a rover sent by scientists to study it further because God forbid you’d be caught swimming down there.

Into the Pit

Deep undersea pits that are full of darkness are a common trend in this list, and no, we are not stopping with them yet! This photo is of a courageous diver going down there to see what’s to be found in one of these gigantic holes.

Photo credits: Player82222, Reddit

We don’t know what was going on in this person’s mind for them to do this, but what’s for certain is that this diver is braver than any of us could ever dream of being. Honestly, what’s with these people and going into giant holes in the water?!

Heed This Warning Traveler

Words are normally just that, words; but when you put them on a sign next to a dangerous place, then that changes entirely. From “just” words, they suddenly become “the” words that you need to follow. This one here is no different.

Photo credits: OllieJolly93, Reddit

Who knows what’s down there? Could it be a radioactive nuclear waste site, could it be the Loch Ness monster, or could it be something way more sinister? Truth is, you shouldn’t try to find out by going in there lest you get into an accident.

Just A Pretty Island

The top half of this photo is beautiful. Blue seas, an amazing island off in the distance, and clear blue skies. What’s lurking in the bottom half is completely different, though, because it has sharp teeth and a hunger for flesh.

Photo credits: NMDA_GABA, Reddit

Yes, what you’re seeing is right, and no, it isn’t edited like that pool shark photo. That is an actual shark under the water and swimming up to the surface of the water, possibly in the search for prey. Best to stay on dry land for the time being.

Little Mermaid

Most of the divers in the photos here on the list are all adults, but it’s time to change it up for the last image on this list. This little girl was only eight years old at the time of the picture, and she has something else up her sleeve, or rather, fins!

Photo credits: Madcat207, Reddit

Not only does she have the bravery to be able to dive that deep down in the ocean, but she’s also doing it in style by wearing an awesome colorful mermaid costume in the process! Now that’s how you explore the depths of the ocean!