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40+ Petty People That Got Their Revenge Before Karma Had A Chance

It’s completely normal for people to have arguments and disagree on certain things, both big and small. If all parties remain calm and show respect for one another, things will be settled amicably. However, that’s not always the case; when there’s no settlement in an argument, chances are that one of the two parties feels wronged or cheated, and that is where revenge comes in. Even when your enemy is forced to pay for their actions, the feeling that they got off easy is an emotion most people often feel. Sometimes it takes a taste of one’s own medicine to truly understand the depth of a person’s sadness. That being said, we have compiled a list of the funniest and most savage revenge stories that will leave you feeling sorry for your enemy. As they say, nothing inspires forgiveness like revenge.

Matching Tattoos Can Be a Trick Too

Now, this first revenge method is top tier. The best kind of revenge is one where they don’t see it coming. Who would have thought she would use the sacred couple’s tattoo — which a lot of people see as romantic — to get her revenge.                        

Image courtesy of bletak.info

The word “tattoo” in Tahitian means to leave a mark, and boy, what a mark she has left on him. He cheated on her, and she made him get a tattoo for their breakup. Now he’ll never forget her and what he did. 

How to Deal With a Woman

When two ladies fight, things can get really dirty, maybe even ending with harsh insults and hair-pulling. But this man has shown us the simplest way to get back at a woman. He was on his own when the lady hit his leg and didn’t say sorry.      

Image courtesy of izismile

Despite being the instigator of the spat, she acted very rudely. Unfortunately for her, she messed with the wrong guy. Instead of being petty by exchanging words with her, he decided to tie her braids to her seat. Payback is a…you know what.

The King of Petty

Some girls love having long hair but can’t handle managing those long, luscious locks. It seems like, the longer your hair grows, the more of it falls out. This person was clearly tired of their long-haired housemate not cleaning up…

Image courtesy of Buzzfeed

Even though it must have been very disgusting to see this much hair, after he unclogged the drain, this guy used the mess to write a message on the shower wall. Well, the message was sent…and hopefully received! Wet bet she won’t forget to clean up any time soon.

Have a Taste of Your Own Medicine 

One thing about social media is that no matter what you post, there will always be hate comments. While most people try to avoid them, sometimes they’re difficult to overlook and you just have to give the trolls a taste of their own medicine.

Image courtesy of Thought Catalog/@Juliet Lanka

This artist took it upon herself to reply to the hate comment made by an anonymous jerk. After spending a few hours, she came up with the perfect response to the comment. We bet that no one messed with her on Tumblr again.

A Lesson Needed to be Taught

Many people are terrible drivers, and while they may cause problems when driving on the road, the one unforgivable thing is bad parking. We get it, you’re not a great driver, but the least you can do is park well. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Instant Regret

The worst is when people park outside the lines so much that other drivers can’t use the spot. This driver did that and one customer had just about enough of it. As payback, they made the driver just as frustrated with a zip-tied shopping cart!

Welcome Back! 

Having roommates can be so much fun, especially when you share the same interest — a love for pranks and a deep sense of humor. This girl went home for summer break and returned to find her bed filled with pink balloons.

Image courtesy of thechive.com

Well, she returned the favor when her other roommate went home for Christmas by covering everything in her room with wrapping paper. If you ever want to get back at your siblings, now you know just the perfect thing to do.

Wild Hunt

One thing everyone dreads is a cheating partner. Even if you suspect it to be true and try to mentally prepare yourself, you don’t know just how to react when your trust is broken. Cheaters usually feel they can get away with it unscathed as long as they hide it well, but not this time.

Image courtesy of thechive.com

She certainly got her revenge. She set him on a wild hunt by placing all his basic and important stuff in unthinkable places, even placing some at his side chick’s house. Now let the hunt begin! We wonder if someone managed to snatch some “free stuff” before he found it.

Highest Level of Pettiness 

This lady got her sweet revenge on her ex by messing with the untouchable — her favorite TV show! Stopping a series as interesting as Scandal with one final episode to go must have been annoying, but that’s exactly what happened to this ex.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@heyQueenRegina

This Twitter user shared her Netflix login with her ex before they broke up. It’s pretty bold of the ex to continue using their old girlfriend’s Netflix account. We don’t know who broke up first, but this is just as petty as it is funny.

He Got Served

We’ve seen several savage revenge plans, but this one is pretty wicked. This lady repeatedly warned her co-worker not to eat her lunch, but they never listened. To make sure they remembered, she took matters into her own hands. He should have listened to her.

Image courtesy of Doooppy             

Since her words always fell on his deaf ears, she decided to make him pay. She changed the ingredients by adding cat food instead of tuna or meat to her tortilla. When he realized, there was no one to blame but himself.

A Tip Of The Hat 

This isn’t just revenge; it’s a slap in the face. Just how wicked can you be to turn a tip into a trap. Sure, it’s a funny prank, but not when you’re paying your server. How bad was the service that the customers felt the need to leave this?

Image courtesy of izismile 

This is what happens when rude bartenders and disrespectful customers meet. They say look before you leap, the bartender definitely did the latter first. If he had known who he was messing with, we’re sure he wouldn’t have done what he did.

Siblings At War

Sibling wars are always fun, if not a bit dirty. They fight over the littlest things and find ways to get back at each other by mostly destroying their favorite things. This boy used his sister’s toothbrush to clean his shoes and she made him pay. 

Image courtesy of Obaldenno

She came up with the perfect revenge by giving his shoes the glow they needed. Yes, the same shoes he cleaned with her toothbrush. She rubbed her makeup all over it and walked into his room to show him the result. Yeah, he was mad.

One Has To Go

Cats are adorable and intelligent pets, although these beauties can be a tad bit difficult. They act as if they own the place, crave constant attention, and can get very jealous. They don’t ever want to share the room with another pet.

Image courtesy of UniversityFox

This cat looks like she is flat out telling her owner to make a choice — send her away or else. We’re sure the owner has no issues keeping two cats, but after getting a preview of what’s to come, they have to make a choice now.

Happy Halloween

Some people just can’t get enough of Halloween. They’ll start decorating weeks beforehand, letting the spirit of Halloween (pun intended) take the reins. This person loved decorating a week ahead but was tired of teens stealing things on Mischief night…

Image courtesy of vkmag.com                  

He gave his jack o’lantern a spiky surprise for any thieving kids. This must be a regular occurrence if he resorted to something so painful. On the bright side, it might also be a squirrel deterrent, keeping his yard spooky before the critters eat up the decoration.

Hot And Spicy

Having a pantry in the office is always a nice perk. A little snack can be a good pick-me-up to get you through a dull morning. But there is a downside — if you stock your own food, your co-workers might get greedy and steal it.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@lufcdannyboy

However, this person has devised a nice plan to get back at his colleagues. He bought plain doughnuts and injected them with a generous amount of mustard. We can’t help but picture their faces when they have a taste of this.

Goodbye My Lover

Taylor Swift has some catchy tunes, covering a wide range of topics with her songs. However, she’s particularly known for her songs about relationships, especially dating and breakup songs. This person used their favorite artist to tell off their ex.

Image courtesy of Diply            

In a healthy relationship, comparing your girlfriend/wife to Taylor Swift can be a compliment. But this woman needed a creative way to break up, so she turned the compliment into a harsh burn. We love the simple yet clear message being sent here.

Ice Cold 

Now we know how crazy people can be, but this is by far one of the coldest ways to exact revenge. Toilet paper is considered an “untouchable” area when it comes to pranks. No one wants to get caught with their pants literally down.

Image courtesy of Monagiza

Not only did this person leave their roommate high and dry, but they invoked one of the scariest horror characters in the challenge. While waddling to the cabinet for toilet paper isn’t the worst thing to happen in Saw, it’s dangerous, to be sure.

Hide and Seek

This revenge “prank” is terrible for two reasons. First of all, the CD isn’t in a protective sleeve, so it’s probably going to get seriously scratched. But, worst of all, the person chose a guardian to protect the stolen goods…

Image courtesy of Belok.net

It’s probably a harmless snake if this is someone’s pet. But if your sibling is afraid of snakes, keeping putting something they own in the snake’s enclosure is pretty harsh. They need to decide if reaching in for a simple CD is really worth it.

You Had It Coming

Why would anyone steal a water bottle? We can’t imagine any setting in which you can’t get a cup of water and would need to resort to taking someone else’s bottle. To make the thief regret their decision, the owner of the bottle left an important note…

Image courtesy of UniversityFox

We’re not sure if this is true or if she wrote it just to scare the thief. But at the very least, it will mess with their heads and make them think twice before stealing someone else’s property ever again.

As You Lay Your Bed, So You Shall Lie On it.

Living with your partner can be tiring, especially when you’re the only one that tidies up the house. If you have asked them to help you out and they start nagging, then this is a nice way to get back at them.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Lexe Yb

After all of her complaints fell on deaf ears, she decided to take action. She made her own side of the bed and left the other side untidy. Call it petty if you want but to each his own. As you lay your bed, so you shall lie on it.

Snoring Song

The most annoying and frustrating thing is when you’re trying to have a good sound sleep, and your partner is snoring loudly next to you. This woman must have endured so many sleepless nights because of her husband’s loud snoring.                           

Image courtesy of Twitter/@DaveApnea

On countless occasions, she must have threatened to upload his snoring on Spotify and the man took it as a joke. She went ahead and did just that. The 2 minutes of torturous songs of his loud snoring have already garnered over 200k streams.

The Italian Job

Birds are the bane of any cafe’s existence. They disturb customers and make a mess, sometimes snatching up food before the servers can clear away unfinished plates. This employee had enough of the birds messing with his business and tried to get revenge.

Image courtesy of thechive.com

He spent hours waiting for the bird to spot leftover food and was ready to pounce when the moment finally came. Just like he predicted, the bird flew in and he immediately brought out a water gun and pulled the trigger.

Park Well or We’ll Park for You. 

With this image we can agree that the worst people are those who have zero skills when it comes to parking. They don’t just know how to park a car, even if a free guideline is given to them; this can be infuriating.

Image courtesy of Femina.hu 

The owner of this car fits in that category. He’s so bad that he parked sideways, taking up two spots. Two other patrons teamed up to get some revenge on the bad driver. He’ll have a hard time getting his car out of this one.

How You Treat Someone Without Manners

Waiting in line can be very stressful and soul-draining, especially in a grocery store. The worst part of that experience is dealing with rude people who are always trying to cut in lines. Well, this woman sure handled it well. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@spokendamsel 

Rather than getting trapped in an argument with the rude woman, she instead asked everyone behind her to go ahead — except for the rude lady of course. The lady was fuming so much that they had to turn down the thermostat!

Sweet Revenge

Everyone loves cookies, especially homemade ones fresh from the oven. Given how delicious they are, there are few things more disappointing than biting into a sweet dessert only to discover it’s not what you were expecting. This woman used the difference between expectation and reality for some petty revenge.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@GroovyTasia

Even if you like cinnamon raisin cookies, when you’re expecting chocolate, it can be quite a shock. It’s the wrong kind of chewy and the sweet treat turns sour. And with only one or two in the mix, it leaves the recipient just feeling paranoid.

Don’t Mess With The Cat

Cats are very intelligent animals and when they don’t get their way, they tend to be destructive and even prepare wonderful payback for any wrongdoings. This cat must have been truly offended by their human to have done something like this.

Image courtesy of onedio.com 

Cats don’t care about boundaries and will invade your private spaces whenever they feel like it. This cat must’ve been evicted from the bathroom one too many times and decided to leave a message for its human. We can’t tell if this is better or worse than the Jigsaw TP challenge.

Don’t Drive If You Can’t Park

We have come to the realization that knowing how to drive doesn’t necessarily mean knowing how to park. Take a look at this picture. Everyone else in the parking lot managed to stay within the lines, but then this person must not know what those lines are for.

Image courtesy of Vidmid

Fortunately, someone with a sense of humor helped them out and gave them some lines to park in between. Seriously though, it’s not that hard. If you park at the wrong angle, back out and do it again. There’s no need to be so rude and lazy.

Enjoy Some Milk

There are so many coffee creamer flavors, we’ve lost track. With so many options, we’re not surprised that some people would buy their favorite to keep stocked in a public fridge. The thing is, unless it’s explicitly meant to be shared, you shouldn’t take something that you didn’t buy!

Image courtesy of Reddit/@WellThatSucks

This is another one that we’re not sure if she’s being serious or just messing with the thief’s head. In theory, they should have been able to taste that the creamer wasn’t the right flavor, but they were so confident that they stole her creamer anyway.

Works like a Charm

We’ve had a few cheating partners on here before, and sadly, we have another one. It’s hard to come home every day and watch them act like everything is okay, when in reality, you know they’re planning their next rendezvous. Well, this woman was having none of it.

Image courtesy of Taringa 

She bought a large supply of Saran wrap, and literally covered her husband’s car from top to bottom with it. She then proceeded to tie the rest on a pole. Now it would take him an awfully long time to get them off. Good luck getting to your mistress on time.

The Boss Baby

Sibling wars have got to be the most creative prank battles we’ve ever seen. If everyone remains civil, the prank war will end peacefully, with everyone sharing a laugh together. To mess with their siblings this person decided to cut them out of their lives…

Image courtesy of Buzzfeed

We don’t know what led to this, but the middle child obviously got back at her other siblings by scribbling all over their faces in the photos, and leaving only hers intact. Now who’s the favorite child? Way to go girl.

There Goes Your Gift

Imagine receiving duct-taped gifts. It must be disappointing, yeah? Especially when you were expecting something better and all you got was something like this. A handwritten frame with zero creativity and looks so ugly you just want to trash it. 

Image courtesy of onedio.com

If we received a gift like that we’d be dying to get revenge too. This person decided to get revenge by getting the other person a poorly packaged concrete box and a hammer for their Christmas gift. Payback has never felt this good.

Do You Still Think Of Me?

Divorce is one of the most painful things a couple can go through because when you get married you thought it would last forever. But some things are just best left the way they are no matter how painful it might be.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@Fontool     

This guy had to go through a divorce and of course, was asked to pay alimony to his ex-wife. He decided to tug at his ex-wife’s heart a little by customizing his checks. He added several pictures of him with his new partner. Harsh!

Want Some Iced Hotdogs?

Everyone likes a quiet time, but what can be infuriating is when unwanted guests or neighbors come visiting at the wrong time. Sometimes no matter how you try to give them an attitude so they can leave, they feel more relaxed and stay.

Image courtesy of rocketgeeks 

In case you have a neighbor or guest you don’t like and you have been thinking of the perfect way to send them away, just turn your hotdog water into ice cubes. If that doesn’t make them want to leave, we wonder what will.

Rubbing It in

There are people who forgive easily and there are those who don’t. Don’t mess with the latter, especially after a breakup. This guy broke up with his girlfriend and three days later sent an apology letter asking for her back.

Image courtesy of Onedio

Even though she still loves him, she couldn’t quite forgive him for breaking up. So she read his letter, corrected all his grammatical errors, and then sent it back to him so he could improve his English. She even graded him 61/100. That’s ruthless.

Back To Where You Belong

Revenge is, at times, a necessary evil. This person here thought he had gotten away with disposing of trash carelessly all over the place. He had driven miles into this nice field and decided to drop a trunk full of garbage on the road.

Image courtesy of thechive.com

They say what goes around comes around, and this time it didn’t take very long. Upon returning to his house, he found all the trash he had abandoned on the road waiting for him at home. They’re sitting pretty right in front of his lawn. Now even his neighbors will know what he did.

Have a Nice Meal!

The most common answer people give when asked what they want to eat is always “I don’t know.” It can leave you clueless and frustrated, especially when you are the one doing the cooking. You simply just run out of ideas.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@Lee_Mbuhleigh

This boyfriend finally got back at his girlfriend who always responded with “I don’t know” when asked what she would eat. And the guy decided to serve her a nice IDK Mac and cheese for dinner. Sweet and creamy, yeah?

Spare The Rod

Back in the day, there were so many things that appealed to kids, like watching TV and playing video games. But these days everyone has a smartphone and barely has time to enjoy their childhood because everyone is busy acting like grownups.

Image courtesy of UniversityFox 

One of the fads to hit kids in recent years was fidget spinners. Everyone was going crazy about them. This mom found the perfect punishment for her son who was likely making too much noise with his. She locked it up, keeping his hands free to help with chores.

Car Parking Training Manual

Sometimes it takes being petty and cruel for people to wake up and realize their mistakes. This driver is yet another person that never learned how to park. Upon returning to their car after a grocery run, they found this waiting on their windshield.  

Image courtesy of Buzzfeed

Just imagine being compared to a three-year-old because of your poor parking skills. If we found this, we’d be torn between being insulted and laughing at the harmless way someone tells others they need to park better. Hopefully, this steered the person to go back to learning how to drive.

You Messed With The Wrong Squad

Dogs are man’s best friend; we can’t stress this statement enough. Because no matter how we look at it, it is 100% true. They are amazing creatures, and when their instincts dislike someone, they do all they can to show their resentment.

Image courtesy of virascoop 

These dogs brought their friends to teach this car owner a lesson. It appears this man had been bullying them and they decided to give his car a few scratches and prove to him he messed with the wrong squad.

Sorry, Not Sorry

Couples fight all the time, even over the smallest things. But one thing we’ve learned from this post is that some words have a price. This man called his wife a sandwich maker, and she showed him just how far her skills went.

Image courtesy of thecive.com

The wife must have waited patiently for the right time, and when it came, she made him a sandwich without unwrapping the cheese slice. He took a bite only to realize a little too late. Genius plan if you ask us.

Don’t Wait For Karma

Some people don’t wait for karma to do its work. They take matters into their own hands and instead commit a vengeful act to feel better. Well, who can blame them? They just had to do something like slashing tires.

Image courtesy of Vidmid

Look at these images. The car owner parked in the wrong spot and this man decided to slash his car tires in an act of revenge. He then proceeded to add humor by taping a picture of British-American guitarist Slash on the tire.

Nasty Revenge

From this picture, it appears this man wanted to teach someone a lesson by locking them in the porta-potty until they learned some manners. This is about the nastiest revenge we’ve ever seen. Well, no one said revenge had to be pretty.

Image courtesy of Global News

We wonder how this man would smell when he finally gets out of that potty. We don’t know exactly what he did to deserve this, but this is one heck of a way to get revenge on someone. Very nasty.        

Ads To Chase Greedy Relatives Away

When a rich family member dies, the whole family fights over how to share the money and possessions the deceased family member leaves behind. This old woman isn’t even dead yet and her family is already fighting over her possessions.

Image courtesy of pupperish

Well, the smart woman knows just how to deal with her greedy family members — by putting this message in every single magazine and spending all her money on herself. Now they can all finally focus on what matters. The money may be gone but they still need to deal with each other.

Burning Bridges

Friendships are bound to end either in a good or bad way. From this picture, it’s quite clear how this one turned out. Not only did she erase every trace of their friendship, but she also used photoshop to erase their memory.

Image courtesy of Diply

Sometimes the best revenge is to erase the best memory you and your enemy ever had. We’re guessing this was a picture that meant a lot to both of them, but not anymore. Now it’s just her and that nice old car.