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A Comical Look At The Daily Ups And Downs Of Being A Modern Woman

This article was originally published on withmyladies

People say females are complicated. And, honestly, we get it. We girls and women ourselves sometimes don’t understand our thoughts and feelings, and more often than not, we all have those ‘what in the world’ moments when thinking of the things we do. Of course, when we say complicated, though, we mean it as it is, literally, without any splash of male opinions of what the word means in regards to us. Nevertheless, the fact remains that it’s not always easy to make others who aren’t living our lives understand us. Bella Sriwantana, an incredible comic artist from Belgium, has found a fun and easy way for others to understand our struggles through her art. Her bright and hilarious comics cover everything, including pets, memes, what it’s like having a boyfriend, and generally, just how hard it is to be a woman sometimes. And seriously, it’s kind of scary how much we can relate. Check out the true world of women that’s translated through her cheeky artwork.  

We Can’t All Unleash Our Inner Diva, Sadly

Even if a woman looks like the calmest person in the world while she has her earphones in, trust us. Once her jam comes on, her inner diva is living it up like a superstar no matter where she is. 

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/ Instagram

If we’re alone in the house, of course, we don’t hold back. We just dance like no one’s looking, no matter how bad of a dancer we are. It makes us feel good and confident, and it honestly makes us feel like a star, okay?

This Goes Without Being Said

Periods are a normal thing. We women shouldn’t be ashamed of it. Still, though, period stains aren’t the best look nor convince other people that they shouldn’t be put off by periods. That’s one of the reasons BFFs are there for each other. 

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/ Instagram

Every girl will always look out for her girlfriends everywhere. And more than just preventing any awkward social situations, she’ll also be there in support if her friend needs pads, aspirin, or any of those things. That’s what a real BFF does. 

The Shower Is The Most Magical Place For Ideas

We have no idea why or how, but the shower is the most magical place for creativity and ideas for us women. We don’t know if it’s the water or the relaxation the scents and the warmth brings. All we know is we think of our best ideas there. 

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/Instagram

That is not limited to warm baths or long showers as well. Even when we’re just answering nature’s call, ideas come flooding in. Maybe it’s where we’re also going to come up with a crazy invention or a way to make all female necessities free. 

Adulting Includes Anxiety, Right? 

It makes us so proud of ourselves to know we’re earning our own money and buying what we want for ourselves, you know? However, no matter the amount of independence we reach. Adulting still finds a way to kick us in the butt. 

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/Instagram

We don’t know what it is about talking to all those people on the phone that makes us lose grip on ourselves. It’s such a simple conversation as well, but it freaking wrecks our nerves. We still feel like we’re kids with no idea about the world every time.

Our Moms Had A Different Idea Of Fashion

As every generation says, “Our generation was very different from yours.” In the case of fashion, this is especially true for a lot of us. Just compare what we thought was cool in the 2000s versus now. It was a whole different world.

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/Instagram

Seriously, though, we kind of wish our moms had better fashion sense for their kids. We also want all those cute toddler pics. And, even if we don’t grow up as fashionistas, we can still say we had our moment. 

We, Women, Have A ‘Missing Things’ Detector

We’re not saying we’re better than everyone else at finding missing stuff, but we just are. There’s no point in denying that. It’s just one of the many things we’re born with, and we can do it better than most men. Just kidding! (Or are we?) 

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/Instagram

It’s not some kind of magic. We know this, because trust us, we also lose our own stuff occasionally. It’s probably some kind of skill our ancestors left us from all those years of having to keep the house nice and tidy for the family. 

They Lie!

This is one of the most frustrating parts of shopping. At the shop, everything kind of looks good, and we get out of the dressing room having high hopes for ourselves and our purchases. When we get home, though, the truth is revealed. 

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/Instagram

Seriously, though, we think all those mirrors are charmed or made to dupe us or something. They got to have that as part of their marketing tactic. That’s why it’s never wise to trust how things look in the fitting room. Never. They lie!

Our Duality!

Our relationship with the delivery people is probably one of the most intimate ones we have. They’ve seen us at our best, and they’ve also seen us in our most natural state of being. You can almost even say we’re besties. 

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/Instagram

Honestly, though, the delivery people are just some of the people we trust most to see us in our natural state. We know that they might judge, but they’ll forget anyway. If not, they’ll quickly get used to it. 

Facial Exercise + Makeup

There is a logical explanation for a lot of those weird faces we do when putting on our makeup, okay? We admit that about 70% of the expressions we make when putting on our face have completely no reason behind them at all. 

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/Instagram

You know, that weird thing our mouth does when we’re putting on mascara or eyeliner? Yep, no clue. That thing our eyes do when we put on fake lashes? You guessed it. We have no idea why as well. Just don’t ask. 

We Don’t Want To Admit It, But We All Love Gossip

Women don’t love drama, okay? We all want to live peaceful lives like everybody else. It’s a different case, though when it comes to hearing all about it. That’s one thing we will always have time for. We are good listeners in this subject.

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/Instagram

Whenever a friend or someone we know comes to us bearing drama, we’re always ready to bust out the tea (or coffee and maybe even wine) like, “Yes, tell your girl everything.” There’s nothing more fun than those gossip sessions. 

We’d All Be Freaking Millionaires

There is nothing more true than this statement. If every woman out there was given even a cent every time they uttered these words, the majority of millionaires in the world would be women. It would be a never-ceasing source of wealth. 

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/Instagram

Every time we say those words, we also know that we’re just kidding ourselves. We just say it probably because it’s like our default comfort lie. We know we’re not going to do it, but at least we know we can do it someday, maybe.

The Story Of Our Life

We admire people who love waking up to the sunset or who love making the most of the daylight, but seriously, how in the world do they do it? We don’t even fully awake until 3 in the afternoon, and by then, we’re already feeling the afternoon sluggishness. 

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/Instagram

We also feel kind of personally attacked by this one. Yes, we know it’s our own fault we feel this way during the day. And yes, we also know that we can do something about it, but do we? Of course not. Who are we kidding? We love the night!

We Love Plants But Well

If only everyone were gifted with a green thumb, maybe our lives would be the tiniest bit better. Unfortunately, while a lot of us love plants and would love to have a lot of them in our homes, not everyone is meant to raise plants. 

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/Instagram

It’s like having kids. While some of us might want those little creatures running around the house, some of us are just meant to be the cool aunts who get to admire them from afar and give them a little love from time to time. 

Well, What Can We Say

Before anything else, we’ll just say, not every woman out there is like this. There are some of us who don’t give a flying care in the world about Valentine’s day or romantic gestures. Still, though, surprise gestures of affection are nice from time to time. 

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/Instagram

We won’t deny it. We love it when our partners show us just how much they appreciate our presence in their lives, even without us having to tell them to do it. But, trust us, it’s no trap, at least completely. Maybe just a little bit. 

We’re Always Christened A New Name

If a worker has ever gotten your name right while ordering at any cafe down to the last letter, you are one lucky person. It’s one of our biggest desires in life to get our names right on one of those coffee cups, but it just never seems to work out.

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/Instagram

We think the people working in those cafes do it on purpose, though, and we’re not mad. It’s one of the best ways to get back at all those rude customers. We’d probably do it ourselves if we were them. 

We Need Prep Alarms For The Real Alarm

We all love to sleep, okay? And we all need it to not wake up like a monster. Unfortunately, sometimes, we can embody sleeping beauty a little too much that one alarm just won’t be enough to wake us up. 

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/ Instagram

All the alarms before the time we should really wake up are just prep alarms. They are there to warn our brains and bodies that it’s soon time to rejoin the land of the living. It’s so that when our real alarm goes off, we actually wake up like a decent human beings. Sorry not sorry to roommates or spouses, though. 

Thanks, Maskne

This pandemic has given a lot of us more time to focus on taking care of ourselves, especially when it comes to skincare since we’re mostly at home not wearing makeup. Sadly, not all of us were lucky enough for a glow-up. 

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/Instagram

Instead of having that blemish-free skin unaffected by the pollution, dirt, and everything else we get outside, we have ‘maskne’ thanks to those pesky masks we thought would work. We’d still take ‘maskne’ every day rather than Covid, though. 

The Accuracy Hurts

When you’re on your period, everything you do becomes a potential cause for a stain. Even just the simplest of things like sneezing and sitting are already things you should be on high alert for. And this happens on a monthly basis.

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/Instagram

It’s honestly one of the most annoying things ever. Imagine you’re just sitting down, and you think, “Okay, we’re not moving. We’re safe.” And then you get up and see the big fat red mark you left behind on the chair. Anyone would be mortified!

It’s A Forever Kind Of Love

Whoever invented the statement, “A moment on the lips, forever on the hips,” clearly hasn’t had much fun in their life. Sorry not sorry, but we are never going to take their advice because we want to live a happy life. 

image courtesy of bella.illustration/Instagram

Whoever invented fries, though, deserves a freaking medal. Those delicious things are a part of our freaking happiness, and they have helped get us through so much stuff, from breakups to simple nights when we’re just not feeling our very best. 

It’s The Thought That Counts

Sometimes, you just can’t really trust anyone’s “HAHAHA” or “LOL” because we know, okay? We know what it feels like to type in those replies to messages that warrant them. And we know exactly what our faces look like while doing so. 

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/Instagram

When it comes to these things, don’t judge us based on our facial expressions. We might look lifeless while typing in these messages, but trust us, we might be really laughing out loud in our heads. Just remember, it’s the thought of it that counts. 

The TikTok Black Hole

Much like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, TikTok is a black hole nobody can get out of once they start. In fact, it might even be more addictive than the other three because once you start TikTok, you kind of forget the other three exist. 

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/Instagram

We always catch ourselves saying, “Okay, just five minutes on TikTok for this little work break.” And then, five minutes go by, and we’re still there, looking at people doing dance challenges or watching dark humor skits. A few hours later and a truckload of tasks undone, and we’re still freaking there. 

Your Opinion Doesn’t Count

Seriously, we women have been through so much stuff and have fought for so much of our lives. What we want to wear shouldn’t be another thing we have to freaking argue over with other people on a daily basis. 

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/Instagram

We don’t care if it doesn’t suit our body type or if the color doesn’t look great on us. We’ll wear it just because we want to, and we’re not going to let anybody stop us. If they have any problem, maybe they should just keep their mouths shut. 

100% Annoyingly True

People who wear glasses have to deal with more than just ‘maskne.’ As it seems, masks and glasses don’t agree with one another. There’s the slipping of the glasses. There’s also the pain behind the ears. And, of course, there’s the fogging. 

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/Instagram

The fogging is probably the worst because there’s already the heat and the sweat from the mask, and then we’re not able to see. We can’t take the glasses off either because as much as we want to be safe from the virus, we also don’t want to die tripping down the stairs. 

Gotta Play It Cool

This is one of the best moments to test your acting skills. You have to know just the right words to say to avoid giving it away that you have zero clue who the person is, and you also have to have the right amount of wit to get them to tell you who they are and how you know each other. 

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/Instagram

We think this has happened to all of us at least once in our lives. Once is still acceptable, though. Twice or three times, you’re still kind of in the safe zone. More than that, you seriously have to work on your memory rather than your acting. 

You Got To Make Room For Precious Dessert

When we ladies say we’re full, we rarely mean it. There will always be space for a little bit more delicious food, especially when it comes to dessert. We reserve a particular spot only for that, so we don’t miss out on any of that sweet yummy goodness. 

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/Instagram

It’s what you call prioritizing and delegating. This way, we get to feed ourselves properly, and we get to calm the desert monster in us that’s always lurking after every meal. You have to admit that it’s pretty neat. 

This Just Hurts

As our patience and tolerance for nonsense dwindle, so does our circle of people we trust and the ones we want to spend time with. Sometimes, we forget that, and it kind of hurts when we’re harshly reminded in ways like this. 

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/Instagram

We’re independent people and all that, and we can have some fun on our own, but it would be nice to still get an invite every once in a while. We’ll probably say no or hesitate to go but getting that invite is what counts, right?

It’s Really Everything We Want

Honestly, with all the things we have to think of on a daily basis now, engagement rings wouldn’t always do us a lot of good. A big old box of delicious doughnuts, though, is another thing altogether. Seriously, it’s all we want. 

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/Instagram

If anyone wants to please us, don’t give us a ring. Give us a box of doughnuts or a whole freaking cake, and you’d have made our entire week. Because of that, you’ll also be on our good side for a very long time. 

Only We Can Insult Our BFFs

Seriously, there comes a time in your life when you’ve been through so much nonsense and have dealt with so many self-esteem issues that you’re just past caring what other people say. So no matter what other people say, you can just flip your gorgeous hair at them. It’s a different matter when it comes to our BFFs, though. 

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/Instagram

Only we can insult our BFFs and no one else. If anyone dares to look in their direction the wrong way, we’ll be the one staring back with dagger eyes. And if anyone dares to question how much of an amazing person they are, well, they’re not going to like what happens next. 

Oh You, Please Don’t Stop

Every woman, scratch that, every person out there loves compliments of any kind, whether it’s a surprise, romantic, or just a passing compliment. Seriously, it’s nice to feel good because someone appreciated you in any way they know how, okay?

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/Instagram

This right here is a perfect example of the right way to give compliments to your partner. So partners out there, take note! Seriously, if anyone tries this with us, we’d be melting on the ground and blushing like a mad tomato. 

We Grow Up, Okay?

Oh, that all-black phase. That was a glorious phase that we think a lot of us have gone through, especially when we were feeling all the emotions in our teenage angst phase. And while it was fun while it lasted, it’s also nice to appreciate other colors. 

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/Instagram

We still love all-black ensembles, of course. Who doesn’t? It makes everyone look good. It’s just that part of growing up means opening up our color pallets and revisiting colors we probably said we hated in our teens. As teens, we might have vowed that we’d never wear pink or any traditional girly color. But trust us, we’ll be eating our very own words soon enough. 

Sorry Not Sorry Mom

Seriously, as much as we love our moms (or parents, for that matter), there’s nothing funnier and more enjoyable than breaking down all their traditional notions of what it is to be a lady and all that. Just seeing how flabbergasted they get is worth it!

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/Instagram

We don’t know if it’s just plain frustration at all their outdated norms or an extension of our rebellious phase, but the more they tell us what a lady should do, the more we’re encouraged to do it. Like who dares tell us what we should be doing and what we shouldn’t? We still love our moms and parents, though. 

No, They Are Not All Pink

Sorry to everyone who doesn’t see the difference and who can’t appreciate all those different shades, but let us be the first to tell you that they are NOT all pink! And no, we can’t just pick one already. We need to think, compare, and analyze like it’s a science experiment. 

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/Instagram

Choosing just the right shade of pink, red, nude, or whatnot makes the difference whether we’ll be looking like a pasty zombie who tried on makeup or like the woman of your dreams. It might not be rocket science, but it’s a difficult decision to make, okay?

Our Priorities

We’re not even ashamed to admit that this is our reality every day. Why would you dress up and waste all that effort in the mornings when you need all that extra energy to stay awake and act like a decent human being towards coworkers who get on your nerves?

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/Instagram

When it comes to going out, though, why wouldn’t we waste the effort, right? We work hard just to get to go out and enjoy life to the fullest, and we want to look great while doing so. We’re not going to waste all this gorgeousness, okay?

Never Trust The Internet

We don’t trust the internet, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t occasionally foray into searching for answers with a simple click of a mouse. It is just in our nature to look for quick answers and simple solutions, alright?

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/Instagram

Every time we do it, we’re reminded why we shouldn’t do it. The answers we get for cases like this would be the ones that will give us more headaches and more reason to go to the doctor. It’s like the internet really wants to send us to the hospital. 

This Is The Truth Of Women

People say we’re complicated creatures, and we don’t deny that because we are, but underneath all those things that confuse other people, we’re actually pretty simple beings. We love food, sleep, adorable pets, clothes, and enjoying life in general. 

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/Instagram

Once people understand that those are the only things we want in life, they’ll come to realize that it doesn’t take so much to actually please us. Sure, we love all the other stuff, but just these will make us happy enough. 

We Can Glam Up For Whatever Reason We Want

There are days when we have absolutely no reason and no motivation to glam up, whether it’s for work, going out with friends, or just simply going out in public. And then, there are days when we’re in the mood to do our best glam look just for seeing what we have in the mail. 

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/Instagram

It’s weird and confusing, we know. But we ourselves won’t know when the mood will strike. We’ve learned long ago that it’s better to go with the flow. Besides, we don’t need any valid reason to glam up. We can do it even if we’re just going to spend the whole day in bed. 

It’s A Different Thing Per Pet

No matter what pet you have, there will always be that certain thing that will let other people know you have a pet. For dogs, it’s the neverending dog hair that gets in all unnecessary places. For cats, it’s either that or a couple of scratches here and there. 

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/Instagram

Seriously, though. Sometimes, we think cats have a vendetta against us humans. It’s like they simply can’t avoid busting out the claws whenever we’re in their vicinity. And as much as we hate to admit it, it does somewhat hurt our feelings. 

Now What?

Who wouldn’t be excited about the holidays, right? There are vacations, parties, get-togethers, gifts, and so much food to look forward to. After the fireworks and the countdowns, though, what in the world do we do next? We’re all clueless.

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/Instagram

Do we just stand around and finish our food and drinks? Do we party until the very next day, acting like the next day won’t be like any other normal day of the year? Or, do we just go home and sleep now? We think that the last option would be the best.

That Self Doubt

It’s bad enough that other people would look at us a weird way if we dare sneeze or let out a little cough because of our allergies, but then there’s also that annoying little voice in our heads adding to all that doubt even if we have been vaccinated and have been practicing every safety precaution. 

image courtesy of bella.illustration/ Instagram

So now, every time we let out the tiniest of coughs, we have to become our very own triage personnel asking, “Are you still okay? Where have you been the past few days? Any symptoms?” We just really want to be sure, you know?

Do They Even Have To Ask?

Maybe Netflix should really reconsider that “Are you still watching?” feature they have. Of course, we’d still be watching. What do they think of us? Weaklings who can’t handle binge-watching their favorite show for the 10th time?

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/Instagram

Don’t underestimate us, Netflix. Once we have committed to a whole Friday night of binging something as good as Friends, you can bet we’d be watching every second of it. There is no need to ask us if we’re “still watching.” That’s just an insult. 

The Mask Smile

We don’t know about you, but these pesky masks have definitely helped us discover a new way of fake smiling. After all, everyone can only see half of your face, so why put in the effort of contorting your entire face’s muscles, right?

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/Instagram

Now, we’ve learned to isolate our lower face muscles and only get our eyes and eyebrows moving to show a pleasant expression. It’s a pretty neat trick if you ask us, and it’s actually one of the things we don’t mind about masks. 

When You’re The Third Wheel In The Relationship

Sorry not sorry, but when there is a pet in the relationship, you can bet that our partners will inevitably somehow become the third wheel. It’s not that we love them less, but unlike them, our pets don’t usually get on our very last nerve. 

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/Instagram

Plus, how can you resist not showering your pets with every ounce of love and affection you have every moment you see them? They’re just irresistible little creatures. We know our partners will understand it, right? They have no choice.

What Is It About The 30s?

We don’t what is it about the 30s that makes us feel so nervous about it. If you think about it, it’s not that old. 60 is old, not 30. Plus, we can still do everything that we’ve been doing in our 20s in our 30s. 

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/Instagram

Then again, maybe it’s an echo of all those old patriarchal notions that when a woman turns 30, she’s supposed to be taking care of a family, be staying at home, and all that. Maybe that’s why we hate it so much. 

Their Panic Makes Us Panic

This is just so true. You know it in yourself that you are set, and you won’t die if you don’t ‘panic buy,’ but all those around you are ‘panic buying,’ and acting like everything is the last of its kind does also spread the panic. 

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/Instagram

It’s annoying, really, especially when you know that there is absolutely no reason to do it. At least she knows her priorities, though. If it were us, we’d follow her lead and only grab the true essentials, like Cheetos. 

The Best Feeling Ever

When you get that heavy feeling off your stomach and when you actually feel and see your stomach decreasing in size because you’ve taken care of its load – that’s one of the best feelings in the world ever.

image courtesy of bella.illustration/ Instagram

We feel so free, so comfortable, and so sexy getting all of that stuff out. It’s a little TMI, but you know what, it’s time the world admits that pooping is one of the best things ever and that it actually does wonders for your confidence.