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Data And Dogs- The Life Of An IT Guy, His Partner, And Their Pet

When most people think about IT guys, they probably don’t associate them with being someone’s muse to get creative juices flowing. After all, their jobs mainly involve sitting in front of computers and doing math-y things – what could be creative about that? Well, you would be wrong there! There’s an artist from Hong Kong named Bonnie Pang, who lives with her IT boyfriend, and their pet dog. The relationship between Bonnie and her tech guy has had so many hilarious moments that Bonnie felt inspired to make a comic series about it. This series has been a hit all over the Internet. We have a collection of the top 45 examples from her Instagram account. Which one is your favorite?

Repetitive Watching

There are some people who cannot stand re-watching things, and then there are those of us who love nothing more than re-watching our favorite shows. It feels like we are from entirely distinct planets, but there are many reasons to re-watch!

Bonniepangart (Instagram)

When you watch it the first time, you usually focus on the plot and don’t see many other things. Re-watching a show gives you the space to notice the tiny details, like things hidden in the background of a shot. Rereading books has the same effect!

Not Fresh

Okay, we can’t deny that we’ve all been here before! As a student, it’s okay to have a slightly dirtier house as a student, but if you’re a professional adult, you’ve got no excuse. Clean your fridge out regularly and get rid of that old junk!

Bonniepangart (Instagram)

If you’ve got no plans to eat any of the food in the next week, chuck it out. Trust us – your fridge will smell so much better, and you’ll also feel a lot healthier. Don’t end up like Bonnie and her boyfriend did!

Green with Envy

If you’re in a relationship, you might know this feeling of jealousy when your SO shows your pet some love. It seems that, no matter what they do, they always get compliments and are flooded with positive messages. It’s not fair!

Bonniepangart (Instagram)

Just remember that there is no reason for you to be jealous of the furball – your partner loves you the same as them, perhaps even more! Jealousy can destroy a relationship, so keep reminding yourself of the love you have.

More Massaging

No matter where you come from, there is no denying that getting a massage is one of the greatest feelings in the world – especially when it comes from someone you love! They know all the right places to get those kinks out of your neck.

Bonniepangart (Instagram)

Just make sure they press hard enough! If you find yourself wanting a harder touch, try investing in a shiatsu massager or taking a trip to your local spa. You deserve to give your body a good time and help it to loosen up.

True Appreciation

We love how cute this next comic is – you can genuinely see how much Bonnie and her boyfriend care for each other. Even something as simple as putting sun cream on can be a cause for celebration, which is adorable.

Bonniepangart (Instagram)

The small things in life make the most significant difference, and we’re glad that Bonnie took the time to remind us of that fact. You should take some time out of your day to be grateful for the tiny things – they can have significant effects!

Nice Greeting

If any of your friends or family members have a dog, then you’ll definitely relate to this one. Whenever you go to visit them, you’re always greeted by the dog barks before your loved ones. They’re just so loud! BORK!

Bonniepangart (Instagram)

However, if the dog is excessively barking, it could be a cause for concern. Make sure that your furball gets a regular check-up because there might be something a little more serious going on. It’s better to be safe than regretful in this case.

At Home Hairdressers

During the height of lockdown, it felt like all of us were in this situation – getting a haircut at home! If you were lucky enough to live with someone who had professional experience with this, we’re jealous of you.

Bonniepangart (Instagram)

If not, you probably ended up getting a trim that was as uneventful as Bonnie’s boyfriend. It could’ve gone a lot worse, so we reckon he should be grateful for her work. We’re not sure about the cone of shame, though…

Helping Hand

Here’s another example of how great Bonnie and her boyfriend are. He helps her carry everything, no matter where they are going. We wish that we had someone who would do that for us, too – it would make things way more manageable!

Bonniepangart (Instagram)

Naturally, that’s not the only thing that you need to have in a relationship. Someone who listens to your problems, helps you deal with them, and engages in the things you love is the ideal person. They’re out there somewhere!

Too Good

For most of us, seeing lots of people staring at us when we’re out can make us feel nervous. Not for Bonnie’s boyfriend, though – he supposed that it was because he’s so fine-looking! Can you spot the real reason in the comic below?

Bonniepangart (Instagram)

It might be a bit challenging to identify, but it’s actually because his mask is askew! We hope that Bonnie didn’t tell him the truth, as there’s nothing wrong with having some confidence about your looks. The more, the merrier!

Dance It Off

If you’re ever home alone, we recommend following Bonnie’s example and having a dance party for yourself. It’s so freeing and a great way to express your emotions to your favorite songs. Why should you do it alone, you ask?

Bonniepangart (Instagram)

Well, because you’ll probably embarrass yourself with your crazy moves! There’s nothing wrong with it, and it can really help you to get in touch with your creative side. Any excuse to blast some Shakira as loud as we can!

Stress Reduction

Arrivingback home after a crazy day at work, we all have our ways of reducing stress. Some people like to kick back with a movie or a good book, whereas others enjoy spending time napping. Bonnie’s boyfriend has different ideas!

Bonniepangart (Instagram)

Getting a hug from a loved one always feels terrific, and it is the perfect way to reduce your stress. Even if you have no person to do that for you, your pet can be a chill pill for you.

A Good Listener

When looking for someone to get in a relationship with, you should never minimize the capability of a great listener. Someone who can just listen to you vent about your problems without judging can be hard to find in a partner!

Bonniepangart (Instagram)

We’re so glad that Bonnie’s boyfriend is the person to do that for her – they appear to have a fantastic relationship. Of course, you should make sure to listen to your loved one and avoid making it a one-sided thing.

We Care

After looking at this comic, we have to admit that Milky might be one of the cutest pets we’ve ever seen. Look at that adorable little face and fluffy fur – he’s so precious! The name “Milky” is perfect for him…

Bonniepangart (Instagram)

…since he seems just as sweet as a glass of the fresh white stuff! We wonder what breed of doggo he is; we would love to pick up one for ourselves. We also love Bonnie’s art style in this comic, where they all look like eggs!

Utterly Terrifying

If you’re in a relationship, then you’ll absolutely know this feeling of fear – Bonnie has captured it perfectly! Nothing can terrify (or annoy) a couple as much as being asked about having children. It’s one way to kill a conversation, that’s for sure!

Bonniepangart (Instagram)

If you ever feel like asking other people this question – please don’t do it. It’s frustrating to hear this from so many people. It gets the couple questioning their relationship with each other. Not only that, but it’s also pretty rude!

Homemade Cookies

It’s a fact – we always want to support our significant other in any way we can. What’s that? You hate sweets… But she designed the packaging? Give me 10! We absolutely love that they are here for one another.

Bonniepangart (Instagram)

Whatever the reason, we’ll never tire of engaging in something important to our partner. Apparently, neither will Bonnie’s boyfriend, even though he hates sweet food! Finding yourself a partner to support your endeavors is really important to create a healthy balance.

Plucking It Out

Many of us freak out as soon as we see a grey hair – it’s a sign that you’re getting older, and most people are terrified of knowing that! If you’re one of those people who are confident enough not to worry, then we’re jealous of you.

Bonniepangart (Instagram)

Whenever we see a white hair, we start to scream as Bonnie did in this comment! However, no matter how white they are, it’s important to remember that they don’t mean anything – they’re just white hairs. You’re just as aged as you deem.

Where’s It Gone?

Then again, it might not be the color of your hair that makes you freak out. Instead, it might be the fact that you start losing it that becomes a cause for concern! Just check out Bonnie’s boyfriend – we’ve all been there before!

Bonniepangart (Instagram)

Of course, all this loose hair may be Bonnie’s hair. Let’s just hope it’s not because it’s pretty untidy to be like this – make sure you clean up after yourself. Shower drains can easily be broken when they’re full of hair.

In the Wash

Some people out there are absolutely terrible at washing their clothes. We’re talking about the people who always shrink things and get them the wrong color – you know exactly who you are! It shouldn’t be too complicated to do a proper wash…

Bonniepangart (Instagram)

Just make sure that you follow the instructions on the label, or you could end up with a complete disaster of an outfit like Bonnie’s boyfriend did. A tight shirt like this does not look flattering on anybody, so get it right!

How Much?

Here’s another perk of being in a long-term relationship. It doesn’t matter how expensive it is; sometimes, your partner will be there to chip in some cash to help out. It feels so great knowing you have someone to rely on.

Bonniepangart (Instagram)

We think this is so sweet that Bonnie’s boyfriend paid for her books to stop her from worrying about the cost. It just goes to demonstrate how much he truly cares about her and wants Bonnie to be happy. What a couple!

Matched Up

Some people say that “opposites attract” when it comes to a relationship. In contrast, other people believe that you need to be identical to be compatible. There’s no clear answer to this question, but we know that one thing’s certain…

Bonniepangart (Instagram)

Bonnie and her boyfriend look absolutely adorable together! We just love how their wardrobes are so similar, as it makes it seem like they’re destined to be together. They are so lucky to have found each other in this world!

Big Eyes

Have you ever wondered what someone looks like without glasses? Well, you should always ask someone before making them take their glasses off. If you don’t wear glasses, then you have no idea how annoying it is when someone does that.

Bonniepangart (Instagram)

Thankfully, Bonnie’s boyfriend seemed very happy to take off his specs when she asked, and we can imagine she was pretty shocked with the result! People with big eyes always look pretty, and her boyfriend looks like Clark Kent!

Angry Wifey

Sometimes, your loved one gets angry for seemingly no reason, and you just don’t know what to do. Never fear – there’s a solution for that! You should try your best to stay out of their way and be there to comfort them.

Bonniepangart (Instagram)

It might be something that they don’t feel comfortable sharing with you yet, and they may need you to support them until they do. Like Bonnie’s boyfriend, you should try your best to keep smiling and maintain positivite for them.

Who Do You Love?

If you’re a pet owner, then this question has probably popped in your head at some point – does my pet love me or the food that I give it? If you’re a cat parent, you already know the explanation to that question!

Bonniepangart (Instagram)

The answer is pretty obvious with Milky – he loves Bonnie’s boyfriend and her treats as much as each other. As a dog, he might not express his love in obvious ways, but there’s no denying that this fluffball adores his owner’s man.


2020 was a challenging year for a considerable number of reasons, and it feels like this year marked a massive shift in the world. That being said, we should all remember the good things that this year gave to us.

Bonniepangart (Instagram)

For example, being stuck at home taught many of us the actual value of things, and it also gave us time to perfect skills we’d been wanting to do for a while. Bonnie has the right attitude here, and we salute her for that!


Continuing from above, it’s pretty crazy how much our view on the future changed after that horrible year. There’s no point worrying about jobs, money, and other silly little things in life. Instead, we should focus on our loved ones.

Bonniepangart (Instagram)

True happiness can only come from those you love instead of something physical. We shouldn’t worry about our future and try to make plans to become perfect – we should celebrate what we have right now and rejoice in our love.

Warm Weather

The idea of cuddling your loved one is such a lovely idea in winter – it’s a great way to keep warm and to feel a special connection with one another! However, when summer comes, it’s a completely different thing entirely…

Bonniepangart (Instagram)

Instead of feeling cute, all you feel is gross! And don’t try taking off your shirts to feel less warm – you will just get sticky and sweaty skin, which is plain disgusting. The only solution is to turn on a fan and wait for winter!

Coconut Conundrum

We all have that one food that we just cannot stand – for us; it’s tomatoes. They look delicious and are great cooked in things, but raw tomatoes are a complete no-go! Other people, like Bonnie’s boyfriend, despise coconuts instead.

Bonniepangart (Instagram)

Maybe it’s the nutty flavor that he cannot stand, or perhaps it’s the fact that coconut is not a nut, which gets Bonnie’s boyfriend’s blood boiling. Coconut is actually a fruit, so eating one counts as your five a day!

Pickle Problems

We’re not sure why manufacturers make them so hard to open – you would think that they would want their customers to eat the pickles! But it appears not because we are yet to meet a pickle jar that’s easy to open.

Bonniepangart (Instagram)

If you ever struggle to open a jar like this, just give the top of the jar a slight whack on a countertop. That will help loosen the lid and make things much easier for you. Just be sure not to smash the jar!

Working From Home

Since the COVID pandemic started, many of us have experienced what it’s like to work from home for the first time. At first, the idea of not having to leave home was a pretty novel idea, but this soon wore off!

Bonniepangart (Instagram)

Sitting at home in PJs like Bonnie’s boyfriend helps to make things feel a little more comfortable, but it can be easy to get stuck in a rut. Make sure you get up, stretch your legs, and do a little exercise when you’re at home.

An Easy Fix

Are you a clean freak who lives with someone messy, and you always find yourself living in a hovel? Do you want to ask your loved ones to clean up without making them angry? Well, it seems Bonnie has the solution for you!

Bonniepangart (Instagram)

Just tell your loved one you are having friends over – that will surely get them cleaning! Of course, we’re not living in the 1950s anymore, and it’s the responsibility of both men and women to keep the house tidy. Don’t just depend on one person to do it!

Parental Approval

Taking your partner home to meet your family is never going to be something easy, mainly because you have no idea how they’re going to react. We love Bonnie’s comic for this moment because it feels so realistic and adorable.

Bonniepangart (Instagram)

Parents seem to approve of almost everything else, such as drawings and schoolwork, but they’ve always got something to say when it comes to a new life partner! We hope that Bonnie’s mom came around and approved Bonnie’s choice of man.

Unexpected Tan

If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere that gets hot weather during the summer, we usually feel pretty jealous of you. But, looking at this comic, we are glad to be residents of a country with grey skies and rain.

Bonniepangart (Instagram)

After all, there’s no danger of getting an unexpected mask tan on your face! This is not something many of us think about, and we believe that Bonnie’s expression in the last frame is hilarious. What a pity it is!

Dirty Clothes

Here’s another solution for those dirty roommates that you might be living with. Instead of just waiting for them to tidy up their mess, try chucking it at them – it will undoubtedly provoke a reaction! Of course, only do this with dirty clothes…

Bonniepangart (Instagram)

Throwing dirty plates is for sure going to end up as a disaster for everyone! We’re not sure why Bonnie’s boyfriend has left his dirty boxers on the table, but we guess that the name fits as they “boxed” him alright!

Keeping Updated

This next comic is so adorable, as it shows that even Bonnie’s relationships with her friends are just as cute as her boyfriend’s! Even when they don’t speak for a long time, her friends keep track of Bonnie’s life by following these comics.

Bonniepangart (Instagram)

We feel the same way, too, as these comics have given us a great insight into Bonnie’s life. That being said, make sure you check in with your loved ones regularly, as we’re confident that they would love to keep learning about your life.

Large Containers

There’s nothing quite as embarrassing as going to the store and running out of shopping bags. Of course, you could always pick one up from there, but it makes you feel unprepared and like you’re personally offending Mother Nature herself.

Bonniepangart (Instagram)

Never fear – a boyfriend is here! Even at a restaurant, boyfriends are great for packing away that leftover food, so the thought of a to-go box never has to cross your mind. Bonnie’s boyfriend is useful for so many things!


One good thing about working for a big company is that you have plenty of people to help support you. After all, they do say that “teamwork is dreamwork!” If you’re self-employed, then you know it’s a very different story.

Bonniepangart (Instagram)

Especially for an artist like Bonnie, working can be a pretty lonely task because you have to do everything yourself. Make sure you have a good network of people to support you outside of work if this is the case for you.

More Uses

We’ve already seen a variety of ways in which Bonnie’s boyfriend is helpful to her, so you might be surprised to see another! This time, it’s as someone who can carry a bunch of things, and not just for Bonnie.

Bonniepangart (Instagram)

Naturally, every relationship needs a good amount of TLC – tote, lug, and carry! Of course, we’re just joking, and we know that Bonnie truly does appreciate her boyfriend. He does many things for her and vice versa, so the feelings are mutual.

Saucy Something

Here’s another post that might divide people – sauce or no sauce? We all fall into one of the camps, with some people saturating their food in sauce and others altogether avoiding it. Put two people together, and you’ve got a recipe for success…

Bonniepangart (Instagram)

…because there will never be too much sauce! You can put this stuff on absolutely anything, like Bonnie’s boyfriend has done. He appears pretty confused that she has left so much on her plate, and we can guess where it will go.

Rain, Rain, Rain

Our next entry might be a bit more on the cheesy side, but we still love it! Bonnie’s boyfriend appears to be the perfect guy for her, as he lifts her up on days when she is sad, and he is always there to help.

Bonniepangart (Instagram)

Even when it’s raining, his award-winning smile seems like it’s bright enough to blast away any rainclouds in the sky! We reckon that everyone deserves someone as precious as Bonnie’s boyfriend in their lives since he seems like quite the catch.

Hand Holding

Going for a walk in freezing weather can really be a killer, especially if you live someplace cold like Scotland or Canada. The best solution is to hold hands like Bonnie is doing with her boyfriend. It’s so freaking cute!

Bonniepangart (Instagram)

Honestly, who needs gloves when you have the hot hands of somebody who loves you? That’s more than enough to make us feel warm, both on the inside and out. It’s crazy, but it’s true – love does make the world go round.

Totally Serious

We can’t get over how funny this one is, as we’re sure that everyone’s been here before! There’s something about super serious situations that actually feels hilarious. You just want to do something completely stupid and ridiculous to break the silence.

Bonniepangart (Instagram)

Bonnie should be thankful that it was just a raspberry that she made with her mouth – if she did a fart, the situation would be way more painful! Hopefully, the other people saw the funny side to things and laughed along.

I’m Here

Any dog owner knows this following situation all too well! Dogs have a real knack for knowing when we’re eating delicious food, and they’ll do anything they can to be good boys. Why? So they can get a bite, of course!

Bonniepangart (Instagram)

It should come as no surprise that dogs love the taste of pizza, as we’re yet to meet anybody who hasn’t fallen in love with this delicious food. Pizza is good. Pizza is life – you cannot stop at just one bite!

Minor Things

Why is it that minor things always feel ten times worse than serious things?! Even something as simple as getting a paper cut can completely ruin your day. Bonnie has shown this perfectly in this comic below because we feel frustrated looking at it!

Bonniepangart (Instagram)

There are plenty of little things that can get your blood boiling on a daily basis, such as getting your pants stuck on a door handle. Just remember to take things easy and that nothing is as severe as it seems.

Heavy Blanket

If you’re feeling stressed out or anxious about something, then we highly recommend investing in a weighted blanket as Bonnie did. Wrapping one around you can almost instantly relieve your worries and make you feel a lot more at ease.

Bonniepangart (Instagram)

The jury’s still out on the exact science behind this. Still, many people reckon that it’s because weighted blankets help us to feel like other mothers are holding us. As we all know, babies worry about nothing at all, so it’s a great memory!

Too True

Our last comic rang true yesterday, rings true today, and will ring true forever! There are plenty of people out there with essential jobs who keep on working even during difficult periods like with COVID-19. We respect them so much.

Bonniepangart (Instagram)

They stay at work during these problems, so we should do our best to stay at home to say thank you. Of course, there are times that you must leave your house, but you should do your best to mask up and take the vaccine.