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Vicks Will Always Be Close At Hand After Reading About All Its Uses

This article was originally published on docjournals

It takes a little humility to admit that you’ve gone past that adolescent age- you know when you rely on your body to soothe the aches of frequent activity. That is when you know you have reached adulthood. The stronger the liniment, the better. Thank God we can rely on Vicks VapoRub to rob us of our existential pain. Okay, maybe it doesn’t go far deep as that, but it’s good enough. Watch and ye pray… the spirit indeed is willing (to go to work smelling like you’ve bathed in CK One), but the flesh is weak. Just a dab over there and it’ll soothe away the soreness in your muscles. But what do we do with the rest of the contents once you’re back to normal? Try any of these uses to suit many of your needs. From its aromatherapy uses to nursing the flu – Vicks can do anything… almost!

Nursing a case of Flu

It’s hard to catch some sleep when you can’t breathe. Your chest feels heavy and breathing is labored. Try as you might, you can’t expel the thick mucous inside of you. It’s like it’s stuck to the walls of your chest. If you could, you would have scraped it off manually. We know we would.


You could lather some on your chest, and have your partner put some over your shoulder blades and in your lower back. Some people swear by a bit of Vicks under their nose. That helps decongest the nasal mucosa and eases their breathing. If this is too painful for you, you could sniff the bottle every now and then.

Reusing Rusty Locks

Having to buy a new lock can be expensive. Besides, you would have to change the key set, and the duplicates other family members have. So instead of throwing out the lock, how about inspecting it and tweaking with it a little. You never know … it can be salvaged.

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You can’t really insert a cotton pad inside it so the most you’ll do is to coat the key with Vicks and then insert it into the keyhole. Slowly ease in it. That will dislodge some of the rust that had build up inside. Then slowly turn as you lubricate the locking mechanism and the gears.

Preventing Stretch Marks

During pregnancy the skin is stretched to accommodate the growing baby in the womb. Depending on genes and your skin’s elasticity, your skin might tear away resulting to stretch marks. To keep that from happening, or to help reduce any, apply some of the Vicks ointment.

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The product has much oil in it to seal moisture within the skin. These include eucalyptus oil and cedar leaf oil. That’s like applying two coats in just one rubbing. Isn’t that a time-saver for the busy mom? Take the time to take care of your skin. You’ll be happier for it.

Locking in Moisture

Some women swear by a multitude of facial products. We stan; it works for them. But if you are the type to keep things simple, this trick is good for you. During your morning routine and your evening regimen, cleanse the face thoroughly with a gentle exfoliant. Rub lightly over the eyelids and your cheeks, then rinse.

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Here’s the tricky part – you can allow your skin to slightly air-dry, or you can pat lightly. Allow a bit of the moisture to remain on your skin before locking it in with Vicks VapoRub. The whole point of a moisturizer is to seal in water droplets from the environment. It’s a bit of a misnomer but now you know how to remedy the hack.

Managing Chest Pain

It’s one of the most torturous sensations ever. And we seasonally experience it! Chest congestion can be excruciating. It feels like your ribs are closing in on your heart and lungs. You can feel the hollows of your windpipe infused with secretions, and there’s much resistance when you inhale.


So to help you breathe normally, apply some of the balm over your upper chest area. Believe us, the sharp pain when you breathe, sneeze or cough will ease off in a couple of minutes. Applying Vicks VapoRub is much like a self-hug. You feel warm and fuzzy from the inside. You can also apply it during the buurrrr moments or the Yuletide season. Help yourself! It’d be like warming the cold winter air that passes through your nose.

Addressing Ringworm

What is ringworm exactly? It’s a type of fungal infection whereby the fungi eats keratin which is found on your skin, hair, scalp and nails. These things survive on your body for months. Imagine that! So, while the name suggests you have a worm on your body, it’s actually just a misnomer.

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It could go away on its own, especially if you are healthy. But would you take your chances of scratching that itch and possibly transferring it to other sites on your body? In all that time, you would be suffering from painful rashes and irritation. So we suggest you frequently apply Vicks on those affected parts.

Controlling the Itch

Some people are better at handling itches than others. You could divert your attention, or rub the affected area with your fingerpads. Under no circumstance are you allowed to use your fingernails or any other sharp object. If you find it irresistible to, then you can slightly dampen the area and then place a thin layer of VapoRub.

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Why is this so? We’re assuming that the affected area is itchy because it is dry. So a bit of moisture will relieve the itch. The menthol will give a slight, soothing burn. No scrapes, no scratches. After a few minutes, this burn will be replaced with a fresh, cool sensation. Now, you can focus on the task at hand!

Muscle Pain Relief

Now we wouldn’t want you hooked on anything, or developing a tolerance for over-the-counter analgesics. That’s risky stuff. So to rid those aches and cramps, slather some of the ointment while kneading the muscle below. Nothing beats natural pain relief.


The results are almost instantaneous. Sure, it’ll be painful when massaging the area, but you will be amazed at the extent your rotator cuff muscles can go, or any other extremity basically, when you facilitate circulation in the area. You’ll be pumped and ready to go to the gym in no time!

Preventing Infections

There are a lot of irritants to your skin. Sometimes, you risk impairing your skin’s integrity because you hadn’t noticed you had been scratching vigorously for so long. That and other causes of open wounds increases your likelihood for infections.


You could preventatively take antibiotics, but there’s a risk to that. And you would to have to be prescribed by a doctor. Instead of having to go to the doctor, simply cleanse the open wound, then seal it with the Vicks ointment. The balm has a lubricant – that is, petroleum jelly, that will keep unwanted germs and microbes from entering your skin.

Wart Remover

From afar, you look almost flawless, but what’s keeping you from enjoying that perfection are those rough, hard bumps on your skin. It’s like a built-in oomfah, and it doesn’t do a good job cleansing other areas of your skin. They may not hurt, but they hurt your ego.


Apply some of the ointment over the area then cover with a clean cloth. If you want, you can use a warm, damp cloth. Leave for a couple of minutes for about twice a day and it should even out the skin’s texture. Try doing this for about two weeks. Isn’t that a better alternative to a minor surgery?

Vicks Deodorizer

It’s rush hour and you’re clawing your way through the train. You make it just in time, but not only do you feel nauseous with the abrupt movement, you feel a migraine building up. It’s early in the morning – too early in fact for anyone, or anything, to be smelling like an afternoon run.

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You don’t want to offend anyone, so rummage through the bag and use the VapoRub as your air freshener. People will think you’re nursing a cold. Part of it is true, you are having a headache, so place some over your temples. Make sure to have a firm grip on those bars because you wouldn’t want to add a bruise to the migraine.

Removing Matte Lipstick

To be honest, it can be any type of lipstick – matte, liquid, lipcreme, especially if it’s longwear. It will get you through the day gorgeously but you might reconsider using it the next day when you find trouble removing it during your evening regimen. Rubbing harder won’t do any good, unless you mean to chafe your lips.

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You could use petroleum jelly or you could use Vicks VapoRub. It has the same component, and it leaves your lips feeling fresh. Simply leave it on for about 5 minutes. Comb your hair or remove makeup off your face, then wipe the lip stain off without harming your skin. Easy, right?

Nursing Migraines

When you feel like your skull is about to crack open, whip up a few layers of the ointment and apply them on your temples. You can apply them near the ridge of your nose, if you have sinuses, or just above your eyebrows. Knead the area then collectedly take deep breaths.


The soonest we’ve ever found ourselves relieved from a headache was half a minute. A break from the computer or paperwork will also do wonders. It’s easy to get caught up with the looming deadline, but if you zero in on the cooling sensation, you’d have more energy to tidy up some headspace.

Swing like a Pro

Keep a wide range of motion in your upper limbs by slathering the cream on your joints. We suggest you do this before and after the match. That way, you’ll be swinging like a professional athlete on court. You will have your opponents and the whole crowd gawk at you as they wonder where you got your exceptional ability to receive the tennis ball.


And that service! Boy, did that ball run at 100 mph! You would have Federer panting on the court with just a few layers of Vicks VapoRub. No spikes or medication needed. No analgesics to make you drowsy – all you need are two clean fingers, a surface area of skin, and a few seconds for self-care.

After-sun Gel

It’s been a long week and you decide to reward yourself by going on a beach trip with some friends. By the shore, you pick a spot and mark it by placing a towel on the sand. You dust it off, sit by the edge and spread sunblock over your skin. Unfortunately, that and the spiked beach umbrella aren’t enough to keep you from getting a sun burn.


On the ride home, you find yourself pained to sit down. Unfortunately, you’re an entirety of skin, but that should be no problem. Ask your friends to lovingly apply some of the ointment on those painful areas. It should help the skin heal faster, and have you rethink about frequent re-application of a sunblock.

Alternative Cough Remedy

Don’t you just hate it when a co-worker nurses the flu. In a few days, you’ll bet you’ll be straining to finish the paperwork with cranes pulling the two halves of your brain apart. And the congestion – you can’t even remember what it felt like to breathe with ease. If only there was some way to rid of the flu within the week.


Some swear by this technique. At nighttime, before getting at least 8 hours of sleep, they laboriously slather VapoRub over their feet. They cover the soles, the spaces between their toes and even their ankles. Then they wear socks, and entomb themselves under layers of cloth and the comforter. They swear having to feel abound with energy the next day.

Quick Healing

There’s a reason many Asians love this pain reliever ointment. It’s multi-purpose so much so it can be used for witchcraft. In this case, people report that applying the balm over your wound can help it heal faster. Imagine that – a little bit of pain, a better mindfulness practice, and a quicker recovery time.


Before scoffing, hear us out. You’re guaranteed against fungal infections and other unwanted hosts. It’ll only be for a few minutes – the sting, afterward, you’ll have a suave, cooling mist enveloping that cut. You can shake the limb containing the cut, for heightened sensation.

DIY Candles

Just in case you’re feeling a bit adventurous and you want to get a feel of a chandler’s job, then you can try this DIY. We mean, there’s nothing as sexy as someone whips and candles, especially when they smell like muscle relaxants. You will have your date intrigued with your quirky interests.


Have a piece of cotton and a small jar of Vick’s at hand. The piece of cotton will act as the makeshift wick. Douse the cotton in VapoRub. Cut or realistically, drill a hole in the lid of the VapoRub bottle then insert the cotton wick inside it. You can roll the cotton to lengthen it as if it were a wick, so it’ll be touching the contents of the bottle on the lower end.

Reduce Hairflakes

With all that dandruff you would think it was subzero- relentlessly snowing outside. You would have gotten away with it, had it not been for the odd placement of the snow. Why is it dispersed around your shoulders? And why isn’t it melting like it should inside, with the thermostat on?

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It’s such an inconvenience to brush off those flakes. It’s not like you have a choice, but you could lessen the dandruff by applying lubrication to your scalp. This will lock in moisture and keep the flaking at bay. We know how distracting it is to keep yourself from scratching your scalp.

Shedding Some Pounds

There’s nothing as appealing as losing weight without much effort. The most that you will do is to apply a thin coating over your love handles. You can probably include the undersides of your arm and your thighs. If you’re feeling extra, you can wear a fitness belt. The heat will have you burning fat in no time.


Some people swear by this slimming cream. It consists of baking soda, Vicks VapoRub, camphor powder and rubbing alcohol. In a bowl mix equal parts of all the ingredients then apply on the target areas prior to a workout, or before starting the day. Just allow your skin to breathe every now and then to keep it from chafing.

Battling Athlete’s Foot

Athletes have three things to contend with – themselves, their opponent, and sweat. Sweat build-up in the nooks of their skin could be breeding ground for bacterial and fungi. Another predisposing factor is the chafing of the skin in pressure points. These are things they only notice in the locker room, when they’re bruised and bloodied.

Kanjanee Chaisin/Shutterstock

To keep the fungal infection from spreading any further, athletes are advised to place Vicks ointment on the affected area. It works much like your anti-fungal creams, and it does away with the aches too! They have too much on their plate; having to apply a multi-purpose cream would a lifesaver!

Gaining Sympathy

Much as you want to, you can’t cry on cue. It’s not like you’re an actress or a scheming woman. So to make sure that you get extra shots in that cup of coffee, or a seat by the bar, rummage through your bag, uncap, and rub your finger over the silken smooth Vaporub. How badly do you want that freebie?

Chepko Danil Vitalevich/Shutterstock

Generously rub it by your cheeks, muffle a stifled cry, and then babble incoherently. Let us repeat – by the cheeks. Don’t rub them over your eyelids, we don’t want you to go blind. How are you going to enjoy that steaming cup of coffee? Are you planning to shuffle and pat your way to the seat? Just over the cheeks!

Antifungal Treatment

You wouldn’t know it, but suffering from nail fungus is a very common occurrence. Almost three million Americans are affected every year. You’ll find your nails crumbly, thickened and brittle. The more you pick at it, annoyed and puzzled at the discoloration, the worse it will get.


The worst part is that it gives off a putrid smell. How was it even possible to get this in the first place? Probably have your pedicure set sanitized. But until then, one home remedy is using Vaporub. This was proven effective in a 2011 study. Just apply at least once a day, and cleanse the affected area thoroughly.

Acne Away

Don’t you just hate it when acne ruins the perfect shot? So do we. But little did we know that Vicks can be used to remedy acne. You’ll be having less flare-ups with a few dabs on your skin. The best part is that it’s a cheap home remedy.

Budimir Jevtic/Shutterstock

Start off by cleansing your face thoroughly. Use a gentle exfoliant, rinse the face then pat dry with a clean cloth. Next, dab a thin layer of Vicks over your skin. Given your recent wash, and that cooling sensation, you’d think someone placed ice packs over your face. That ought to keep dirt from your pores, while reducing red spots.

Bruise A-Wayne

It must have been a bumpy ride. At the very least, we wish you had fun. Because now you’re bearing the same bruises as a masked, multimillionaire vigilante. You probably didn’t even notice it. They appear in the most unexpected spots – around the same height as your bedpost or the coffee table.


So what can we do to begone of this criminal causing circulatory mayhem. You can always apply ice packs, if you feel the area getting tender, and about a day after, apply Vicks Vaporub on it. It has the same cooling effect to speed up the blood reabsorption process.

Diverting Bloodsuckers

There is nothing as inconvenient as failing to bring your insect repellent. But thank heavens, your aunt has come with you to the trip. You can always rely on her to mouth off some pieces of advice about getting married, and offering her all-pervasive VapoRub bottle. If only these bloodsuckers were as stubborn as the men you’re matching with, right?

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Rub them over the spare areas where you are most likely to sweat. Bacteria will build-up there, and that’ll attract those pesky bloodsuckers. And just in case the damage has been done, you can relieve the itch by placing some over the area. That will keep you from scratching and making a wound of yourself. No one likes scabs.

Ready for a Smooch

Your lips may be all puckered up but the skin over them may not. Despite earnest efforts, you may find your attention drawn to the pain of chapped lips. Cursorily licking them will only benefit you in the short-run. After a few minutes you’ll find yourself chewing on the skin and exposing the raw, sensitive layer beneath.


If you find yourself out of petroleum jelly or a chapstick, use Vicks! It has twice if not the same amount of lubrication and it has a cooling effect. Just give your partner a heads up, it may not taste as delicious as your usual flavor, but it’ll smell twice as good – thanks to the Menthol.

Smelling Good

To be fair, the smell of VapoRub is tolerable. In fact, it might even be soothing if it weren’t associated with body aches and our mortality (yes, we’re growing old). So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if it can be used for aromatherapy.


All you have to do is scoop a spoonful and place it in your air diffuser. That menthol ought to permeate around the house and relax your senses. If you’re nursing the flu, you can place a spoonful in a tub of warm water and enclose yourself in a room to decongest your sinuses.

Giddy Up

Nature trumps nurture in this case. Despite the long hours and the years you have put into grooming your horse, he will heed the primal call of a female horse nearby. There’s no stopping it. Some urges just need to be fulfilled because the appeal of smell is too strong. So to counter this, buy mounds of Vicks and store them by the barn.


Every time he refuses to listen to your commands, rub some amount under his nose. It’s a pretty vast area, so apply sparingly. That may disorient him, but given his familiarity with the terrain, you shouldn’t have to worry about the long gallop. This way, you wouldn’t have to steer him the right way.

Sole Sister

You may have gotten your feet successfully in size 8 pump, but your heels are feeling a definite 9. The strain may seem worth it now, but wait until you remove those heels and inspect the back of your feet. Without any breathing room to keep the skin from rubbing against the interior of the shoe, your heels are prone to crack.


This is one of those instances when you shouldn’t have sacrificed comfort for aesthetics. It’s never going to be worth it if you’re looking hot as hell, but waddling around the office. After applying Vicks to the area, wear some socks. Don’t make the same mistake. Protect that area from further friction.

Silent Hinges

Who knew VapoRub could be a silencer? This is when you have gone desperate, like when you have run out of gear oil. Since you have your priorities right, you will have used them on your car. And you will have had left none for those squeaky hinges. Nothing is as terrifying as that noise in the dead of the night when you’re going to the bathroom.

Yashkin Ilya/Shutterstock

It arouses your imaginative mind. And that shadow by the corner grows into an illusory shape. Had it just shifted? That’s probably just a glimmer from the shiny exterior of the VapoRub bottle. Simply rub some over the door’s hinges, then move it to and fro to test the success rate. You’re welcome!

Relief from Eczema

When you run your fingers against your skin and find an inflamed, bumpy spot, chances are you have eczema. What’s worse is having blisters on them. Despite the itch, control your urge to scratch them. Once you start, it’s hard to keep off it until you wound yourself.

Ternavskaia Olga Alibec/Shutterstock

It seems that Vicks does wonders for smell and for touch. Once again, it can help you manage eczema by soothing the inflamed area. The cooling menthol should relieve you of your urge to scratch. Since you won’t have an open wound, that inflammation will be gone sooner.

Maintaining your Office Shoes

In case you want to save a few pennies, you can always shoe shine your shoes like they do in the military, minus the spit. You need to have a soft fabric in hand and a VapoRub bottle. You can scoop some using your fingers then lather them unto the top of your shoe.


Using the fabric spread the ointment backwards and downwards towards the heel. This ought to keep the luster on your shoes – make them look like they’re brand new. You could also scrub using an old toothbrush. That will cleanse the indentations and leave your feet smelling godly.

Making the Most of your Humidifier

We love humidifiers because they moisten air within the room. It can get hot so a little mist could help us with breathing, especially when you have a cold. Higher humidity could reduce the survival of viral infections and prevent other family members from catching the flu.

Image courtesy of The Spruce

To aid decongestion, some people add Vicks VapoRub in their humidifier. Just make sure to cleanse the machine regularly and use distilled or deminieralized water. You wouldn’t want to aid bacterial growth with those mineral deposits. As an alternative, you can resort to Vicks VapoSteam that can be used in a vaporizer.

Natural Hair Grower

Want to have thick, luscious locks you can comb through with your hands? You would be the envy of every person in the room, especially since a bouncy hair can indicate good health and sex appeal. If you have enough strands on your head, you could frame your face properly the most attractive way.


But how do you do that if you have frequent hair fallout? Protect hair growth and aid oil production by placing Vicks ointment on your scalp. We suggest you do it every now and then. If you put some everyday, you risk clogging your pores. Make sure that you cleanse your hair thoroughly then massage your way through. That will aid circulation and stimulate growth.

Conditioning the Furniture

Those leather conditioners can be quite expensive. You can only cover half the long seat with the whole bottle, and that’s nearly $10 gone. We should have just stuck to the monobloc chairs – probably placed some padding over them. It makes for an easier clean, and it’ll keep you off the seat after an hour.

Image Courtesy of Furniture in Fashion

The beauty of having to smear on VapoRub over your leather furniture is that it also keeps your cat from scratching the surface. The pungent smell will keep her off it. You won’t have to buy any fur removers and you get to maintain the seats’ integrity – all for $6.19.

Better Safe than Sore-y

Cold sores or fever blisters are caused by a viral infection. It’s self-limiting but it’s possible that the disease reactivates and you would have frequent bouts of cold sores. Much as you find it tempting, don’t pop that blister. To resist the itch, apply a small amount of Vicks over the area.

Levent Konuk/Shutterstock

We’ll tell you why you shouldn’t pop it. First you risk impairing your skin’s integrity. You’re prone to incur a secondary infection, and scarring. Second you also risk transmitting the viral infection to others. So exercise restraint; moisturize and apply an ice cold towel.

Zipping It In

Since you can make a candle using Vicks VapoRub, it should not come as a surprise that you can use the ointment to lubricate the slider and the elements of your zipper. That way you would look cool in your leather jacket, without any mess-ups. Fasten and unfasten as much as you like. Go on, market yourself!

ADV images/Shutterstock

Now you won’t have to tug at the zipper. No risk pulling it off the track. Another bonus is that you could use the ointment to maintain the leather condition of your jacket. Apply some on the side then shine accordingly. You will not only look cool, but smell cool. Talk about sexy!

Off Limits

It’s a primal instinct. Dogs sniff around the territory to determine where he’s going to lay the waste. If it hasn’t been touched by any other pups, he’ll claim territory and mark it with his scent. Too bad, you have to clean it up. It’s an odd way to make a statement. But it gets your full attention.

New Africa/Shutterstock

Since that is his favorite spot, make a pre-emptive move. He won’t be able to sniff his way around the territory if you thwart off his sense of smell by rubbing Vicks over the wooden floor. Imagine that, you’re rubbing that pain ointment over the fire hydrant to take part in keeping the neighborhood clean. What an odd way to start the day.

Tick repellant

Ticks are most attracted to carbon dioxide. So the more heavily you’re breathing from that hike, the more likely ticks are able to smell this odor from you. Scientists also show that ticks are attracted to the pheromones elicited from your sweat. To keep these pesky insects from ruining your trip, rub Vicks on exposed skin.

Piotr Velixar/Shutterstock

Other alternatives include the smell of lavender, peppermint, rose geranium, orange and lemon. But you can’t always find these things during the hike. What you can bring is a bottle of Vicks. Pass it on with your friends. You would be doing everyone a favour.

Earache Begone

We couldn’t believe this either. But this is just a home remedy. Having an earache is unnerving. It disorients you and puts you off balance. So during those sane moments, leave a cotton ball dipped in VapoRub balm in your ear. We suggest that you do it for a couple of minutes and see if there’s some relief.


Echo, echo, echo. If there doesn’t seem to be any adverse effects, repeat it for as frequently as you want. If the pain persists, we suggest you have your ear checked. It’s better to have that check-up soon. You tried saving money, but having your ear fixed takes priority.

Managing Joint Pain

One of the problems older clients have during the morning and throughout their daily activities is joint pain and stiffness. You will frequently see them seizing their knee, massaging it and then slowly extending the limb during walks. Sometimes the pain may be characterized as dull.


To aid their mobility, you can apply a small amount over their joints prior to their walk or activities. It’s just a couple of minutes but it would go a long way to tell them how much you care for them. You could spend some time asking them how they feel and how they will spend the day. Apply over the course of the day to maintain that degree of comfort.

Sitting like Royalty

People can’t figure you out given your walk. We’re unsure why you can’t keep still or why you can’t have coffee with us. Until the reason becomes painfully clear – that is, you can’t sit on both twin weights. Hemorrhoids are particularly distressing when you’re sitting down or when you’re conducting your business.

Image courtesy of Vicks

Now, Vicks may be unable to shrink hemorrhoids overnight, but it alleviates the swelling and inflammation within the area. You could now sit properly and even enjoy a cup of coffee with a date. There could be an initial stinging sensation, but you’ll have hour-long ease.

Fixing a Smile

We have already mentioned that Vicks can be used to fix a smile if you find yourself with dry lips. But did you also know that this ‘magical’ product can also be used to whiten your teeth? Well, now you know.

Image courtesy of Josep Suria/Shutterstock

For the best results, mix a small amount of your regular toothpaste in a bowl with an equal amount of Vicks. A tiny dollop, like the amount you put on your toothbrush, should be enough. Once the two are combined, apply some on your fingers and slick it across your teeth!