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Creative Ways To Reuse Items We Normally Throw Away

Many individuals and organizations have developed better strategies to make our environment eco-friendlier and all-inclusive. If we slowly start to make small changes in our lives, big things will come. We hope that together we can learn better ways to make the environment eco-friendlier as we make good use of readily available items in our yard or neighborhood. By following the ideas highlighted below, we can reduce our carbon footprint and make the universe less harmful to humans and wildlife. From using an old t-shirt as a nail polish remover pan to patching holes with embroidery; this piece explores 45 achievable strategies for a green lifestyle that will help you save more financially. Let’s throw out less and reuse more!


Every functional kitchen deserves a cake pan on its shelves. If you love cooking different shapes for pancakes and cakes, you may find yourself spending more buying pans of different shapes and sizes to only use once or twice. If you enjoy experimenting in the kitchen, this next hack is perfect for you!

Photo Credits: Philadelphia/Reddit

Instead of selling the pans, this creative store introduced an idea that saves your kitchen space and your money! You can rent a pan at a fraction of the cost of purchasing one, bake your cake, and then return it as per the agreement. Renting pans creates zero waste while allowing the freedom to create!

Tie-Dyed Old Tee

Almost every person has stained t-shirts in their wardrobe. When your tees wear out, you may feel like throwing them away. Fortunately, you can employ simple hacks to reuse and revive these tees. Imagine no longer having to sideline your t-shirts after they have stains that can’t come out.

Photo Credits: upcycling/Reddit

Instead of leaving it lying around your closet or chucking it, you can use readily available bleach to change the look. You can opt for natural colors associated with beetroots or red onions if you want to add colors. Boil it together with vinegar to produce a stronger color.

Bag Made from Fabric Poster

If you have some older fake leather or nylon-type fabric that you no longer need, you can create new products. With the help of a durable poster, you can upcycle it to make unique items with exciting writing and prints, making them more attractive as a unisex handbag. You may need a lesson in design to pull this off!

Photo Credits: tessactm

For a better environment, we should develop the habit of repurposing and recycling fabric items before they are completely torn up and worn out. If you find a piece lying around after it’s entirely out of shape, you can salvage the usable scrap pieces to create something new.

Nail Polish Fabric Deco

If you have a makeup kit, the high chances are that it contains the typical items: lipsticks, nail polish, and cotton pads. Once in a while, you may run out of makeup remover pads, but you are then stuck with no way to remove your old nail polish. You can reuse an old t-shirt as your cloth to remove.

Photo Credits:

Instead of dumping old t-shirts, reusing them as makeup remover pads are a better and cheaper idea. Using the piece for a while helps you get a unique colorful design that stands out like the one above. If you can manage to get the acetone smell out of it after, you may be tempted to wash and get it back on.

Old Candle Wax

As a candle burns, the wax melts and collects at the bottom of the holder. Your first instinct may be to get rid of the resin, which can be a sticky challenge and wasteful. Instead of disposing of burned-out and used-up candles, you can collect the candle wax to reuse for making new candles.

Photo Credits: Shrek/Reddit

The new candles may have an odd shape, but they are just as capable of lighting your room or setting the mood. You can get even more creative by heating the leftover wax in a pot on a cooking stove to melt the candle down. Don’t overheat the wax; this will ensure you can mold it with your hands or pour it into molds for different shapes.

Old Fabric Patchwork

What’s your take on classic patchwork art? If you love the unique pieces, the following hack can be an excellent next project for you. If you can use fabric from old pieces of clothing rather than readily available fabrics at the store, you can use the old to create something new.

Photo Credits:

The patchwork has various similarities to mosaic art. The patchwork above shows the change you can make using old fabric that you may be tempted to dispose of. After several attempts, you will have better pillowcases and blankets fully customized to your specifications.

Old Wool Pet Bed

If you value your animal’s comfort, this hack can help you build them a unique bed at a low cost. Most pet shops sell comfortable pet beds at significantly high prices. With the use of fabric, wool, or old clothing, you can put a new bed together for nothing!

Photo Credits:

This image shows how they transformed an old woolly sweater into a stylish pet bed. You may need to get nifty with needles to pull this through. This is both adorable and practical. When you leave the house, your animal gets lonely. They would be so happy to curl into a bed that smells just like you!

Plastic Bag Packaging- Repurposed

Plastic bags are notorious for polluting the environment. We’ve stripped them from many grocery stores, but they aren’t yet gone for good. The bags are our worst enemies because they aren’t biodegradable. Instead of throwing the bags away to end up in massive dumping sites, you can find better ways to reuse the plastic bags in your house.

Photo Credits: ZeroWaste/Reddit

Plastic bags may enter your home covering delicate items or an item you acquired online. If you have plastic bags, you won’t need to buy more trash bags or freezer bags. You can also use the bags to collect pet litter.

Portable Lunch Utensils

You may find yourself eating at the office or outdoors. Consider durable, reusable cutlery instead of buying plastic disposable utensils for lunch at work or in the park. You can carry them around comfortably if you have a small fabric-made pencil case.

Photo Credits:

You can clean the utensils using warm water and soap after each meal and leave them to dry. If you are at the park and have no place to wash them, you can wrap them in leftover napkins or leaves and bring them home to wash. Considering that they aren’t bulky, you will only need a tiny space in your bag to carry them along. More colleagues may join in the frenzy.

Repurposed Deco-Made Trampoline

Our next image shows a garden vine made of an ancient trampoline structure. This unique piece is impressive and unlike anything we’ve come across recently, serving as an ideal inspiration. Assuming you don’t all have an extra trampoline lying around, you can reuse any old items in your home to bring your imagination to life.

Photo Credits:

Walking around most neighborhoods, you can find broken crates and old tires lying around. People have creatively used these items to build beautiful flower beds and seats. Things like old chairs, window frames, shelves, and wardrobes can also be modified into unique masterpieces. You will spend less to make your home more adorable.

Shampoo and Conditioner Made into Soap

Containers of conditioners, bottle soaps, and shampoos are notorious for retaining some liquid at the end that you just never seem to finish. A great way to save that extra soap and shampoo is by putting them together and squeezing the last drops to create a new one. To make this fun, you can use ice-cube freezer trays to produce DIY and fully customized soaps.

Photo Credits:

Get the extra bottles of shampoos, liquid soaps, or conditioners from your friend’s home too! Pour out the remaining content into the ice cube tray, and wait for at least 24 hours. When you revisit the freezer, you will find DIY soap ready to go.

Water Jugs Made into Cat Shelters

Cats are lovely and unpredictable. We know that they love comfortable and cozy parts of the house. Building your cat’s fully customized spaces will make them feel loved and comforted by you! If you leave them outdoors, you will also make some strays happy too!

Photo Credits:

Before disposing of empty water jugs, remember that they can be an ideal bed for your cat. To make the bed, slice off the top add old pillows and torn blankets to make the interior more comfortable. We guarantee your cat will love the new space.

Wine Label Art

Most folks would never think of our next hack involving wine labels. To pull this off, you may need to pick up a hobby of collecting interesting wine bottles and sharpen your artistic skills will having a drink or two with friends!

Photo Credits: ZeroWaste/Reddit

This is a gorgeous example of someone that pasted the different labels together. They worked hard to create this design, and it’s crazy to think this is all made from zero waste! You can always use other readily available items to complete your desired piece. Alternative items include cardboard boxes, broken glasses, broken plastic, and other waste items.

Zero Waste Dried Celery

If you have rotting and grimy-looking freshly acquired celery, you may be tempted to throw it out as soon as possible. However, wait a minute because this next idea is a great one! By putting the celery aside and letting it dry, you have the chance to make a new product!

Photo Credits: GoodRisingTweets/Reddit

Once dried, use a pestle and mortar to crush the celery into a fine powder. You can also use an electric smoothie mixer to grind the celery. This is something you can do with most old veggies and herbs. Why waste cash on ready-made spices when all you need is a mortar, pestle, and the right ingredients?

Zero Waste Nature Confetti

Everyone love’s a reason to celebrate! For years, people have used confetti to mark a new husband and wife or even to reveal the gender of their baby! When you need confetti, you likely visit the nearest shop and purchase some.

Photo Credits: @LilianaHRead/Twitter

Confetti is one-time use and also something that pollutes our environment. However, the biodegradable and beautiful confetti you see above can save you money while exposing the environment to zero waste. Venture outside, gather petals and leaves lying around, and use a decorative hole puncher to produce enough confetti to decorate the space and spark curiosity among guests.

Gift Wrapping with Old Notes

Choosing the perfect gift is a headache. After getting a gift, you need to wrap it before sharing it with family and friends. We have an exciting hack for you! After cleaning your bedroom, you may come across old study notes, books, and random flyers you no longer need. This simple hack helps you get the best and most unique wrappings for future gifts.

Photo Credits: lysyl

Wrapping gifts with old notes is unique as each part of the paper is covered in your distinctive handwriting. You may also be gifting one with notes of your friend’s favorite topic or subject to make them laugh. The notes in different ink colors make the wrapping more attractive and unique.

Broken Gingerbread Man Cake Deco

What do you do with broken plain gingerbread man biscuits leftover after a party? Most people may throw them away due to their irregular shapes. After Christmas, this baker chose not to discard broken gingerbread man biscuits and used them to decorate creative designs!

Photo Credits:

The result is a design with yummy and nice-looking broken gingerbread man biscuits that you’d want to munch right away. Another idea is instead of buying decorations for a cake; you can use kitchen leftovers to make it more attractive. Besides saving extra cash, you get a fully customized cake.

Restored Stylish Furniture

If you have a taste for finer things, high-class antique furniture will top your list of items you want to make your house more beautiful. We love this concept because they fixed it into a two-piece furniture set. It also features eco-friendly paint making it more adorable.

Photo Credits: ZeroWaste/Reddit

You can take any old furniture scattered in your home or neighborhood to make new and improved items based on this idea. If you aren’t handy with tools, visit your local carpenter shop for a hand. After that, you can use water-based, eco-friendly colors before you feel like throwing them away.

Balloon Foil Wrapping

Helium balloons are a common sight in indoor and outdoor celebrations. For a long time, kids have been intrigued by the floating balloons making the place livelier. The balloons take longer to break down in landfills, making recycling essential.

Photo Credits:

After the party, wait for the balloon to deflate to be easier to store or reuse. Deflated foils can be changed into decorative stickers, gift wrapping paper, and decorative designs for the wall. You can use the paper to wrap your next present and be sure that you will stand out.

Candy Box Becomes Medicine Carrier

Mint boxes from Fisherman’s Friend are built for durability to hold mints much longer without going bad or breaking into tiny pieces. When you finish the candies, use the portable tin box for creative purposes like holding your medicine. The boxes are ergonomic and designed to fit into tiny spaces.

Photo Credits: ZeroWaste/Reddit

If you have different supplements or sets of medications, you can customize the container further to accommodate all. Use cardboard space dividers to make the piece creative with a more personal touch. Decorating the exterior makes it cute when it’s time to take medicine.

Cat Climber Made from A Dead Tree

When walking around the compound, you may come across pieces of wood scattered across the ground. You can employ DIY skills to make the piece of wood more functional or artsy. Each wooden piece can create a different item, like the cat climbers, to keep your pets occupied.

Photo Credits:

The image above shows a cat enjoying the benefits of a creative and caring owner that used a piece of wood to build an indoor climbing space. Our clever owner used an old piece of wood that had broken off or fallen. The reinforcements make it more beautiful and stronger.

Creative Solution for Missing Wrapping Paper

How would you make up for the missing bit of wrapping paper on this present? This funny approach may solicit mixed reactions, but it is a great way to cover your present and use all of the paper to the last drop. You can explain the idea behind your move and promote zero waste.

Photo Credits:

When you encounter similar clever ideas, you may scratch your head and wonder why you never thought about it before. Unfortunately, it’s common for most people to miss simple solutions when faced with complex problems. With this solution, your gift will stand out among the rest.

Desk Lamp from Old Camera

When you see a camera, the first reaction would be striking your favorite pose. What if the camera breaks down? Should the owner discard it immediately? This hack shows that old cameras can be used for more, even after taking photos.

Photo Credits:

The photo above features a camera lamp attached to wooden branches or driftwood. You will need screws, the base of a lamp, and stable means to fit the screws to hold the camera. Besides giving your office a stylish look, the camera-lamp ensures that you can study under dim light.

DIY Soap Holder

Are you in need of a soap holder? This is such an interesting hack, and we can’t wait to try it out after our next sushi date! With the help of chopsticks and thread, you can make this cute and stylish soap dish without breaking a sweat.

Photo Credits:

We love this image because it shows a simple idea that will inspire more folks to opt for simple and durable products. You can apply these skills to make dinner mats, cup coasters, table décor, and other creative items you’d love to see in your home.

Old Fabric Tweed Rug

This next piece is best for those who’re quick and nifty with their fingers. It may take time to complete, but the final product is adorable and durable. To produce this rug, you only need fabric scraps and the ability to make a simple three-strand braid.

Photo Credits: bobbyskimchi

If you have ever made a braid in someone’s hair, making this rug will be a walk in the park. Get some old clothing that is no longer wearable. Cut the cloth into fine lines and begin the braiding. The final product is fantastic and stylish, showing your taste and style.

Old Planks for A New Flower Bed

Flowers are ideal for making your home more cozy and attractive for visitors. You don’t need excellent gardening skills to maintain succulents or other less-watering plants. A little sun can go a long way. To display your plant, put together with wooden planks for a creative piece gorgeous piece.

Photo Credits:

Its simplicity makes it easy for skilled and unskilled folks to build pieces they enjoy. You can follow simple instructions and tutorial videos to produce an item that could help make the world carbon-free. There are many plastic planters out there that are not expensive, but this planter will look great and last longer.

Old Sweater Pet Bed

You can use various items in your home to make your cats and dogs more comfortable and at ease. If you have old and worn-out sweaters, you won’t have to worry about sharing the bed with your pets anymore. This creative person made an adorable pet bed using a t-shirt and sweater, and we love it.

Photo Credits:

Besides getting your worn-out sweaters and t-shirts, you need to dig deep into your arsenal of creative ideas. The creator generously shared the instructions they followed to make your work easier. You can find more straightforward ways of using old t-shirts and sweaters to design and build different household items.

Old Yarn Crotchet Make-Up Pads

If you love makeup, you’ll find this hack highly practical and beneficial for your face. These reusable makeup remover pads are affordable, comfortable, and customizable to your preference. Leftover yarn after a finished project can be crocheted or knit together to make reusable makeup pads.

Photo Credits: bobbyskimchi

For the best makeup removers, you won’t have to go to the store anymore. Use readily available soft fabric like wool, flannel, old towels, or old shirts. These nice materials will guarantee that you are using only the best for your skin.

One Piece to Three-Piece Set

Everyone buys different items depending on your needs, fashion taste, and preference when shopping for clothes. Unfortunately, clothes wear and tear in due time. Sometimes we find a fabric that we love, and we want to take advantage of. This hack can help you transform one item into three or more pieces!

Photo Credits: myog/Reddit

Get the jacket you don’t plan on wearing again, or pick one up at a thrift shop and commence the journey. A more oversized jacket can guarantee more options depending on your size. This person transformed their jacket into a cute three-piece set of a backpack, hat, and pair of shorts.

Refurbished Furniture

Every office and household strives to get the best furniture in durability and style. You may feel the need to discard old and stained pieces of furniture as you seek to fill your interior with newer ones. Thanks to furniture restoration, you can redesign and reproduce most outdated furniture.

Photo Credits: tessactm

Most individuals with carpentry skills and even some local businesses have done furniture restoration. Eco-friendly furniture restoration is profitable and brings folks closer to the zero-waste culture. After the restoration, your house will look refreshed as you explore newer and better designs.

Repurposed Plastic Deco Bottle

All households should take the initiative of repurposing plastic bottles to make the environment cleaner. Repurposing bottles reduces the need for alternative packaging while ensuring that your family reduces its carbon footprint. If you buy a large amount of dish soap in bulk, you can reduce the number of plastic bottles made. Then popping them into a bottle such as this one makes it easy to use!

Photo Credits: Costco/Reddit

The bottle’s quality and design can allow you to repurpose the bottle for as long as you need. This image shows a well-decorated and nicely shaped plastic bottle from a renowned honey brand. Clean the bottle well and use it to carry water, beverages, or cosmetic products.

Smart Water Re-Use

The world and your body are made of over 60% water. We should protect bodies of water and water sources by reducing the wastage of water in homes. Our next hack features a zero-waste idea for bathroom and toilet manufacturers and those practicing high hygiene.

Photo Credits: madgaz182

Besides being zero-waste and eco-friendly, using and reusing water is practical for any bathroom. Reusing and filtering clean water to wash your hands is a more practical solution for a water shortage. This hack helps you use less water to maintain a clean and green lifestyle.

The Staring Garbage Bin

Most people throw out items that should be recycled, knowing that nobody is watching. What if we designed garbage bins with a personality? This would make more folks think twice before throwing something away. If the eyes rotate whenever the lid moves, you’ll feel like you are being watched. No one wants to disappoint these big cute eyes!

Photo Credits: awfultwatwaffle

Kids are more notorious for using the garbage bin wrong when left alone. You can instill a sense of environmental awareness and consciousness cutely and creatively with this lid. Your kids will learn empathy and a zero-waste mindset as they interact with “humanized” items.

Zero Waste Kids Play Kitchen

Do you help your kids get the best toys for role play and other creative games? If your children love kitchen games, this amazing hack will help you create the best toy for your children. You won’t need to spend money on terrible plastic toys because everything you need is readily available around the house.

Photo Credits: crafts/Reddit

The stylish kitchen above features recycled fabric, boxes, and other items collected from around the house or neighborhood. You can also use pieces of planks of wood and nails to create a durable and quality toy that can be passed on from generation to generation.

Zero Waste Make-Up Removers

Increased use of makeup increases the need for makeup removers. If you need reusable makeup remover pads, this list can help you narrow the search. These reusable makeup removers are eco-friendly and designed to produce zero waste using readily available fabric.

Photo Credits:

The makeup removers above are made using an old blanket. If you’re wondering what to do with an old blanket, this is a great idea! You can cut the blanket in shapes and sizes you prefer to resemble disposable pads and quickly sew them together.

Zero Waste Multistore

More folks around the globe are embracing the idea of a zero-waste culture characterized by new inventions and waste management strategies, allowing the birth of various business and practical ideas. The image below shows a zero-waste local shop selling exclusively recycled products.

Photo Credits: ZeroWaste/Reddit

More folks should take the initiative of creating a broad-minded zero-waste culture. The changes make the world better for future generations that could benefit from minimal carbon footprints. More entrepreneurs can pick up this idea to profit while protecting the environment.

Building Made of Dirt and Recycled Materials

More stakeholders concentrate on cheaper and more effective ways to move towards a zero-waste generation to reduce carbon footprints. These folks introduced making this school by using recyclable material found in dumping sites around the area.

Photo Credits:

They came up with the best design ideas for next to nothing from recycled materials and dirt. Fortunately, you can use the available materials and resources to formulate your structure from things in nature and around you. We need to go back to our roots and see how our ancestors used nature in their everyday lives.

Decorative Hole Patching with Embroidery

When your clothes are torn, you may toss them away or seek the nearest tailor for immediate help. Another idea we have for you is to use a needle and thread on your own to make it more attractive and unique.

Photo Credits: Visablemending/Reddit

Instead of trying to conceal the stitch, you can take the opportunity to embroider something more creative. In other instances, you can find a simple shape, fabric, or picture from a different piece of clothing to sew on like a patch. Repurposing the clothing makes you stand out among models and renowned designers.

Retro Dr. Martens

Do you prefer boots or sneakers? If you love boots, you may be disappointed to find sneakers aligned in the market without many boots in the vicinity, especially in the hotter months. While planning a camping trip, you can always use old shoes revamped to be new again.

Photo Credits: ZeroWaste/Reddit

If you can’t find the comfort of old retro leather boots or shoes, you can revamp your own! With a few products and tricks from a shoemaker, you can take your discarded pair of old shoes to new and improved ones. There are many online tutorials for this as well.

Zero Waste Candles

Our list has featured other suggestions concerning candles but draws to an end without highlighting another great idea. When candles come in cute holders such as these, you can always wash them out when you are done and use them for other things.

Photo credits:

Despite the spelling error, the idea is still excellent! You can even put a tealight candle inside and ensure that it is in a safe fire-proof spot. As we strive to promote a zero-waste culture for a better world, we should seek to enjoy the available resources.

Tin Can Lids for Picture Hanging

Picture fans are likely to run out of space after taking more photos than their phone can store. We finally get around to printing these photos to display them on the wall at some point. If you run out of hooks to hang pictures, you can use tin lids for better results that help keep photographs intact.

Photo Credits: .blabbitygabbity

Before using can lids, consider that some edges may be sharp and likely to cause severe cuts and bruises if not appropriately handled. A quick run around the edges with some nail polish will stop it from being sharp, guaranteeing a smooth experience.

Banana Leaf Packaging

There have been efforts to use banana leaves in packaging to deliver a zero-waste solution. Leftover banana leaves are durable, easier to use, and more eco-friendly. We can use the banana leaves to pack items like veggies ensuring that they remain fresh.

Photo Credits:

The use of fresh banana leaves for packaging is an inspirational change that can help more producers reduce carbon footprints. You can also use other leaves like palm leaves when bananas aren’t available. Planting more vegetation for packaging also ensures food security.

Dumpster Book Library

Garbage collectors are essential members of society as they help us dump waste in suitable locations. Garbage collectors also come across unpleasant items, and however, sometimes they find things in perfect shape to reuse or recycle. The findings may include graphic novels, books, and other learning material.

Photo Credits: @creapills/Twitter

The photo above shows Turkish garbage workers who took the books that were thrown away to create an underground library. You can also make the neighborhood more organized by collecting books that have been thrown away by previous owners or donating your books to local shelters or recycling points.

Hand Made Wooden Cooking Spoons

The original cutlery and cooking gear were made of trusty wood. Over the years, more kitchens have been equipped with metallic and plastic ware. We can retrace steps to enjoy the benefits of wooden cooking wear dating back to ancient living and the origin of humanity.

Photo Credits: ZeroWaste/Reddit

Discard plastic, silicone, and metal cooking tools if you want to help make healthy and delicious choices for the environment. The wood pieces are beautiful when hanging on the wall and are built to last longer than pieces from unscrupulous producers. You also get to cook comfortably without fear of touching hot utensils.

Old Benches Made New

Schools and other institutions are likely to accumulate old benches, tables, and chairs. When this caretaker came across the school’s dumping site for old benches, he got creative and remade the benches to be newer and better. We hope that he got a promotion after pulling this stunt!

Photo Credits:

The transformation needed to take these benches to the next level was wood paint and finish, hardcore sanding, metal color, and dedication. He worked more during the summer holiday. The students were surprised upon resuming their studies. Reconfiguring the benches helped the school get extra benches without other expenses.