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Out Of Sight But Not Out Of Mind: 40 Clever Hiding Spots For Valuables

How much have you invested in making your home secure from thefts and robberies? Thousands? Maybe hundreds of thousands of dollars? The sky is the limit when we’re talking about security and safety in our homes. But thanks to these nifty hacks, you wouldn’t have to spend that much when finding places to stash your valuables in.

Apart from the bank, you could store some of your valuables behind Murphy doors, room thermometers, and even bird houses. It only takes a little creativity, a little know-how, and the right tools to hide your valuables. Of course, you need to do it at the right time and choose locations that suit the size of the items. It can make or break an unsuccessful robbery.

Distract Him

With only a few minutes to search, a thief will want to look at your safe, cabinets, or even dresser. They will pass by this boring aquarium, or better yet, give the fishes a couple of seconds of attention…then move on.

Image Courtesy of cichfrk/Instructables

Who would even think to place a secret compartment underneath an aquarium? A genius, that’s who! Place heavy items such as watches, tablets, and precious metals in this small space. That should hold this aquarium down and keep it from being stolen, too.

Why Santa Doesn’t Come Down The Chimney Here

Ever wondered how Santa managed to place your gifts (or sacks of coal) under the Christmas tree without burning the house down? Well, he never climbed down the chimney. Nope. He always went through this passage door. Password: red-nosed reindeer.

Image Courtesy of hiddenpassageway.com

Who in their sane mind would ever climb down a chimney? No one, of course, not even thieves in this day and age! And another beautiful feature is that this small space can also function as your cozy panic room.

Why He Doesn’t Throw Out Old Batteries

We never really understood why Dad would keep expired batteries in the garage. At least, not until now. One genius decided to empty its contents, and use it as a makeshift container. Throw it in with other batteries, and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

Image Courtesy thessejway/Instructables

For extra security, you can load it in a defunct remote or a toy car and then stock it on a shelf. Hide that love letter/money inside this container, and then hide that elsewhere. Who would think this battery is anything other than drained?

Living Like A Vampire

If you’re a night owl like us, then it would be natural for you to close the curtains in all rooms of your house. If those hems are more than 3 inches wide, you can insert a gadget or a wad of money in them. It’ll function as a weight, too!

Image courtesy of peanutbuttertoast/Instructables

Don’t store heavy items or gadgets. You don’t want to come home to a curtain bar gutted from the wall. Also, leave the curtains closed if you’re leaving home. It serves a thief to have the curtains covering him, and he won’t think to check those hems or draw the curtains.

Travel The World

Ever thought of traveling the world? It may seem counterintuitive to travel the world if you want to save money, but that’s just the way to go! Spin that globe and then choose your destination. Does the Pacific Ocean suit you?

Image courtesy of radmegan.com

Stack pieces of dollar bills inside the globe. But don’t place coins, trinkets, or any other metal objects inside. If someone happens to turn the globe on its axis, they just might hear the clanging of heavy objects inside it.

Who Would Know?

Don’t you hate it when you’re locked out of the house? You might have forgotten your spares inside, or your parents might have grabbed your set of keys on the way out. Either way, it’s not fun to wait outside in the freezing cold.

Image Courtesy of CrazyClever/Instructables

To keep that from happening, style a styrofoam block to look like a hornet’s nest. Place your keys inside, and then spraypaint the entire thing to make it look like a hornet nest. Super glue that thing to a corner of the porch, and you’re good to go!

Getting Hot In Here

The trick to finding the perfect hiding place is to find an item nobody cares to notice. One good example is those indoor thermometers, popular in the 90s. Some store-bought models actually allow you to store keys in them! Nifty!

Image Courtesy of amazon

We would suggest that you superglue this cover onto the body. Store a spare set of keys in this container and then forget about them. Only use these during an emergency to keep anyone from finding out about this secret container.

Succulents Hide Some Secrets

It’s common for people to store a spare key under the porch mat or under one of their pots. But how about stashing a container by the rocks in your garden? Who would think to look under all that rubble?

Image Courtesy of thriftyfun.com

Choose a medium-sized rock. Superglue a container of your choice underneath it, then voilà! You have a secret stash of spare keys, flash drives, or what-have-yous! It’s the perfect option for people who have green thumbs. Your craft will blend right in. Who said that plants can’t keep a secret?

Going Old-School

If you want to go old school, you will definitely want to check out this cabinet drawer. You can stash important documents, bundles of cash, and other memorabilia inside this secret compartment. Cover it with racy underwear or boring tees.

Image Courtesy of M3G/Instructables

We would suggest that you store it in the lower-most section, though. It’s the least likely cabinet anyone would pull out. Plus, you can store heavy items inside that drawer without worrying about that cabinet caving in. How about placing an order now?

One of Dad’s Tricks

Here’s another explanation for why Dad refuses to change that defunct light switch. He uses it as a mini-drawer to stash a couple of hundred bills and a flash drive. Besides, no one turns on the light in the walk-in closet anymore.

Image courtesy of wannabemadsci/Instructables

Use this hack if you have got a spare room no one uses. No one will care if the lights don’t work, nor will they bother trying to fix it. You could even use a socket instead of a light switch to place your valuables in.

Blast from the Past

So here’s another outdated item you can use as a storage box. Whereas, before, you would use DVD+Rs to store videos and games, now you can use those prehistoric stacks to hide jewelry. It just takes a little creativity…and some glue.

Image Courtesy of ShakeTheFuture/Instructables

Trace and cut a circle on each disc, the size of which will determine how big the container is. Apply a thin layer of superglue on each side of the disc. Then glue the stack together. Lastly, hide the items within the stack of DVD+Rs.

A Favorite Seat

If you still haven’t found an item you want to hide your valuables in, choose an item you use nearly every day! It is one of the few things a robber would care less to inspect, given how raggedy it looks.

Image Courtesy of Instructables

You could commission the furniture store to create a set of these, or even just one or two, for your home. Make sure to wear them down because no one would care to look under or steal an inexpensive furniture item.

Odd-sounding Chimes

Enlist the help of birds you feed in your garden. You will need them to camouflage this secret container for keys and other lightweight items. They can also guard the perimeter of this cute birdhouse if they have the time.

Image courtesy of amazon

Guests might wonder where the odd-sounding chimes are coming from, so make sure to hang a wind chime near this container. That should help cover the sound of keys scraping against wood or each other. You can also hang a wind chime on the underside of this birdhouse.

Right In Front Of You

If you need someplace where you can easily collect your valuables, then you might want to consider this. This wooden furniture has three pull-out shelves built into it, perfect for quick storage and retrieval. You could buy one online or build one yourself.

Image Courtesy of topsectretfurniture.com

Now, if you have got kids in the house, you might want to consider putting a child lock on one of those shelves. Alternatively, you could store valuables in the top-most shelf where it’s beyond a child’s reach. Safety first!

The Original Hidden Door

When we envisioned our dream house, it would have all these bookshelves as doors into secret rooms. That’s perfectly possible with this Murphy Door. It blends seamlessly into this living room, without anyone knowing! Imagine having a room behind this flush mount bookcase.

Image Courtesy of homedit.com

Just in case you aren’t the type who loves books, you can have a pool cue placed there or a mirror door. Other customers often choose to have a secret storage room behind a hamper shelf or a shoe rack cabinet. It all depends on your individual taste!

Kids’ Play

When you have kids at home, you’re going to need a place to store all their toys. It’d be better if you could do it in a jiffy, with a dog running all over the place and guests coming in at any moment.

Image courtesy of stashvault.com

How about using a faux window sill as a storage cabinet? You could place any of their toys in there, including some binoculars if they fit. We have heard some customers stack coloring books and pens in there for kids’ play.

When She Hates Soy But Keeps Buying Them

This man had always wondered why his wife would buy half a kilo of soy. “You never cook with them.” She shrugs her shoulders and still puts a pack in the cart. One day, he walked in on her making this project with them. “Well, that explains it.”

Image Courtesy of facilisimo/YouTube

She never had any use for soybeans except for the fact that she had to fill a container up with them. She would insert an empty toilet roll inside where you could place notes, bills, and other lightweight items. She would replace the soybeans every expiration date just to keep up with appearances.

Maximize Space in the Basement

You don’t need to live in an expensive home to have your own panic room. You could make use of your basement in case you need a place to hunker down. Design a covert door as an access to that cubbyhole.

Image courtesy of Instructables

Of course, designing this door will take a lot of hard work, and it might call your nosy neighbors’ attention, especially during construction. So we would suggest having this put in while refurbishing a vacant room, or doing a home makeover.

Every Book Lover’s Haven

We have always wondered why some people were glued to reading pages and pages of books. They say it helps them escape the real world. Well, after seeing this sliding bookshelf, we are inclined to stock up on books, too.

Image courtesy of sabah.com.tr

Of course, it would be better if you actually read them. People might wonder why you have a stack of books you never bothered to read. But just in case you are repelled by text, then you can place a couple of your collectibles on those shelves, to hide the real collectors’ items within.


It almost seems heartless, how this woman has fashioned a storage container out of this plant. But when you have got important files to safeguard, you are willing to get down and dirty in order to create the perfect storage stash.

Image Courtesy of m3g/Instructables

Choose a plant that doesn’t require much water — like succulents or cacti. Not only will those thorns keep anyone from touching the plant, but then you wouldn’t have to worry about water seeping into the bottom of the container and ruining your flash drive.

Diaper Change

Unlike the other items you might have seen on the list, this one doesn’t require a food-grade container or a secret door within the house. This one relies on basic human instinct — how we are all repelled by gunk and foul odor.

Image Courtesy of rusticbabychic.com

Use this hack if you happen to be going to the beach. Place your keys and wallet inside a clean towel. Then place it inside a diaper. It might be better to make it look like the diaper was soiled, or stash this piece with other unused diapers in a plastic bag.

Coffee, Anyone?

This should not come as a surprise. After all, it is fairly common to see coffee tables with shelves underneath them. But how about designing hidden shelves to stack the remotes in, or probably even some old magazines or stacks of books?

Image Courtesy of stealthfurniture.com

Just make sure that none of your guests can remember this coffee shelf. They might notice that you added in a covert feature. You could also store some snacks inside of it, those you wouldn’t want your spouse discovering or eating.

Tastes Delish!

You might want to make sure you aren’t eating anything before reading this next bit. If you’re feeling a little desperate and can’t find a container to stash your cash in, try looking for that mayo bottle on your refrigerator shelf.

Image Courtesy of familyhandyman.com

Consider this as one of your last few resorts. After all, your mom might find your hidden cash. Imagine her excitement as she slathers on a couple of hundred bills atop a slice of bread at 5 in the morning. It would make anyone’s day!

Pop A Pill In

Ever struggled with budgeting your allowance for the week? Well, worry no more. We have got the perfect utility item for you. Store rolls of bills inside each pill container, and then slide them in to this nifty container rack.

Image Courtesy of BajaEddCustomRodRack/Etsy

Now, you wouldn’t have to worry about anyone stealing your milk money. Stash away your weekly allowance in this photo frame. It might help to place an old picture on the front or some Biblical quote. That might help scare them away.

Playing the Surgeon

For this next bit, we would suggest that you wash your hands and put on some gloves. We will be performing a quick surgery on an old doll. First off, we have to find a container that will fit in it, then behead that toy.

Image courtesy of Hectors helpers/Instructables

Take out some of the cotton, then squeeze in that container. It might be better to use plastic so that it won’t break if it gets thrown around. Glue the sides of the doll to the rims of the container and then screw on the lid.

That’s What The Space is For

Don’t you hate companies that sell products with horrendous packaging? They will charge a dollar more for oversized containers and pretend that you’re getting a good deal. Well, now you can use that to your advantage. What snoop would think to look inside this deodorant container?

Image courtesy of Gunk on Floor/Instructables

Just squeeze that top container and then place a couple of spare bills inside the container. Keep it on the back of the shelf to keep anyone else from throwing it in the trash bin. Now, that would be a waste.

Eat Your Vegetables

Why hadn’t we thought of this life hack before? If you want to keep everyone’s grubby paws off your chocolate treats, then buy yourself a pack of vegetables and place your secret stash in them. Offer it to others just to throw them off the scent.

Image courtesy of Standard_Candle/Reddit

It doesn’t matter where you store these. You could place it in the front, and people would happily toss it to the back. Even better, watch people puke as you start eating your vegetables straight from the pack. Grab a handful!

Keep Them Unlit

We are certain your wife wouldn’t mind if you borrowed one of her candles. Carve a hole underneath and then scrape out its contents, depending on the items you intend to place inside. It could be as deep or as shallow as you wish.

Image Courtesy of Von Malegowski/Instructables

We’re afraid you will have to let her in on this secret. You wouldn’t want her to light this candle, now wouldn’t you? If she does, you just might find your secret stash is caked in melted wax, or worse, burnt to ashes.

Push In Case of Emergency

If you think of yourself as a highly disciplined person then this hack might be the best one for you. Mark a couple of tiles like you would below. This red cross should help you get through the rest of the month.

Image Courtesy of droog.com

You could place a couple of spare bills inside, or you could place items needed in an emergency kit. Inform everyone else in the family that you have got spare supplies inside this drawer like gauzes, solutions, and bandage scissors.

Who Uses It Anyway?

’90s kids have a ton of spare keyboards. You could disassemble one and then place folded notes inside, or a few spare bills. You needn’t worry about anyone punching in numbers. It’s not like anyone uses this part of the keyboard anyway.

Image courtesy of rickyeatough/Instructables

Gamers are more likely to use the letters on the keyboard when maneuvering a kill zone, and friends are more likely to type in messages. So you don’t have to worry about anyone discovering this hidden feature. It’s a pretty convenient hack.

Pipe Dream

Here’s an old trick. Place valuables and rolled documents inside a plastic or a waterproof container, then slide them into a water pipe. We would suggest that you install a faux water pipe to ensure that those valuables stay dry.

Image Courtesy of familyhandyman.com

You can use this hack if your plastic pipes are made of PVC. Those aren’t prone to rusting like steel ones. So you wouldn’t have to worry about that lid getting stuck or those documents getting jammed into that cramped space.

Use As Furniture Design

This hack is for the risk-takers. You can fashion a cabinet out of some firewood. Buff them out, and then place your valuables in each one. Then haul this log neatly with the others to hide them in plain sight.

Image Courtesy of brooklynlimestone.com

Place them in the lower-most pile to keep yourself or others from hauling them inside the fireplace. The last thing we want to happen is for you to burn important documents and wads of cash. Like we said, this hack is best for risk-takers.

Other Spare Space

We have taken inspiration from those pesky cockroaches. They always seem to squeeze their way into tight spaces, like the undersides of your kitchen cabinet. Well, how about fashioning it into a mini-storage space? You can place a pile of documents there!

Image Courtesy of familyhandyman.com

Once again, we would suggest that you place them in a plastic sleeve before sliding them in. If you can get to those documents, then so can other house pests. We wouldn’t want them eating into those, what with the long years you have stored them.

Storage Space

Having a small apartment might mean having limited space to place your items in. But don’t worry, we have got you covered! For this next hack, repurpose that staircase into a bunch of drawers. Place as many household items as you like.

Image courtesy of saving4six.com

We suggest placing roughly the same amount of items in each cabinet and using a hardboard to craft your secret staircase storage. This should keep guests from noticing a difference in sound as they walk up and down the hollowed stairs.

Want Some Diet Coke?

If you are naturally paranoid about hiding stuff and if you prefer bringing them along with you, then store these items inside a drink bottle. Try Pepsi or Diet Coke. This DIY hack should only take you 10 minutes tops.

Image courtesy of pictolic.com

Cut two bottles into halves. Fashion a small drink container out of the top half and a storage container out of the bottom half. Fill the top with the drink of your choice, and then carry this around with you to the office. Totes, no one will know!

Out With the Trash

Who would stop to look at your trash bin? No one, duh. So that’s the next best thing to store your keepsake in. Place those inside a Ziploc bag or a container of your choice. Secure it to the trash bin and then cover it up with plastic.

Image courtesy of peanutbuttertoast/Instructables

Now, here’s the most important part — actually throw in some trash. The last thing you would want to happen is for someone to move it around and then find that it is heavy. Naturally, a person might try to pry and find the valuables you have stacked below.

Knock Knock

By now, you might have learned that it’s better to stash your dollar bills all over the place instead of in one location. That way, if someone discovers one stash, you’ll only lose some, rather than the whole wad. There will be eggs in other baskets.

Image Courtesy of makezine.com

Hide a roll on one side of the door, preferably the top. After all, just how many robbers are tall enough to see that there’s a cylindrical case burrowed there? Depending on your container, you can store some spare bills or even an expensive vintage pen.

Gone Defunct

Just how frequently do you upgrade your computer system? Every five years, we’d bet. If that’s the case, then you might just have an old CPU case at home. Repurpose that CD drive into a storage bin for passports, flash drives, and watches.

Image Courtesy of YaronShemesh/Instructables

The tricky thing about this hack is pressing eject. You could use a push latch system to open this storage drawer. Simply take out the items that you need, press to close, and then store this ancient CPU case away.

Her Crowning Glory

Guess there is some truth to the adage, a woman’s hair is her crowning glory. And now we know why! You could store a roll of dollar bills and small valuables inside a round hairbrush. Better yet, you can take these valuables with you to work.

Image Courtesy of danktainers/Instructables

You can pop out that lid and then place your items in. You can screw the lid on, or seal it with glue, to keep others from discovering your stash. Use this brush like you would, untangling knots and defrizzing curls.

Smart Cup Holders

Just how frequently do you use cup holders in your car? We bet you only use your side. That means more storage space to place this container in. Place extra cash in it or an extra set of keys. Cover with black felt paper and then drop it in the hole.

Image Courtesy of mods-n-hacks.gadgethacks.com

You can still use that cup holder like you normally would. Place your cup inside this space to hide this secret container. Just be careful of spillage to keep from ruining the felt paper. Rest assured, no one will think to check this space.