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Ever Wondered What Superheroes Are Up To When They Aren’t Busy Saving The World?

With the world a safer place since the last time they saved the day, it might have crossed your mind to think about what the Avengers and Justice Leaguers get up to in their downtime. Prepare yourself because you may be in for a surprise. We’d like to introduce you to Lucas Nascimento, also referred to as Dragonarte. This guy creates amusing cartoons about superheroes and all of the everyday routines and scenarios in which they find themselves in. Even better, this incredibly gifted artist is also a master at drawing smart comic strips with global appeal and can be understood by people anywhere due to the simple wording and fantastic artwork. So scroll down and see what Dragonarte thinks superheroes do when they have some free time.

All images in this article are courtesy of dragonartebr.official on Instagram

Superhuman hygiene

We rarely consider the everyday hygiene routines that superheroes must undertake, such as nail clipping. If their toenails are excessively long, kicking a villain must be pretty painful. Of course, this applies to fingernails too. But how can Superman keep his Mani/Pedi in tip-top shape? Well, there is a way!

courtesy of dragonartebr.official

Perhaps he should be more cautious about where the toenails eventually wind up. Presumably, none of the plane’s passengers knew that their hero placed them in peril. Plus, Superman really ought to get his feet done by a professional. Just look at the awful state of those ghastly nails!

Metahuman Martial Arts

We forget that Batman isn’t exactly a superhero because he’s so elegant. He’s just a regular guy with an endless supply of cash, a slick butler, and keen sleuthing abilities. In the case of Superman, however, this is not the situation. He isn’t a wealthy man, after all.

courtesy of dragonartebr.official

He isn’t even an Earthling. His invincibility and talents are just a part of who and what he is. So, if they took a martial arts class together, we should anticipate Batman to be far above ordinary and Superman just to be a total master of destruction.


What a scene to imagine! This comic includes three of the most beloved superheroes in the entire universe. Two of them are from DC, while the other is team Marvel. However, do you believe anything like this could ever happen if they worked together?

courtesy of dragonartebr.official

Well, Batman and Superman are working in unison, saving lives, and then we see Spiderman. The DC characters are fleeing the conflagration with citizens in hand, but Spiderman is carrying something much more unexpected. But it’s difficult to pass judgment on him. Growing boys and young superheroes need to consume a lot of food.

Super Selfie

It’s pretty touching to be seeing Batman and Superman working in unison and hanging out on their days off. Despite the fact that they are both members of the Justice League, people rarely think of them as the closest of buddies.

courtesy of dragonartebr.official

It appears here, though, that they get along swimmingly. They are constantly saving the world, so it’s beautiful to see them unwinding a little and snapping a few pictures. Having Batman be the selfie stick is what puts the cherry on top of this Superhero Sundae!


Wolverine’s claws seem like they’d be pretty handy to have at one’s disposal. They’re practically unbreakable, and if he’s not using them, they quickly withdraw into his hands. However, it appears that he isn’t always willing to put them to use at their peak abilities.

courtesy of dragonartebr.official

As shown in this cartoon, another beneficial element is that he could have used them as additional “fingers.” We can’t say we begrudge Logan for just not opening cans with his claws, but cleaning them before they rust must be dull if he spills soda on those blades.

Let it go and get over here!

Elsa was allegedly the antagonist when “Frozen” was first written. This is unsurprising given that the film is modeled mainly on the Snow Queen. Though we are all familiar with her as the story’s lovely, mystical heroine, we can’t help wondering what she’d be like as the foe.

courtesy of dragonartebr.official

Sub-Zero apparently discovered a remarkable similarity in Elsa and had a good time cosplaying as her. Perhaps the two are linked in some parallel universe. Regrettably, Scorpion entered and destroyed Sub-pleasant Zero’s dress-up session. He looked terrific, in our opinion!

Gotta catch that tune!

It’s nearly impossible to decipher that superhero’s moniker without hearing the Static Shock title song in your head if you’re anything like us. This mix of DC and Pokémon is fantastic. Although Pikachu lacks the metagene, Pikachu’s electrical powers are enough to pick up the role.

courtesy of dragonartebr.official

Isn’t Pikachu the cutest superhero ever? Pikachu’s temperament in the series will not inspire much confidence, especially given how many times he made Ash’s life a living hell. It’s amusing to envision him showing up to apprehend crooks while yelling Pikachu.


To be honest, we’re shocked that many people dislike Aquaman. True, he’s limited to the ocean; however, the planet is 70% water, so that’s a vast territory to watch over for sure. He may not be the most public or from some other world, but he is a king!

courtesy of dragonartebr.official

We can’t see the King of the Seven Seas being afraid of a shark, but it’s a witty joke. Even under the sea, Batman maintains his sense of style by wearing his cape and cowl. Even Nemo, Dory, and Marlin appear to be having a great time and in on the prank.

Got your back!

Many ladies are drawn to the Man of steel because of his muscular physique and flawless hair. However, there is a drawback to having such big muscles, which is not being able to reach that back itch. An itch in the middle of his back appears to be difficult to reach. Thankfully, his closest mate Batman was nearby!

courtesy of dragonartebr.official

And he was glad to lend a helping hand. And, in true Batman form, he employed a tool to get the job done. While we wouldn’t expect a chainsaw to serve as a backscratcher, if you’re an invincible Kryptonian, it does. Just glance at Superman’s expression of relief.

Nightmare alley

The legendary upside-down kiss moment, of course, is iconic. This is a fantastic comic, and we aren’t even surprised to think that something like this might actually happen. Bruce Wayne is a notorious flirt, so stealing someone else’s girl, not to mention sealing the scene, is entirely a comical possibility

courtesy of dragonartebr.official

Spidey, on the other hand, shouldn’t be too concerned… Sure, Bruce Wayne is a flirtatious knucklehead; however, the Dark Knight is not. Batman is solemn, concentrated, and serious. He occasionally shows us a new aspect, but displays of PDA seem a bit far-fetched. However, we still feel awful for Peter.

What a hunk!

Do you recall that SpongeBob SquarePants story where Squidward morphed into a better-looking version of himself? This cartoon is merely Superman fixing his hair, but he really does look a little like Squidward, doesn’t he? In any case, let’s just admit that Superman is unquestionably attractive.

courtesy of dragonartebr.official

We’ve never quite grasped the significance of the curled lock of hair on his brow. But it has become a staple of his trademark look, and we can’t think of any other style looking better on him. Can you do it?

Aim straight

This prank is a vintage, yet we still enjoy it. If you’re wondering why we think this all so amusing, it’s because Stormtroopers are infamous for their poor aim. It’s so awful that some folks swear they’ll never be able to strike a target.

courtesy of dragonartebr.official

They appear to have the same issue when it comes to taking care of their…ablutions. We’re certain all of the Star Wars enthusiasts are laughing their heads off right now. However, we do have one lingering question: why is Batman going all return of the dark knight, outside?

Batman: Joker

In this animated strip, Aquaman isn’t the only one who has been harmed by Batman. He seemed to take pleasure in tormenting all of the Justice League members. It may have been hard to outwit the Man of Steel, yet Batman was resourceful, as always!

courtesy of dragonartebr.official

Superman must surely be wary of civilian casualties. Most people would be fatally wounded by his incredible strength and heat sight alone. Batman thought ahead and took shelter behind those Umbrella Corporation crates (we love this easter egg!) to quietly observe his joke play out.

Superhero problems require superhero solutions

Masks have been an integral part of everyday life ever since the dawn of 2020. Because heroes have always been about saving lives, they were most likely the first to wear a mask. What about individuals who do not have ears to attach their masks to?

courtesy of dragonartebr.official

The solution is simple for shapeshifters such as the Martian Manhunter. We like how inventive this is, but then again, those small hands are a touch disturbing. Why can’t he just build ordinary ears like everyone else? M’gann, hopefully, chose something a little more regular than the ones above.

Great power carries a great burden

Spiderman creates spontaneous webs on occasion, although he mostly depends on web-shooters. His capacity to adhere to things is one of his innate gifts. Although this is useful for scaling up tall buildings, it isn’t always as helpful in his everyday life.

courtesy of dragonartebr.official

With great power comes great responsibility, also, with great responsibility comes great issues. Peter Parker does have a non-superhero existence even while he’s out somewhere as Spiderman, so it’s natural that he wants to check his cellphone for messages from time to time. However, those sticky hands appear to be a problem with touch screens!

Saved by the outhouse

Superman and Batman are apparently playing darts…with a Batarang! Guys, you made a fantastic decision. We’re not going to use projectiles. Let’s just toss the “has the potential to murder people weapon” at one of the world’s fastest people. The outcome, to be honest, isn’t all that surprising.

courtesy of dragonartebr.official

Superman, we’re certain, didn’t plan to muck up the lavatory. We’re sure Batman is boiling inside at Superman’s inherent talent, despite his stoicism. The Flash does not appear to be pleased. These are the kinds of antics you’d never see in a comic book.

Number 2 emergency!

That’s the kind of partnership that everyone wishes to witness, but nobody really gets to see. In most ordinary comics, we’ve encountered Superman and Batman and, on occasion, even Superman, Batman, and Spiderman. However, we knew you all never expected Antman to join in on the fun.

courtesy of dragonartebr.official

It’s hardly the flashiest introduction, but it’s undoubtedly the most amusing. Once he’s in his suit, that tiny piece of toilet roll might just be enough, but Superman needs way more than a mere scrap. The air purifier is a kind gesture, but in such a miniature can, we doubt it will do much good at all.

Stop wasting my time

Recall the Stormtrooper who couldn’t find a restroom? Their issues, however, do not end there. We’re not sure why Batman is battling Stormtroopers, to begin with. So, he’s on the Death Star, or is he in Gotham? In any case, that wouldn’t be a particularly exciting fight.

courtesy of dragonartebr.official

Batman, as y’all know, is always prepared and vigilant in case he is called upon to battle. He adopted a defensive approach and readied to throw several Baterangs at the very first hint of trouble… With Stormtroopers, though, this isn’t essential.

Superhero toddlers

Let’s start with the fact that newborn Clark Kent is gorgeous. We can’t get over how adorable this cartoon is. One of these shuttles appears to be heading to Smallville, whereas the other seems to be heading to Mount Paozu. A lot of people are fans of Superman and Goku!

courtesy of dragonartebr.official

As a result, we’re confident that many people will like this comic. It’s merely a sweet, family-friendly crossover of two darling children on their way to better foster families. We can only imagine what might have happened if they both landed up in the same place. Now there is an idea for a whole new storyline!

What in tarnation?

It’d have to be Batman’s Batarangs if we had to select one weapon that we associate with him. Those razor-sharp bat-shaped shurikens are honestly no joke, and he throws them so quickly that villains’ weaponry is frequently blasted right out of their grasp.

courtesy of dragonartebr.official

This time, however, it’s different! We’re baffled as to why Batman has given up. He presumably has a ballistic vest underneath his outfit, and he has an ample amount of additional weapons in his utility belt. Even so, losing your initial layer of protection must be terrifying.

Glutton for punishment

If we’re being completely honest, we pity Wile. E. Coyote. We genuinely believe that. Let’s face it, that guy just wants to eat! Start by looking at his sad expression. We may not be the only ones, according to this comic; Superman won’t let anyone down.

courtesy of dragonartebr.official

Wile. E isn’t one of them. We hardly imagined we’d even be asking such a thing, but do you believe the Roadrunner or Superman would win? Wile. E’s lousy luck appears to have triumphed over Superman’s power and abilities. Whenever a hero arrives to help him, Wile. E can’t seem to get a break.

Go ahead, make my day!

Since we’re already in a philosophical mood, the first thing that came to us when we saw this photo was, “What is Shin Chan really doing here with baby Spiderman?” Fortunately, we weren’t alone in our thoughts. It’s Plasticman, the malleable superhero from DC Comics, we now know.

courtesy of dragonartebr.official

Plasticman is not only a superhero for ordinary people but also for heroes. Spiderman’s transformation into a kite surely made his day. Spidey, what a fantastic idea. Plasticman seemed to be having a great time as well. Don’t you just adore our chibi action heroes?

Master Cutter

We watch our beloved heroes punching sinister villains and throwing them in jail in comic books, movies, and TV shows. However, with all of the action and guns whizzing about, their outfits are bound to tear and get ripped on a regular basis.

courtesy of dragonartebr.official

Keeping Batman looking spic and span and action-ready is easy as he has many people to help him, including a butler. Peter Parker, on the other hand, isn’t so lucky. He only has one suit and must take proper care of it. Who thought Spiderman also had to be a master tailor?

Cloud 9

In this comic, we’re envious of Superman. Yes, we understand that clouds are nothing more than a combination of water and air, but clouds seem so puffy that we can’t help but think about what it would be like to lie in them. It’s something we’d like to do just once in our lives.

courtesy of dragonartebr.official

Superman undoubtedly frequently sleeps there in the clouds to just escape from everything, but it doesn’t appear that Batman will let him do so. The biggest mystery here is how Superman managed to hover alongside the milk container and cushion.

Venom alert!

Venom is among Spiderman’s most formidable adversaries. He is, in actuality, an alien symbiote that combines with a carrier, granting them superpowers. Symbiotes may appear to be harmless, but they are not. This is why Spiderman is in such a tizzy.

courtesy of dragonartebr.official

It appears that he was overly concerned. We thought it was Venom trying to combine with Peter initially, but it’s just an oil leak. The cleanup team appears to be as perplexed as Spiderman seems to be embarrassed. But we can’t blame him for being over-cautious.

Doctor Strange: When nature calls

In all of the comic universes, there seem to be hundreds, if not thousands, of superheroes, but only a few of them are well-known. Fans are discovering new superheroes that are lesser-known (and don’t have their own comic strips) owing to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

courtesy of dragonartebr.official

We’re glad to see a Doctor Strange cartoon on this list. Even if Doctor Strange is indeed a conscientious superhero, we’re sure he cuts corners from time to time. However, we can’t imagine Benedict Cumberbatch performing this stunt in a film. He’s far too composed for such shenanigans.

You sneeze, you lose

Superman possesses a wide range of superhuman powers, which he wisely employs. It’d be difficult not to make such a mess with that kind of power at your disposal, particularly while trying to stifle them. That’s why he’s Superman, and the rest of us aren’t.

courtesy of dragonartebr.official

Fortunately, he didn’t lose control and cause this kind of damage as he grew older. Superman must hate it when he has a cold. His sneezes have the power to destroy entire buildings! He was able to keep Lois safe and sound, which was fortunate.

Guess who?

We’re amazed that Deadpool hasn’t made this list yet. Perhaps it’s because he’s so ridiculous in the cartoons and films that there’s little room for speculation about what he’s doing in his leisure time. Don’t you think this is exactly what Deadpool would do in the same comic?

courtesy of dragonartebr.official

Daredevil is blind for someone who doesn’t know. So…can you see where we’re headed with this? To be honest to Matt, most of his other instincts would likely tell him it’s Wade. In this situation, it is Deadpool who is mocked.

Mr. I have a plan for everything

Among the most critical questions in the comic world is who would triumph in a fight between Batman and Superman. Supporters of either character would have a strong case for either hero, but we may not have a definitive answer because they usually fight together.

courtesy of dragonartebr.official

Because Superman is nearly impenetrable and unbeatable, Batman will have to think outside the box if they were in actual combat. It may feel unethical to use Kryptonite, but we’re certain Bruce didn’t lose much sleep over that. He’s cool like that.


It’s critical to respect each other’s belongings when living with one another. Someone who is particularly particular regarding their food may opt to name it. You must always inquire before consuming something that isn’t yours, no matter how perfect you are.

courtesy of dragonartebr.official

This was a hard lesson for Superman to learn. To be really fair to Batman, he didn’t even come up with the idea for this trick entirely on his own. Plasticman decided to stir the pot. But Batman isn’t exactly blameless, as we see him lurking around and whistling along.

Not again!

We witnessed Batman trying to overpower a villain by tossing his Batarang, only for the villain to brush it aside like an irritating bug in one of the previous comics. So, here’s the second installment of Batman’s shuriken talents. Regrettably, things keep going against him.

courtesy of dragonartebr.official

This enigmatic individual has obviously studied Batman’s combat tactics. Although guns are deadly weapons, this is most likely the safest method of using firearms. Batman has now been defeated twice by the same opponent. I’m hoping he doesn’t start carrying a firearm in the utility belt right now.

Gotta get those calories in!

We’ve already discussed Superman’s stellar physique, but Juggernaut brings Superman to waste. However, we must inquire as to why the comic designers chose his costume to be designed in this manner. Why is the headgear shaped like a cupola? Lucas Nascimento, on the other hand, has a hypothesis.

courtesy of dragonartebr.official

It appears to be the ideal location for him to stash his munchies. Even villains have a soft spot for McDonald’s occasionally. The M is reversed. Is that why it’s called WcDonald’s? One thing is sure: he will not share his dinner.


If you grew up in a wintry climate, you almost certainly had a beloved sled. An old plastic basin was ours. Whenever we attempted to downhill or jump, it always gained the proper amount of momentum, and that baby handled beautifully on a curve. Peter Parker, it appears, stands with us.

courtesy of dragonartebr.official

We’d love to have the opportunity to sled on Captain America’s shield. Don’t you believe Spiderman should really have asked permission first? In the background, we can’t help noticing Batman skiing. He appears to like appearing in the backdrop of people’s lives.

Cock that gun

We admire Lucas Nascimento’s inventiveness. He offers our beloved superheroes a lighthearted spin on both their everyday lives and in their epic fights. Wolverine’s healing speed is impressive, but the beams are still painful. Luckily, he has the support of his fellow X-Men.

courtesy of dragonartebr.official

We never imagined Cyclops being used as a laser weapon, but now we have!  Frankly, we wouldn’t enjoy being thrown on our side and treated as some kind of a WMD, but he appears to enjoy it. Our question is as follows: In the last block, what part of him is he using as the trigger, eeuww.. we really don’t want to know.

Be mindful, Kal!

It’s past time for Superman to learn to regulate his powers. As previously said, one blow from the guy would be enough to transport a man to another universe. Isn’t it interesting to observe that show of strength on the big screen?

courtesy of dragonartebr.official

That’s a little disappointing, rather than protecting the planet, the Justice League is floating in space. Take a look at Cyborg over there! This is a case of a covert operation gone horribly wrong. But why are Rick and Morty simply standing around doing nothing?

Flash be tripping

Flash can be seen running at his average crazy fast speed. Everything appears to be going fine. Everything was going swimmingly until he stumbled over a Dragon Ball. Whenever an unstoppable juggernaut comes into contact with an immovable object, this is what occurs.

courtesy of dragonartebr.official

This comic makes us question if the Flash should spend a substantial amount of time staring down at his boots to ensure he doesn’t trip over something. Considering the dangers he faces in his line of work, it is pretty potent workplace hazard. Always better to keep your guard up!

Nope nope nope!

This terrifying comic depicts what may have happened if Captain America possessed the Ant-Man costume before he was ever encased in ice. While he may not have noticed the passing of time or been aware of his surroundings while frozen, the idea of becoming a meal is simply absurd.

courtesy of dragonartebr.official

This isn’t even Cap’s fault. Batman is a world-famous investigator; therefore, if someone were caught in his food, he’d notice. Thankfully, it was all a nightmare. We also want to recognize and admire the mounted Bucky photograph on Captain America’s bedside table.

What is happening?

With each new installment of a superhero movie, we are left to question where the new team was during The Snap. The Justice League obviously gets a break every now and then, but whenever we see crossovers, we can’t help wondering how things could have turned out if they had been involved.

courtesy of dragonartebr.official

Did Thanos manipulate reality and transform Iron Man into some strange kind of an egg with the Infinity Stones? Tony Stark, may you rest in peace. After all, we can’t just let Batman go. What do you think he’ll do about the Infinity Gauntlet?

Super Saiyan Batman

Whatever your feelings about Batman, you can almost agree wholeheartedly that his origin story is awful. As he got a bit older, he learned to channel his sadness and tragedy into strength. But what if something gave him some power? Also, we’re not sure why Vegeta is so terrified!

courtesy of dragonartebr.official

Is it because he is afraid of dealing with yet another warrior, like Goku? Is it jealousy, or is it something else? Whatever it is, we admire Lucas’ attention to detail, as evidenced by his Scouter on the night table.

Influencer Supes

We can’t fault our beloved heroes for trying to join in on the fun and share photographs of them saving the day or enjoying life with their buddies in the era of social media. Superman seemed to be enamored with the concept!

Batman, on the other hand, isn’t convinced. In this photograph, we can sense the Dark Knight’s rage. And there’s no way to argue with his statement. We also enjoy the responses from other heroes. It’s adorable, to say the least!