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45 Tips On How To Keep A Car Looking Fresh

When it comes to cars, there are several life hacks that people are not aware of. If you’re like most individuals, one of your most valued assets is your car. If you want to avoid future expensive repairs, it’s best to maintain it in good condition. Sometimes if minor car problems are not addressed promptly, they can easily escalate, costing you a lot. 

Some auto shops charge hundreds of dollars to repair relatively minor car problems. Well, there are some low-cost repairs you could make to enhance the performance of your car and extend its longevity. All you need is determination and creativity, and you can fix several automotive issues.

For the best car advice and tricks, keep reading. You’ll learn how to fix your bumper, get rid of tar stains, and more. Here are a few car hacks that can enable you to save money and keep your vehicle operational.

Fix your car bumper at a lesser cost

There’s no need to worry if your car’s bumper is fading to an unattractive shade of gray. You can use shoe polish and a sponge to get the bumper of your automobile back to its original flawless black. Simply apply the appropriate quantity to achieve your goals.

Source: cindymaughond / Pinterest.com

Apply the shoe polish over roughly every inch until you can get your car to look the way you want it to. Work slowly and steadily, exerting pressure in straight strokes around worn-out edges. Adapt the polish application according to the bumper’s color.

Get rid of car battery corrosion

Over time, the battery terminals on your car could become oily and rusty. The debris in the terminals could cause your engine to work harder or possibly stop the vehicle from starting. Despite the severity of the issue, there is a low-cost solution.

Source: cindymaughond/Pinterest

Simply pour some Coca-Cola onto a piece of cloth. Make sure the cloth has been cleaned using warm water before proceeding. Clean the battery terminals with a cloth to remove corrosion and debris. This will also assist in extending the battery’s life.

Car cleaning gel for tiny crevices

It can be challenging to clean out all the small corners and crevices in the car because some are inaccessible. These include the air conditioning vents and the buttons on your dashboard. This could result in your car smelling bad and the AC not functioning properly.

Source: aprilsales.com

Purchase a sticky cleaning gel with a slimy consistency to clean these areas. This will gather and eliminate all the dirt residues from small crevices. It will also clean the air conditioner vents and make it function at full capacity.

Prevent accidents by checking tire treads using pennies

Although this hack requires a little more technical knowledge, it is still useful. Pennies might not seem valuable anymore, but they could save your life if you have a car. To ensure your car rides smoothly, use the penny test to determine the condition of your tires and when to replace them.

Source: autopair.net

Your tires are still in good condition if the treads exceed Lincoln’s forehead. Use a coin to inspect the tread depth by starting from the top of the penny. If you can still make out Lincoln’s head, your tire treads are too low, and you should get a replacement.

Clean dirty wheels with ease

Cleaning wheels is not usually a simple task. Bleach is one inexpensive approach to get rid of soiled or worn-out wheels. Other options are available if you don’t want to use the costly and occasionally damaging chemicals used in most auto shops.

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Mix the detergent and bleach until they make a thick paste, then add warm water. Apply this to the wheels, and let it sit for three minutes. Wipe off any excess fluid. Your wheels will be spotless after using this easy procedure.

Homemade car freshener

You can use an old jar to create a lovely freshener for your car. Get an appropriate tool and a nail, then make holes in the cover of a mason jar or drill the bottom of a jar. This is one of the most useful techniques to keep your vehicle smelling nice.

Source: wikihow.com

You can choose any scent that you like. Scoop some scented wax from a fresh candle into the jar, then screw the lid back on. The wax will melt when the interior temperature of your car rises. This will release a pleasant fragrance that won’t overpower your senses, filling your automobile with a lovely scent.

DIY vacuum nozzle

You don’t always need to invest in pricey vacuum cleaner accessories for your vehicle. There isn’t much more broad usage for these specialized items, so why let your money go to waste? Luckily, you can still vacuum your car without having to spend a fortune.

Source: Buzzfeed / Pinterest.com

You only need one plain cardboard tube to attach to the vacuum nozzle. The homemade attachment will function like a real one after being covered in tape or glue. Flatten the cardboard nozzle to reach the small corners of your vehicle.

Use onion for burnt leather stains

This is an incredible hack if you plan to sell your car soon and want it to appear newer than the mileage indicates. Daily use can cause stains that give leather an aged appearance, making them challenging to sell or buy.

Source: michaelhoffpaui/Pinterest

Cut one raw onion into little pieces and place it on top of any damaged areas with burn marks or stains. Leave these patches uncovered overnight so they can heal properly, and you’ll notice the stains are less evident in the morning.

Extend the lifespan of your wiper blades

You can stretch the lifespan of your windshield wipers by taking a few simple steps. Every household has a large pile of useless socks since their “partner” sock is missing. You can use those socks to protect your windshield wipers.

Source: AllState/YouTube

Just wrap the stockings around each wiper to keep any metal pieces from sticking to the windshield. When the temperature drops, remove the socks from your car, and it will be ready to drive. This will also prevent your wipers from scratching the glass.

Use a coffee filter to clean grease and dust

Coffee filters make an excellent dust-reduction solution. When used to keep automobile crevices clean, these lint-free cloths don’t leave any fibers behind. The fantastic news is that there is no necessity to vacuum your car frequently if you use the coffee filters.

Source:  thenursecheeks / Pinterest.com

Simply apply a small amount of olive oil to a coffee filter, then wipe the surface of your vehicle. The coffee filter will remove all debris and won’t leave any greasiness or dust. It will also give the interiors a nice shine.

Dashboard polish

Start by using a cleaning solution and water to scrub your car’s insides. When everything else fails, vaseline, also known as Petroleum Jelly, comes in handy. Vaseline works just as well as certain specialized automotive products at keeping the dashboard clean. Before proceeding to the next part, make sure it is thoroughly dry.

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Then wipe the dashboard with a microfiber cloth coated with a bit of vaseline. You should use the vaseline sparingly to create a shiny, well-conditioned, and non-greasy appearance. Wipe the dashboard until the vaseline has been absorbed. Your dashboard will appear glossy and spotless when you use this hack.

Clear up foggy windshields

Driving during the winter can be challenging due to condensation that collects on windows. Because of the contrast between the warm interior and the freezing air outside, your windows will condense. Due to the poor visibility, which could cause confusion or accidents on the road, this is a dangerous circumstance.

Source: tiphero/Pinterest

The use of kitty litter proves a solution for foggy windshields. Cat litter is made with silicate, which absorbs moisture in the air. Fill some old socks with kitty litter. Then place them in the interior of your car after carefully fastening them.

Clear up cloudy headlights

Most people don’t know this, but car headlights could turn yellow due to constant exposure to weather elements and other factors. Here is a tip for cleaning them at home without spending much money before you decide to replace them.

Source: eduardo52as/Pinterest

With a towel, soap, water, and toothpaste, you can fix yellowing headlights in less than 30 minutes. First, use soap and water to clean your car’s headlights and remove any dirt residue. Wipe the headlights in a circular motion with toothpaste and a rag. The headlights will look much better in less than five minutes.

Tidy cup holders hack

The best way to clean cup holders of dirt is with cupcake liners. These disposable cardboard cups are lightweight and strong. You can also place them in the beverage holder of your car to catch any crumbs or napkins without worrying about scratching the outside.

Source:  carkarks/Pinterest.com

Cupcake liners are easy to clean because you have to pick them up and put them in the garbage. The cupcake liners help stop water or oil from collecting in your car’s cup holders. The fact that they are simpler to use and stow in the car is the nicest part.

Prevent items from falling through tiny cracks

Searching under car seats for missing items, only to have them slip through small gaps and into hard-to-reach crevices, can be upsetting. A resolution to this situation is foam pipe insulation. Measure the length of gaps between the seats and cut parts of foam to fit.

Source: Alpacalypse2/Reddit

Ensure that it perfectly fits the spaces between the entire console and seats. Then wedge your cut foam pipe between the voids on both sides of the console. This way, small objects like pennies, keys, or your phone won’t fall through the gap.

Organize and keep groceries upright in the trunk

Once you use this simple trick, you won’t have to worry about your groceries sliding in the back anymore. All you need to do is install a simple bar and you’ll prevent the chaos and noise that comes with storing goods in your trunk.

Source: ccathyvb / Pinterest.com

Your truck storage will be noise-free because these objects will be safe and will not bounce about while you’re driving. You should add S hooks so you may hang any items you need to convey, such as drinks, food bags, and other trinkets. The hooks will keep groceries upright in the trunk.

DIY car phone holder

Today’s drivers rely on GPS apps because not all cars have built-in GPS units. But using a smartphone when driving is extremely unsafe, and you should always avoid it. A safe way to check the map is to securely hook your phone to a phone holder.

Source: DaveHax/YouTube

If you don’t have a phone holder and need to look at directions, you can make one out of a rubber band and a pen. Wedge one end through the vent’s top, and do the same on the other end, and get it through the opening at the bottom. Insert the pen to secure the elastic band placement. 

Ice proof your mirrors

The struggle of removing ice buildup on your car is far more difficult than getting out of bed on a chilly winter morning. Fortunately, there is an uncomplicated way for you to avoid this. You only need a couple of small sandwich bags.

Source:  dollartree/Pinterest

Place the sandwich bags over the side-view mirror the night before. To avoid working hard to clean them in the morning while being careful not to damage them. The sandwich bags will prevent ice buildup and snow accumulation on your mirrors during chilly winter nights.

Repair car dents

You can do it yourself if you can not afford it or don’t feel like paying a mechanic to fix the dents in your car. Your car’s dent is primarily cosmetic and not worth the hundreds of dollars the shop will demand to fix. All you need is a plunger and hot water.

Source: engineeringchoice.com

First, splash hot water on the dent. The following phase includes pushing and pulling the dent using a plunger until it comes out. Please remember that this will only work for minor dents and not heavy damages. This hack also works for minor dents in washers and dryers.

Bird poop stain remover

You can make the windows of your car completely free of scrapes and bird droppings. You can accomplish this by adding soda water and allowing the bubbles to work their magic. Cover the bird dropping with soda, then leave it to sit for a while.

Source:  autocheckmissouricity / Pinterest.com

Be cautious not to use excessive liquid because it can destroy the paintwork on the car’s hood. Put a towel beneath the windshield when using this hack, and be patient while the soda removes the stains. The windshield will remain spot-free for longer, providing a clear vision.

Get rid of dry mud with ease

Getting mud out of your tires is one of the most basic car maintenance problems. Cleaning mud off your car while it’s wet is always preferable. If it’s not possible to clean while it is wet, you can still remove the dry mud by using oven cleaner foam.

Source: classicmodeler/Pinterest

Apply a generous amount of oven cleaner foam on the wheels. Give the foam some time to act on the mud and other debris clinging to the wheels before removing it from the tires. After that, rinse with warm water to leave the wheels shining for days.

All-purpose conditioner

Cleaning your car doesn’t have to leave you in a mess, even though it can be tedious. There is a method that will maintain the shine. This hack also guarantees that there are no streaks or dust flecks on what needs always to remain clean.

Source: 5minutecraftsfamily / Pinterest.com

First, add a lanolin or silicone-based conditioner to the cleaning water. Pay attention, especially in and around areas where dust may build the greatest. Add a spoonful to a pail of soapy water, then thoroughly wash everything else until the dirt is gone.

Dash Cam

You can get a video record of a collision, hit-and-run, or theft by investing in a dash camera. Some dash cams offer high-quality footage and are discreetly mounted to the windshield’s interior. Good dash cams have a strong GPS sensor technology.

Source:  family_handyman/Pinterest

Dash cameras can capture 1440p video and operate in poor light. With its broad lens, dash cams can capture the entirety of the road ahead. You may also use voice commands to take images and start or stop recording with the dashcam. It may also be utilized as proof for insurance claims.

Car interior polish hack

The interior of your car can be made to shine without using expensive tools and supplies. With this DIY concoction, you may achieve a gleaming finish on your car in two simple steps. To begin, combine kerosene and water in a bowl until you have enough liquid to moisten one side of an old towel.

Source: CarsGuide/Twitter.com

Then wipe the interior of the automobile with that damp piece of fabric. To leave a great sheen, polish them and only remove the mixture. The mixture will stop dust from building up on your vehicle’s interior and keep it shiny for a while longer.

Deep clean hard to reach crevices

There are so many places in a car that are nearly hard to clean without the proper equipment. Small and accurate cotton swabs are ideal for cleaning the small crevices in your car. You can find the item required for this hack in your bathroom’s closet.

Source: cindymaughond/Pinterest

The q-tips will allow you to clean and properly access difficult-to-reach areas like vents, gaps, and marks on steering wheels. Q-tips are not only cheap, but their softness reduces the possibility of damaging the surfaces you’re cleaning. While driving, you can even keep a few in your glove box for quick touch-ups.

DIY car windows tint

The appeal of this DIY project is that it only requires a few materials, most of which you probably already have at home. To tint the windows, paint them with maple syrup. The next step is to add charcoal toothpaste to achieve a darker finish.

Source: TheSunOnline/Pinterest

To prevent damaging your car, carefully apply the mixture. Then use plastic wrap to cover the car windows and leave it in place for an hour. Clean the windows after removing the plastic wrap. Without visiting a specialist, you now have an immediate window tinting service.

Get rid of rust stains using coca cola

You probably know that Coca-Cola has several cleaning uses. Coca-cola can remove any rust marks you may have on your car. Simply take a bottle out of the refrigerator and pour it on the rust spots on your used car.

Source: ??????? ??????/YouTube

Let the liquid settle and do its job for a while. Then use a gentle cloth to clean it off. The rust will be almost completely gone, and your car will appear nicer than before. Avoid applying this technique to automotive paint since it could harm the lacquer.

Remove unwanted car stickers with ease

A hairdryer is a multifunctional tool that people may use in the home for various tasks. You can use a hairdryer to remove unsightly stickers from your car. Turn the heat on the dryer and aim it toward the adhesive sticker.

Source: Evan Sears/Cars.com

The high temperature will affect the sticker’s glue, causing it to lose its adhesion to the car’s surface. You can take off even the oldest decals in a matter of minutes. This might allow your car to appear clean and brand new.

Buy time using gum to fix leaks

In the absence of repair facilities, your automobile may develop leaks and cause you anxiety while you are driving. A quick fix can afford you some time to stop further leaks and get to your destination without incident. This hack works, although it is just temporary.

Source: smithjacque02 / Pinterest.com

This hack will assist you in containing a leak that might have started in the engine bay of your vehicle. Chew some gum or mints and insert them into the gap that is the origin of the leak. This will offer you extra time before driving your car into a shop for repairs.

Use WD-40 to get rid of insects

Every automobile owner will attest to how annoying it is to have little insects attached to the windshield and body of the vehicle. Despite being so small, they can obstruct vision and cause distractions. Getting rid of insects without harming your car is very difficult.

Source:  korah79 / Pinterest.com

The solution to all of your automobile pest issues is WD-40. WD 40 will do a quick job of getting rid of these bothersome pests. No matter how small they are, WD-40 can eliminate them without harming the car paint or windows.

Prevent leather cracks

Because leather is such a fragile material, it can often be damaged over time. Many people advise applying olive oil to all the seats after washing them to maintain them in good condition. Clean them initially using hot, soapy water.

Source:  lifetonik/Pinterest

The next step is applying a little olive oil to the seats. This will stop the leather from drying out and cracking. If there are cracks in the seats, allow the olive oil to sit on them for a few hours before wiping. This will clean the leather surface of marks, filth, and grime.

Pool noodles car door hack

It’s fairly usual for people to bang their car doors into the wall as they get out of the garage due to the little parking space. This hack is useful if you have to park in a spot with very little space.

Source: mkdrab / Pinterest.com

All that is required are two pool noodles fastened on either side close to where your car is parked. Cut the pool noodles in half and bolt them to the wall of your garage, where your door opens. Make sure the bolts are positioned far from where your vehicle door opens. 

Air recirculation button

This button in your car may not be familiar to you, but it’s probably one of the most crucial for a well-ventilated vehicle. It’s called the air recirculation button. It recirculates the cool air that initially comes from your air conditioner. Your car will become cooler the longer it is on.

Source: autobuzz.my

The air recirculation button ensures that every part of the car is properly ventilated. This button has a negative side because it uses ambient air. So, if you’re in traffic, exhaust fumes and polluted air will come into the car. You can use this button to seal the air in the car.

Easy tar stain remover

Tar stains can be challenging to get rid of. Those bothersome marks will vanish after only one application of this amazing liquid. It’s likely that you don’t know this, but you can use mayonnaise to remove tar stains from your car.

Source:  bevporterky / Pinterest.com

Anywhere impacted, just apply a little bit of mayo on leather or fabric. Let it sit for five minutes after gently rubbing the area to eliminate all tar residues. After that, wipe the area clean and allow it to air dry.

DIY car freshener

You understand how challenging it is to maintain a pleasant car odour if you consume food in the car or have children, pets, or both. The best way to deal with a stinking vehicle might not involve using a harmful air freshener with chemical ingredients. All you need is an essential oil and cotton balls.

Source: clevver/Pinterest

Simply cover the cotton balls with the essential oil before placing them on your car’s air vents. Lavender, mint, or citronella scents are all excellent choices for this hack. Your vehicle will smell new and fresh as the essential oils gradually release the aroma.

Defrost your car windows

Defrosting your car windows can be difficult and time-consuming, but this hack does not require special chemicals or tools. All you need for this hack is a potato. Simply chop an unpeeled potato in half and rub the skinless side against the glass until the fog has disappeared.

Source: cindymaughond/Pinterest

Potato scratch will keep water from collecting on the glass, providing you with a clear vision. Continue slicing the potato to access its juice. For the entire glass, one potato should suffice. It may leave a film, but you can remove it with washer fluid and a few swipes of your windshield wipers.

Convenient tissue box

When we’re driving or riding shotgun in the car with friends, it can be challenging for some of us to locate a tissue box or a cloth. Besides, you might have stuffed them deep within a compartment. This tip will also aid in keeping your car organized.

Source:  timiti/Pinterest.com

Purchase a little sun visor-mounted tissue holder, and place the tissues there. This will allow the tissues to be within reach conveniently, so there’s no need to search about in compartments and run the risk of swerving off the road.

Defrost icy car door handles

It can be very frustrating to find your car handle frozen on a snowy day. It could take a long time to warm up the car and get in if you need to get somewhere urgently. You can find the solution to this issue in the kitchen.

Source:  manijas dollartree / Pinterest.com

Cooking spray is all you need to fix frozen door handles quickly. Keep spraying the cooking oil on the door hinges until you can open the door. It is best to keep cooking spray on hand during the winter season.

Car Insulation

One approach to increase comfort and reduce energy consumption may be to insulate your car. You can keep the car’s interior at a comfortable temperature throughout the winter and reduce outside noise by sealing the gaps between the dashboard and windscreen.

Source:  fixit/Youtube.com

For this hack, you’ll need pipe insulation, scissors, and measuring tape. The costs of these materials are low, and you will ultimately gain from them. This pipe insulation is simple to install. Simply take accurate measurements so that it fits the dashboard.

Melted crayon remover 

Keeping your home and vehicle tidy might be difficult when you have kids. If you give kids crayons to keep them occupied, they will likely transform every surface into a canvas. This includes the walls, the floor, and even the car seats.

Source: onsitedetail/@wikihow/Pinterest

You can use a hot iron and wax paper to remove melted crayon stains. Simply place the wax paper over the stain and press with the hot iron. When the crayon is heated, it will transfer to the wax paper. Do this repeatedly until the seat is crayon-free.

Restore soiled and grimy carpets

When your vehicle’s carpets show signs of wear, you may be tempted to throw them away and get brand new ones. However, this cleaning hack will effectively clean up all soiled areas, making them perfect once more and you won’t spend a single penny.

Source:  factaholicscom/Pinterest

Apply a stain remover to the mats and give it some time to work. Put these mats in the washer, add some detergent and notice how quickly you have pristine carpets. To ensure the carpets are not damp, dry them in the sun as moisture can cause humidity and mildew.

Handy towel holder

Paper towels are extremely absorbent, portable, and adaptable. They are excellent for quickly cleaning up any auto accident. They are the perfect cleaning supply for regular use in your home or automobile, so you won’t ever have to worry about having a mess again.

Source:  familyhandyman.com

Use a little elastic rope under the trunk lid to secure paper towels when you need to keep them safely inside your car. The elastic rope will stop the roll from straying and creating further messes for you to clean up. The roll won’t destroy or unravel either.

Windshield wiper deep clean

In the summer, you might not need to use your windshield wipers. However, you will depend on them frequently during rainy weather. Even if you believe that the rain will clean your vehicle, it’s always a good idea to do some cleaning yourself.

Source: pakwheels.com

You might need to thoroughly clean the wipers’ brushes to ensure they are clean. Apply little isopropyl alcohol to the brushes and rub to remove grease. You can use alcohol if you don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of using water.

Clear up minor scratches on your car body 

Scratches on cars can be upsetting. Sadly, they occur far too frequently. Everything appears to be trying to nick your precious whip, from errant grocery trolleys to obtrusive tree branches to poorly placed keys. You don’t need to visit a professional to repair minor scratches.

Source: duaria.com

Nail polish and toothpaste are common items that you might use to restore your paint job. These items won’t necessarily completely remove the scratches, but they will improve your car’s appearance. If you are using nail polish, pick a shade that resembles the color of the car’s paint.

DIY car sticker remover

Here’s another sticker removal hack in case you don’t have a hairdryer. Stickers can be very bothersome to get rid of. Due to the type of adhesive some stickers have, they are always present and obstinately resist removal despite being subjected to several techniques. The WD 40 is an effective solution for such stickers.

Source: shukurxonr/Pinterest

Directly apply some to your sticker and let it sit for some time before washing it off. You’ll be astounded at how well this hack functions because the adhesive glue comes off so easily. Simply clean the car surface with a gentle cloth once the stickers have been removed.