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Parenthood Is Exhausting: 40+ Of The Latest Practical Parenting Hacks To Make Life With Kids Easier

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Kids are our greatest joys, but we can’t deny that parenting is also mentally, emotionally, and physically draining. A quick look at Huggies commercials or your friend’s Instagram feed, you might think that everyone else is living in this fantasy life of giggles and cuddles, but the truth is, once those cameras are off, children are all the same. Have your kids had a full-on tantrum because you wouldn’t let them wear sandals outside in the winter? What about a meltdown because mom put the ketchup on the plate instead of dad. As we all know, it takes a village. The online village has come together to share some hacks that they have managed to succeed with. The list includes keeping children out of certain areas of the house, secret ways to get them to eat more nutritious foods, and some fun activities that will keep the kids’ attention for a long time so you can get other things done. Get ready for 40+ tried, tested, and true hacks for your family.

No bathtub solution

Unfortunately, not all houses or apartments are equipped with bathtubs. It is best from an environmental point of view. We can not afford to waste water nowadays, not when most drinkable water is compromised. However, it isn’t easy when you have a young child.

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But we have to agree that a shower cabin is not practical when you have a kid. But here is a trick, that’s a lifesaver. Run to the closest dollar store and buy the smallest pool that can fit inside your shower. Now your kid can enjoy a bath now and then.

Important hack!

Here is a piece of information that should be taught in schools, parenting classes, and even driving school. If you are a parent, it should be mandatory to write a note and hang it on your children’s car seat in case of a potential accident.

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The identity card you attach to your child care seat should include their name, date of birth, blood type, health condition, and whether they are taking any medications. Another essential thing to write on this note is emergency contact names and numbers.

The square

Going out of the house is very scary when you have children under your watch. Kids are so full of energy and so unpredictable. In just a moment of inattention, so many things can happen. Kudos to all moms when they take out their family alone; it is tough.

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Here is a hack that worked for this cutie pictured above. When this mom went out of the house, the children would have to get out of the car once parked and put their hand on the square (aka the door of the gas tank). They had to stay there and wait until mom was ready to give the next instruction.

The Switch Witch

Halloween is a parent’s nightmare for too many reasons to mention. This parent decided to be a “Switch Witch” and swap out her daughters’ candy for a new Barbie doll. We think this is an amazing idea, if worder properly the daughter might even think she got a better gift.

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The Switch Witch is a Halloween witch that loves candies so much that she is willing to exchange whatever toy the kid wants for them. When we say “whatever toy,” we mean it! No more candy negotiation and no more sugar rush. Thank us later, and enjoy your candies!

Baby proof BBQ

Toddlers are tiny humans that cannot stand still for a second. They are always up to no good and consistently ready for whatever next adventure. This rambunctious attitude sometimes gets them into trouble. If they aren’t too careful, they will end up with a boo-boo.

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If you think about it, it is dangerous to host a bbq party while your unpredictable toddler is roaming around the fire. We get it, and we might have a solution for you: baby-proof the BBQ with a baby fence just like in the picture above. It would be best if you never left your eyes from your child while around a fire; however, this is one extra level of protection.

Sippy cup that stays in a place

There is nothing more aggravating than driving on the highway while your kid is in the back screaming as loud as he can because he dropped his sippy cup. If you’re a parent and have been there, you already know the struggle. You are throwing your hands back, waving them around to try to soothe your child while he’s shouting, and somehow you are still expected to concentrate on not driving into other cars.

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But what if we tell you that there is a simple hack that you can do to avoid this kind of situation? It would be best if you had a nice thick rope or string to attach the rope to both the sippy cup and the seat. After that, teach your child how to retrieve their bottle on their own using the string. Voila!

Granny’s doorknob

This looks like something a granny would do, but the doorknob cover pictured below is the invention of a desperate mom. This mom got tired of repeating herself over and over again in a house of kids that just don’t listen.

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This might look a bit corny, but it turns out to be effective in keeping the kids away from opening different doors that should not be opened. A visual reminder will help deter the children from entering a forbidden space. Genius hack!

No mess

The hack below is so good that we’re sure even Maria Montessori would agree with it. As we see it, this activity has many benefits. It will save mom a lot of time because this is a no-mess activity, and at the same time, it will help develop the kiddos’ sensory and fine motor skills.

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For this hack, you need four things that will keep your kids busy for a good hour: paper, paint, tape, and a Ziploc. Voila! Stick the paper and some globs of paint into the Ziploc bag. Close the bag extremely well, then tape it together for extra protection. A good idea is to tape it to the floor in a space that is okay if an accident happens. Now you have one hour to relax and watch that episode you did not finish last time you had time for yourself.

A mom spy window

There are days when even the superheroes, who are also known as “moms,” do not feel their very best. Days like this happen, and it is tough for a mom to take care of her family when she has trouble taking care of herself at that moment. But this mom came up with an interesting hack.

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“Ain’t nobody got time” to go up and down the stairs every 20 minutes to check on the kids, especially when they are feeling under the weather. Placing a mirror strategically to have a view of the basement saves time and energy and we love the sneaky smart energy!

Edible paint

There is nothing more terrifying that seeing your kid doing a painting activity and tasting the paint. Sure this is not as terrifying for second or third or even fourth time moms, but for a newbie you think of all the bad scenarios.

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So in order to avoid this here is a trick: plain yogurt and food coloring. Not only this combo will transform your little one into Picasso but it will also allow him to safely explore the taste of each painting color.

Bathroom playing corner

This trick is for all those moms who find themselves incapable to take a shower because there is no one there to watch their kids while they do so. This hack is just spot on and it only requires some toys and an empty bathtub.

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You guessed right! Transform your bath tube into a playpen for your little one. It is safe and very entertaining for the kids. This way, you can take your shower in peace and not only this but also take your time while in there too. You can keep an eye on the children while in the shower, and they are entertained all the while.

Fresh lunch

Have you ever wondered how to keep your kiddo’s lunch fresh during summer? Here is a simple trick that we do not know why not many think of (us included). All you need is a wet sponge and some freezer time.

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Run your sponge underwater, and then put it into a plastic baggie to make this cheap icepack. Next, place the wet sponge in the freezer, and once it is frozen, it is good to go. The sponges can be cut to the size you need to fit in your child’s lunchbox.

Hot summer day activity

What should one do when the weather outside is hot? The answer is simple: play with cold water to cool down. Here is a simple activity to do so in a way to entertain your kid, too: water painting. Not much is needed for this activity: a bit of water in a bucket, a wall painting brush, and a big sidewalk or a long wooden fence.

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Your little one will love giving his house a “new” look. We remember outdoor water painting when we were kids. We would paint the wood fence in the backyard. Once it was dry, we had to put a second coat. We could “paint” outdoors for hours.

No more cold fingers

Here is a trick that will save some little fingers from getting wet and cold during their play outside in the cold. There are some types of soft and cozy gloves, but unfortunately, they are not waterproof. If your kiddo is headstrong and stuck wearing that particular glove to school that day, here is a solution to cold, wet hands.

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You can “transform” the gloves so that they too can be waterproof. All you have to do is put rubber gloves on top of them. Since the pandemic, we are sure that many people have a few of these gloves lying around their homes—what a great way to repurpose them.

OCD tendencies

The “game” below might be the best game for people with OCD tendencies. What is the game about, you may ask? The kids have to organize Lego. They can organize the Lego by color, shape, or size. There are many endless options for a game such as this.

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Seeing all these pieces sorted by color is really satisfying. Sorting and patterns are very important for a child’s development. You can start with larger blocks for younger children and move toward smaller blocks for older children.

Don’t disturb

There are a couple of golden rules for children, and one of them is: if the kiddo is sleeping, you better let that kid sleep until he wakes up all by himself. Naptime is essential for babies develpoment, and so is that quiet time mom gets to have.

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All jokes aside here is a cool idea on where to put your baby to sleep if you are on a trip and don’t have access to a crib. Suitcases can carry your belongings and can put your baby to sleep too. Amazing!

Buh-bye, bugs!

Bugs are a nuisance for any adult, and we want to do everything to steer them away from our kids. Have you ever wondered how to keep bugs away? A few natural bug repellents might work, but there is nothing as good as good ol’ cinnamon. It turns out the sweet smell scared the bugs away.

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So if you have a sandpit at home for your little one, there is a chance that some insects might have built tiny insects home in that sand. Add some cinnamon, mix with the sand and say “Buh bye: to the insects!

Mom hack

Moms, we know that you carry a lot of stuff in those shoulder totes and diaper bags. You’re ready for anything at a whims notice. If you don’t already have them in there, make some space for crayons as well because they can sometimes save the situation.

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This mom brought a box of crayons with her while she had to be examined by the doctor. Her daughter sat up on the examination table and colored during the doctor’s visit. No more crying in the doc’s office!

So many things

There are so many things for a parent to do to keep their home organized and well managed. Cleaning is usually the priority of many homes. Having messy little children and messy little toys all over the place make it difficult to keep up with the job.

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We don’t shame anybody here. Instead, we’re coming up with a revolutionary solution to clean and disinfect your kid’s toys without actually doing the job. Put all the toys in one go into the dishwashing machine, and let it do its job.

No more bumping

Baby walkers are very practical and cute too. They are really good for your baby’s gross motor skills. These walkers are also an excellent way to entertain them for long periods. The only bad thing about baby walkers is that they bump against the walls leaving marks.

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They bump into everything: into walls, doors, furniture, and the worst, into your legs too! If you never had a walker bumping into your legs, consider yourself lucky. The solution? A life-saving solution, we may say, is to tape pool noodles around it. Voila! No more ouchies on mommy and daddy’s legs or walls!

Mom hack of the year

Kids can be resilient and very stubborn sometimes. Forcing them to do something that they don’t feel like doing can have severe repercussions for their confidence in time. The mother who posted the picture below knows that she might have found a revolutionary trick.

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Giving your child their meds is a mission very few can accomplish without a breakdown by both child and parent. But, it can be easy if you use the bottle nipple as a medicine dispenser. They will probably notice the taste is not the same, but you will have already finished giving it by the time they do.

Color code

Going out in crowded spaces can make a parent very anxious. And it is understandable. Kids are innocent, and they always look for adventure. In a blink of an eye, they can disappear into the crowd. Not having an eye on your child for even a few second can be terrifying.

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Here is a hack that will help you spot your little gang in a second: dress them in the same color. This is practical, and it works. Let’s just hope that moms don’t decide to show up at the same place with their kids wearing the same color. This would make it hard for them to spot their own, but a funny photo opt if anything!

Slumber party

Having siblings is amazing. It is like a built-in friend group that is obliged to love you no matter what. So, it is understandable that children would rather sleep in the same room as their siblings, especially when they are young.

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If you are not a fan of bunk beds or fear that your sleeping beauty might roll off in the night, then you can create or buy this cute side-by-side bed. This way, the kids get to have their perpetual slumber party, and you get to rest easy, knowing that they won’t be falling from great heights.

Nosy mama

When it comes to mamas, there are two perspectives. Those who want to know what happens in the private lives of their teenagers and make every effort to do so, and those who wait for the children to come to them. One is how they are seen by their teens (nosy) and the other one how they are seen by other mothers (worried, caring, implicated).

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If you do not want your teenage daughter to think you are nosy, here is a hack that works. Walking past your daughter’s room with headphones on that are not connected to anything. That’s a pretty genius way to find out new things.

Fries love

Let’s be honest now! Who does not love fries? Fries are everything and the most loved comfort food. There is no wonder even the little ones love fries. We do have to admit that they are not always the healthiest option.

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But do you know what is healthy and can look like fries too? Apples. Here is a way to give them to your little fries lover without them actually knowing that they are not eating fries. This is effective and may work for kids up to 2 years old.

Headache remedy

Hi, mama! Is it one of those days when you woke up on the wrong side of the bed and you feel sick? You need to rest and get better but you feel guilty if your kids spend too much time in front of the TV?

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Here is what you can do: cupcake pan sorting game. You need a cupcake pan and some little cotton balls of different colors. Now ask your kid to sort them by color. The more cotton balls you have, the longer you will get to rest. Enjoy your time off!

Hands free

Babies are cute, but sometimes, especially when they go through mental leaps and growth spurts, they can only be soothed when they are stuck to you. You want to support your baby’s needs as much as possible, but there are times when you will need to put the baby down for whatever reason.

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If you want some hands-free time, you have to use that washing machine that you have. It turns out that babies love looking at it spin while it does its job. Not to mention the sound is considered to be white noise and very soothing for children. Bingo!

Life hack

Here is another hack to make your life easier as a parent. If your kids are unfortunately sick and required to take medication, you can write the planned dosage on the bottle or the box. It is very easy to lose track of time with everything else going on.

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Every time you give your child a dose, you can mark it down. This might not look like a wow hack, but it is indeed helpful. Parents know that balancing life, work, and parenthood is hard. This hack helps you make sure that your kid respects the treatment he was given to be back as good as new in no time.

Writing for beginners

Every new beginning is hard. Learning a new skill from the beginning, like writing, makes no exception. The most common mistake we encounter is kids who do not know how to hold their pencils correctly. We must teach children the appropriate way to hold a pencil in their formative years to avoid future problems with their hands and writing.

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This Reddit user found a perfect hack to help out the little beginners. Aside from the pencil, all that is needed is some tissue paper. Just crumble the tissue and place it under your kiddo’s pinkie and ring finger. This will remind them that those two fingers have a job to hold the tissue and not get in the way of trying to stabilize the pencil.

Home activity

Here is a way to entertain your little boy or girl while the weather outside is bad. You do not need much for this trick, but, ideally, you have a large enough space for your kid to move around. The bigger the space, the better. However, if you are in a smaller home you can always do this down a hallway as well.

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With painter’s tape, which removes very quickly, make roads and lanes for your boy’s or girl’s toy cars. Trust us; your kids will love playing with it. And if you’re not too busy, we assure you that you will love playing with it too!

No more stroller dirt

If you do not have a garage to store your kiddo’s stroller, here is an excellent and tidy way to keep it inside your house. You need two shower caps to cover the wheels, and voila! No more dragging in dirt from outside with this hack!

Photo courtesy of GRC Scrapstore/Pinterest

This is also a nifty trick to use when putting your stroller in the car’s trunk. We all know that vacuuming the dirt from that carpet placed inside the boot can be a mission. And “ain’t nobody got time for that” when you are a parent.

Potty on the go

Potty training is challenging for all parties involved. Both the kiddo and the parents have to be ready simultaneously to start the process. Traveling during this time or even just leaving the house is nearly impossible. This parent had a great idea. Here is a hack that can make your life easier.

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Number one: always have a spare potty and three or four nappies in your car. Number two: every time your kid wants to use the potty, place a diaper over it to avoid the eventual mess. This saves time and energy and makes cleaning up a breeze.

Flying with kids

Flying with their children could be considered a horror story for some. While for others, flying with kids is nothing but a piece of cake. One thing is for sure, all you need to do to keep them happy is to keep them busy.

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Pack some snacks, pack their favorite drinks, and last but not least, toys and games. The little trick pictured above is a good idea; it can keep your kiddo busy for at least half an hour. Cheap, easy to carry, and mess-free. We love it!

Tupperware snow blocks

Winter is around the corner, and you want to spice it up a bit? Building snowmen and making snow angels are fantastic, but they can get boring over the years. Another option is to have a famous snowball fight, but it can get pretty dangerous.

Photo courtesy of instagramc.ocm/michelle_ssb1

The mom who posted the picture above found a fantastic way to entertain her boys during a cold winter day. She built an igloo by using snow and Tupperware. She added the snow to the container and packed it in to make the ice blocks. What an easy way to make your kiddos happy while enjoying the outdoors.

A sand pit

Sand is loved by many, but nobody loves sand as much as kids and cats do. The amount of time that kids can play in the sand is crazy. What’s great is that it helps with their development and helps them relax.

Photo courtesy of Goonberry Tale

A great way to get your little one to enjoy the sand is by creating a sandpit in your backyard. If you grab a tent and put some sand inside, you can close it up when you are done preventing bugs and rain from ruining it.

Reverse psychology

One thing about kids is that if you tell them not to do something, that something is precisely what they will do. It is crazy, but this is exactly how their clever little brains function. What to do in a situation like this?

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It’s simple: use reverse psychology! Do you want your kid to do something? Tell him not to do it. It’s as easy as that. Although we do have to admit that it might not work sometimes, it sure is worth the attempt!

Bug-free Playtime

Being out in the garden during summertime can be glorious. The weather is perfect and you can finally tend to all the outdoor chores that you put off during the cold months. Unfortunately, finding the time to garden when you have a baby can be pretty tricky.

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One solution to this problem is to put the cot outside. Fill it with some toys and you’ll be able to keep your eye on your little one and he will be happy to have outside playtime. To keep the bugs out, cover the cot with a fitted sheet. Keep the sides unobstracted to allow for airflow.

Protecting little fingers

It is impossible to keep your eye on your children all the time. You might look away for one second and that is enough time for your one of the kids to hurt themselves or each other. The best you can do is try to baby-proof your house as much as possible.

Photo courtesy of reddeliciouslife

This nifty little trick will save you the screams and upset that come with fingers getting smashed in the door. Find an old pool noodle, cut a small slit into it and attach it to the corner of the door. That way, the kids will not be able to close the door the whole way.

Monsters be gone

Have you ever been fast asleep when, suddenly, you feel a little hand tapping you awake? That hand belongs to your little one and they are convinced that there is a monster hiding under their bed or in the shadows.

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Using reason to assude your kid’s fears might not always work. Why not play into the fantasy by creating your own little “monster-fighting spray”? Just find an old spray bottle and make it look official with some stickers. Hopefully this trick will help you catch those much-needed z’s.

Telling Time

In the digital age, not even grown adults know how to read an analog clock. Some people rely on their cellphones or smartwatches to tell them exactly what time it is. This next trick uses an analog clock to help children with time management without getting into the nitty gritties of how the analog clock works.

Photo courtesy of Imagination Mag/Facebook

Create time blocks by coloring in certain periods of time in specific colors. Explain to the kiddos what it means when the hand of the clock lands on a specific color. This will get rid of some of those bedtime sqwabbles. And don’t worry, they’ll figure out the analog by first grade.

DIY coloring case

Trying to keep kids entertained during a long car or airplane ride is a mammoth task. Kids are lovely but they have the attention span of a gold fish. To keep everybody sane, it is best to have a variety of activities for them to do to keep them out of trouble.

Photo courtesy of stacy-vaughn

You can try packing your own DIY coloring case. You’ll just need to get hold of an old DVD case and some fabric. Create a little pouch for the pencils on one side using the fabric. On the otherside, clip some paper for them to draw on. Job done!

Baby cubicles

You can always trust a dad to come up with a new and out-of-the-box way to parent. Sometimes, these methods go arwy and the dad creates more problems than solutions. But sometimes, fathers come up with a solution that is a stroke of genius.

Photo courtesy of Jake White/Today

This dad must have gotten tired of all the fighting in the backseat. So, instead of playing the role of judge and referee, he put them all in segregation. With a few sheets of plywood and some ingenuity, this dad managed to secure some peace for the 10-minute drive to the daycare. Smart man!