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45 Hilarious Staged And Spontaneous Roller Coaster Souvenir Photos

When it comes to getting an adrenaline rush, roller coasters are the first thing that comes to mind. Even before you take a seat on the ride, you can feel the butterflies in your stomach. Despite the terror, the feeling is addictive. It goes without saying that roller coasters are a great way to have a thrilling time, and, at times, you might want to revisit this exciting moment. Thus, the best way to do so is through a photograph that perfectly captures your experience on roller coasters. Unlike your pretty Instagram photos, your roller coaster pictures might not be something you’d want to flaunt. However, some people do not shy away from sharing them. So, here we’ve put forward some of their amusing candid roller coaster pictures. Going through them will surely shed off your roller coaster fear for a while and leave you laughing instead.

A Ride of Mixed Emotions

Roller coasters are known to be a fun ride, but not everyone considers them enjoyable. This picture is a burning proof of it. The two girls in the back look too frightened to continue the ride, while their father seems to have the best time of his life in the front.

Photo by hgnsalley on Awkward Family Photos

After such a chaotic experience, the little girls must have needed immense motivation and support. In fact, they probably vowed to never ride a roller coaster in their life again. However, regardless of their feelings, this picture seems pretty funny with so many mixed emotions.

We’re Not Bothered

Every adult, no matter how put together they are, went through their teenage years. You know, that time when you feel you’re too cool for anything and everything. The girl in this picture seems to be undergoing this phase and has decided to memorialize it through this ride.

Photo by BGally24 on Reddit

From her eye roll to her slightly tilted head, she doesn’t seem concerned. What’s more interesting is that she seems to have got this “too cool for school” attitude from her father and brother, who look just as unbothered and funny.

Did She Spot a Ghost?

There are a lot of things happening at once in this picture, but what caught our attention is the girl in the front who looks like she’s just spotted a ghost. She looks terribly frightened by some sight that is invisible to the adults riding alongside her.

Photo by PugLover5533 on Reddit

Adding to her fright, the small boy behind her and the one covering his face at the back also seem to have witnessed the paranormal activity too. To contrast their fright, the guy in blue looks like he’s seen enough in life, and nothing can move him anymore.

The Philosophy of Life

Life can be pretty confusing at times, and you may find yourself wondering about the meaning of life and questioning your existence. Well, it looks like this guy decided to ponder upon the same thought while taking a ride on Splash Mountain.

Photo by kyle-tisdel on Reddit

Everyone else on the coaster seems to be enjoying the ride and screaming during the drop, but he’s sitting there, as still as a statue, as if he has just discovered the meaning of his existence. If he’s found it, we’d love to know about it too.

Excellent Reflex Action

There are few things more stressful than losing your possessions while on a ride, but luckily, there was a quick-thinker on the roller coaster. It’s admiring to see the impressive reflexes of the guy on the top left who seems to have caught another rider’s keys.

Photo by Bitterbal95 on Reddit

Even his friend seems to be impressed. Then again, we could look at it from another angle. Just looking at the picture, it also seems like those guys are throwing away the keys than trying to catch them. Those are two very different scenarios, aren’t they?

Two Sides of a Ride

There are two types of people commonly found riding a roller coaster — the thrill-seekers and the ones they force to tag along. This picture sums up both types. The guy is all excited and happy, but the woman sitting next to him seems to have the opposite feeling.

Photo by darebare92 on Reddit

It looks like she’s been dragged along for the ride by this guy and isn’t enjoying it. The difference in emotions between them is hilarious, and even though we feel sorry for the girl, we can’t stop vibing with the dude rocking it out.

Horsing Around

If you’re searching for an award-winning roller coaster shot, look no further! This picture deserves all the accolades because everyone brought their A game. The duo in the back, the protective big brother, and the stars of the show are all equally hilarious.

Photo by GrayHood Graysoon on Tumblr

Let’s go from back to front. The couple in the rear look terrified. The duo in the middle leaves us wondering why the girl shouldn’t be looking at what’s ahead. But the couple in the front clues us into the reasons behind the previous reactions!

Two Sides of a Coin

This father and daughter taking a ride on Dollywood are in perfect contrast. The father gives off the vibe of the most chill guy ever, while his daughter sitting right beside him looks to be possessed by a nasty demon.

Photo by Jennifer on Awkward Family Photos

However, if this picture is staged, the girl deserves applause for her perfect timing and acting skills. Even though she looks scarred for life, she must have laughed it out after receiving the picture. We’re sure that the photo left many people laughing just like us.

First Roller Coaster Ride

Roller coasters can be terrifying, but one of the most horrifying experiences is when you’re riding them for the first time. From the heart-sinking drops to the breathtaking uphill climbs, the feeling is inexplicable yet vivid. You are unaware and confused about what you exactly feel during the ride.

Photo by MarshmallowMark on Reddit

For many of us, our first ride was during childhood, but the woman in this picture decided to plunge when she reached 67. We applaud her for her bravery. However, she does not seem very happy with the decision as her expression screams terror and regret.

Can’t Bear the Noise

We’ve seen people closing their eyes to reduce the terror while riding a roller coaster but closing one’s ears is rare. However, it is a new thing we’ve come across in this picture. The girl covering her ears with an amused look has left us wondering what scary sound she must have heard.

Photo by Djblee on Reddit

Roller coasters are known to be noisy, but the fact that other people on the ride seem to be having fun and only the young girl covering her ears is rather suspicious. However, she’s undoubtedly produced a hilarious candid photo amidst all the suspicion.

A Joyful Ride

Some roller coaster pictures leave you rolling on the floor with laughter, while there are some like this one that just warm your heart. The grandfather was diagnosed with COPD, a condition characterized by breathing problems. However, it did not stop him from enjoying a thrilling ride.

Photo by majahelenelarsen on Reddit

The way he is holding his granddaughter’s hand and has a big smile on his face is a sight to behold. It is adorable to see him genuinely happy. Besides, this picture also proves that roller coasters can be fun; they’re not always scary.

An Engrossing Read

If you are a bookworm, books may be your best friend, and you may not want to spend a single second without them. In that case, the picture below will be pretty relatable for you. Look how this group of friends is entirely engrossed in their respective reading sessions.

Photo by ElNickCharles on Reddit

What’s more daring is that they planned to read books on Splash Mountain, a ride famous for being wet and wild. It’s surprising that their books still seem dry. Regardless of whether the photo is staged or not, they’ve succeeded in adding a hilarious factor to it.

Legoland or Nightmare Land

When you think of Legoland, you’d often imagine the place to be filled with fun rides and innovative Lego structures. It is regarded to have the most relaxing rides rather than terrifying ones. But this image will leave you feeling otherwise.

Photo by Carlycross on Awkward Family Photos

Although a place famous for being fun, not a single person in this picture seems to be enjoying the ride. They look like they’re holding on for dear life. However, they’ve succeeded flawlessly if they intended to stage the picture and exude this vibe. If not, they probably do not like roller coasters.

Three Phases of a Ride

Kids are too challenging to handle at times, and managing them on roller coaster rides is a different level of difficulty. Only those who’ve been there understand it well. The father in this picture seems to be brave enough to take not just one but three kids on the roller coaster.

Photo by vulgarly_dressed on Reddit

He took all of his three children on the ride separately, and through these pictures, it’s pretty clear that none of them enjoyed it like their dad. The first is mildly scared, the second is terrified, and the third kid is ready to throw up. It’s hilarious how each kid represents the three phases of roller-coaster emotions.

Playing Jenga Whenever, Wherever

Jenga is a game that is difficult to play even on stable surfaces, but the pair in this picture seem not to mind where they play. Forget about hard surfaces; they’re playing Jenga on a windy roller coaster. It’s a mystery how they’ve even managed to keep the pieces intact.

Photo by Foody98 on Reddit

If we were to guess, they glued the pieces together to produce a creative image. But even if so, they’ve nailed it. Nevertheless, just like us, the guy in the seat behind them also looks confused about the entire situation.

The Titanic Pose

Something about this picture gives us major Titanic vibes, except that this one is concerned with a roller coaster ride rather than a cruise. Just look how the guy in the front seems to have the time of his life, feeling the air with his arms wide open.

Photo by baconiswow on Reddit

What’s funny is that the phrase in his T-shirt matches his expression too. He seems pretty chill while others either scream out loud or smile wide. We wonder if he was following the advice imprinted on his T-shirt or if he’s a lonely Jack missing his Rose next to him.

Don’t Fake it if You Can’t Make it

The saying, “Fake it till you make it,” gets thrown around often these days. But it’s best not to follow this advice regarding roller coasters. The lady in this picture is pure evidence of that. She told her boyfriend that she could handle the ride.

Photo by madirishman03 on Reddit

But her expression tells that she does not want to be on the ride for another minute. It looks like the ride has left her in tears. Although the backstory is pretty funny, it has taught us not to play pretend if we genuinely can’t take it.

A Highly Scottish Ride

This group of Scotsmen is certainly the definition of a “man with a plan.” They’re all dressed up and look ready to play the bagpipe anytime. Unfortunately, the bagpipe seems to be missing in action. Nonetheless, it shows that they’ve planned a lot for this picture.

Photo by malleeman on Reddit

They’ve even made sure to strap on their hats. It’s evident that they’re having a fun time on the ride. They look chill and happy even when the roller coaster sees a drop. It is perhaps an indication that the ride is a gentle and delightful one.

Time for a Punch

What’s the fun of having a sibling if you’re not constantly picking on and seeking revenge on one another? This photograph captures the bond between the two brothers perfectly. They rode the chute together, and the younger one decided to punch his elder brother when it was just the time to pose.

Photo by Amanda on Awkward Family Photos

It was probably not the best time for a shot for the elder brother, but there’s no denying that it resulted in an epic and hilarious picture. Even though it may be staged, they’ve done it with utmost perfection. Kudos, dude.

The Ride that Ages You

Some parents love to drag their children to ride on roller coasters because they want them to experience the adventure as early as possible. The owner of this photo did the same, and his kid was pretty excited to take the plunge, too, but the thrill lasted only till the first drop.

Photo by Rauglothgor on Reddit

Just look at his scared face! This was the moment he realized that you should not be too excited before trying out new things. The most unnoticeable thing in this picture is that the drop seems to have aged him considerably with fear, and it’s hilarious!

Not Impressed, Just Furious!

Spot the odd one out! This picture is indeed funny but what’s more hilarious is its backstory. The woman in black sitting alone on the roller coaster asked her husband to join her for the ride, but he refused to tag along, which resulted in a picture that screams “annoyed.”

Photo by Blackthorne519 on Imgur

Her expression shows that she’s highly agitated by her husband’s refusal. But it’s wonderful how she has managed to hold that expression even when there’s a massive drop in the ride that thrilled everyone. We know these pictures are expensive, but we hope she bought and framed this one.

Calm and Composed

Roller coasters are one of the last places where you’d see people sitting in a calm and composed state. However, the cool grandma in this picture sitting with poise in her shades and blue hoodie might make you think otherwise.

Photo by EvolutionIXMR on Reddit

People scream at the top of their lungs or shout with glee when riding a roller coaster. You’ll rarely find someone sitting so gracefully on the seat, but kudos to her! She’s undoubtedly the coolest person to ever ride a roller coaster.

Thrilling or Scary

Roller coaster rides have different levels of thrill. Some may be scary with their unending twists and turns, while others are mild. But when it comes to the ride in this picture, all the three family members seem to have different perceptions.

Photo by rminton on Reddit

Looking at the dad, it’s clear that he’s not very fond of adventurous rides and a little bit of this emotion is visible in the daughter too. However, the mom certainly steals the spotlight with her bright smile; she seems to be enjoying the thrill and probably wants more of it.

 A Sickening Ride

Some pictures taken on roller coasters will leave you laughing and wanting to take the ride. But there are some images that you wish you never came across and can make you lose your love for roller coaster rides forever. This picture is one of them.

Photo by Will on Awkward Family Photos

There’s not just one but three people in this photo who seem ready to upchuck whatever they ate before getting on the ride. In addition, the guy in the second seat looks like he’s almost going to murder the person in front of him. While it appears hilarious, it’s scary too.

Hair Protection Over Everything

If you’re heading out for the Splash Mountain ride, it’s better not to put much effort into your hair. You can leave it uncombed, go out with the hair you woke up in, or put it on a bun. And that’s so because the ride is almost guaranteed to ruin your hair.

Photo by Cyndi on Awkward Family Photos

The lady on this coaster looks like she is highly concerned about protecting her hair and is one step ahead. So, she wrapped a plastic bag around her hair to fully cover it and avoid ruining it on the ride. We love her creativity and also her dedication to her hair.

Rides Without Safety Belts

You are probably aware of the time when there was no internet or mobile phones in the world. But what you may not be aware of is that there were no safety belts either. Surprised? Well, this image given below will surprise you more.

Photo by wavy-moo on Awkward Family Photos

Even though there are no safety belts, this dad decided to take his child for a ride. However, it looks like he regretted the decision. We’re glad that he used his hands as a safety belt for the child, but we’re happy that the safety guidelines have improved now.

A Not-So-Aesthetic Morning Routine

We all love watching those aesthetic celebrity and influencer morning routines posted by Vogue. However, you might have never seen a morning routine like the one in this picture. We’re impressed by how the entire family turned up with their essentials to display their morning routine while riding a roller coaster.

Photo by t**sforf**k on Reddit

From hair combing to brushing teeth, applying mascara to shaving, they’ve managed to cover their routine perfectly. We have major respect for the person who came up with this idea and convinced their entire family to implement it. It was a major success and perfectly executed.

Smile for the Camera

Many pictures taken on Splash Mountain are staged to look memorable and hilarious. However, this picture looks pretty natural, even though many don’t believe so. The drop terrified the girl so much that she couldn’t hold back from pulling her man’s face.

Photo by Reddit_PI on Reddit

She was probably trying to hold onto something else for support, but his mouth seemed to have been the last resort when she couldn’t find anything. Of course, the guy is annoyed, but this shot has made itself known as one of the funniest pictures on the internet.

Ring Me Up

Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives. They’re vital for work, school, and socializing. Nowadays, it’s difficult to spend a day without them. Thus, your heart might skip a beat when you realize your phone’s missing, but what’s worse is losing it on a roller coaster ride.

Photo by moonshine12 on Reddit

The feeling of witnessing your phone fly away during the ride is perfectly captured in this image. While we feel sorry for the poor guy, we also can’t hold back our laughter. Jokes aside, we hope he had a good phone case and managed to find it intact afterward.

A Ride of Confusion

Roller coasters make people go through a lot of emotions. Everyone’s expressions during the ride are different as some may be happy, a few may be terrified, and some maybe even breathless. However, the people in this picture are the perfect epitome of a roller coaster of emotions.

Photo by PassedMyPrime on Reddit

The guy in red seems so unbothered, messing around with his Inspector Gadget shoe phone. This clearly confused some of the other riders who could only look on in shock. The guys in the front are lost in their own world of crazy poses. And the girl busy on her phone speaks for itself.

Roller Coasters Aren’t for Anniversary Photos

Anniversaries are one of the most memorable days in the life of couples. Usually, couples celebrate this special day by throwing a party or going on a fancy dinner date. Spending the day on a roller coaster would seldom strike your imagination, but this couple decided to go for the thrill.

Photo by Jetsetter on Reddit

While the girl looks like she wants to leave the coaster immediately, the man seems to be enjoying it tremendously. However, the guy stated that this is one of their favorite photos. Well, even we can’t deny the cuteness of the picture.

Scary or Hilarious

It’s normal to feel various emotions while riding a roller coaster for the first time, but having the ride with an ax in front is horrific. The expression of the girl in this picture sums it up nicely. She looks more terrified of the ax than the ride itself.

Photo by hellmajor on Reddit

If this has frightened you too, don’t worry, it appears that the ax is fake. However, it does not dismiss the fact that the father and daughter duo in this image have pulled out a pretty good act of looking terrified.

Coolness Lies in Weirdness

These days, many celebrities are seen preaching about embracing your weirdness by posting silly pictures on their Instagram handles. So, being highly influenced by their advice, these teenagers seem to have come to pull off the most outlandish expression on their roller coaster ride.

Photo by Cherie Caceres on Pinterest

It’s evident from the image that they have succeeded in their aim because they managed to put up the funniest and silliest expressions, and we can’t decide who we should focus on. All of them are equally hilarious. We have so much appreciation for their confidence!

The Golden Trio

You’ve probably heard about “The Golden Trio” of the Harry Potter series. But now, it’s time to introduce you to “The Golden Trio” of roller coasters. If you want some tips for staging roller coaster images perfectly, you can take a hint from this family trio.

Photo by Amber on Awkward Family Photos

The dad has perfectly managed to keep it weird at the back. Coming to mom, she’s kept it natural while being hilarious at the same time. Lastly, the son has undoubtedly managed to capture all our attention with his quirky expression.

Spot the Chin

The G-force seems to be too strong in this picture. The guy looks petrified, and in the process of experiencing the terror, he seems to have lost his chin too. Nonetheless, we can’t deny that his scared expression resulted in this funny chinless photo.

Photo by Amebuu on Reddit

The girl beside him doesn’t seem to be enjoying the ride much either. It looks like she’s gasping for breath and her hair seems to fly away from her scalp pretty soon. It turns out that it was their first time on the ride, and judging by their expressions, it might be their last one too.

The Demonic Possession Ride

Here is an epic photo. The bottom left picture is of a young boy, who almost looks like a young Mark Hamill, captured before he went on a roller coaster ride. The top picture was taken after he went on the ride, but here we get some serious Darth Vader vibes.

Photo by bombingofdresden on Reddit

If anything, it looks like he’s been possessed, and his face nowhere matches his original picture. What’s more ironic is his shirt that states, “Smile More” because that’s exactly what he’s struggling to do. He probably won’t ever forget this picture, and you won’t either.

The Ride of Proposal

Some people like to get creative with their proposals, but this guy deserves the award for the most innovative proposal. The guy in the middle asked his friends to hold signs on the roller coaster to help him propose to his girlfriend. The girl certainly has no clue what’s going on behind her.

Photo by missscottfraser on Reddit

But once she saw the picture, she might have been too impressed to accept the proposal. Honestly speaking, we’ve been impressed by the boy’s efforts too. She’s probably framed the special moment. Well, they’ve certainly produced the cutest proposal pictures ever.

Butterflies in the Stomach

Do you remember when you’re driving down a slope, and your stomach suddenly feels ticklish? The feeling is akin to experiencing drops while riding a roller coaster, and there’s no other picture that has captured the reaction as perfectly as this one.

Photo by Xadr123 on Reddit

The way this girl closed her eyes might have helped her avoid seeing the ride’s terror, but it’s certainly not beneficial to keep herself away from those butterflies in her stomach. We hope she didn’t hurt her stomach while clamping down on that feeling.

An Armless Ride

If we were on this ride, we’d be screaming with fear due to this armless guy rather than the terror of the ride’s drop. However, we’re relieved and glad to know that this is just a staged photo and a pretty hilarious one. Kudos to his friends for playing their parts perfectly and making this image so funny!

Photo by drewlefever on Reddit

While this group of friends certainly is the center of attraction, you won’t be able to take your eyes off the couple in the front seat. The girl seems to be faking her excitement, and the guy looks like he’ll cry in the next minute. We just hope everything’s fine between them.

The Horror Ride

If you didn’t know the roller coaster backstory of this picture, you’d probably assume it to belong to any horror movie like the IT or The Exorcist. The boy looks like he’s been possessed by an evil spirit and needs to go through an exorcism as soon as possible.

Photo by Mojotuff4 on Reddit

While this picture doesn’t belong to a paranormal movie or video clip, it showcases how terrifying a roller coaster ride is. However, it makes the ride seem no less horrific than a scary movie. Also, it proves why you should always take someone along for such adventures.

Gamers Gonna Game

Gamers are always addicted to their favorite games, and there’s no denying it. Whether they’re on the bus or in a coffee shop, they’re glued to their devices, trying to beat the next level. However, the guys riding the roller coaster in this picture have taken gaming to an entirely new level.

Photo by Jason on Awkward Family Photos

When riding roller coasters, you might hold on to the safety bar tightly and not let go for even a second. But look at these guys how fearlessly they’re playing GameCube on a TV screen during the ride. Kudos to their bravery and creativity! These four deserve a part in The Big Bang Theory.

The Great Difference

We love browsing through memes. They make relatable things pretty funny without being offensive, and this picture here has great meme potential. “Playtime vs. study time,” “junk food vs. healthy vegetables,” “before exams vs. after exams.” The list is endless.

Photo by parasiticp***y on Reddit

However, these 2 images correspond to the before and after versions of trying a roller coaster ride. Before getting on the coaster, the boy was all smiles, but all his joy was crushed after the ride. Although relatable, we can’t hold back our laughter at this photo.

Screaming Her Lungs Out

Roller coaster rides are known to produce loads of thrills and loud screams. While many people yell while riding a roller coaster, the woman in this picture is the epitome of screaming her lungs out. Her jaw appears unhinged, in order to get those extra decibels.

Photo by lasirenita79 on Reddit

Her shrieking face is very resemblant to the famous mask from Scream! But looking at her expressions, it’s pretty hard to determine if she’s scared or enjoying the ride. Whether the scream was intentional, we’d hope for her to scream with joy and not fear.

The Grossest Ride

Disclaimer: What you’re about to witness now might be one of the most disgusting photos ever! It seems that this guy in the front seat of the roller coaster couldn’t hold back from puking while allowing all the chunks of food in his stomach to fly in the air.

Photo by Dave on Awkward Family Photos

Well, we feel sorry for the girl sitting next to him. She probably entered the ride in a good mood, but she’ll think twice before riding with the same man after this incident. While the image is gross, it teaches us not to overeat before riding a roller coaster or other adventurous activities.

Not an Edit

Looking at this picture, the ride seems to be either too fun or scary. Everyone else in the image appears to be happy and excited, smiling widely with joy and fun. But the young boy in black looks like he’s on a nightmare ride rather than a “kiddie ride.”

Photo by Pamela on Awkward Family Photos

However, by analyzing all the adults’ expressions in this photograph, it is realized that the ride wasn’t very terrifying. While the boy looks like he has been photoshopped as he’s the only one screaming aloud, it’s not an edit. It was perhaps his first time, so he could not hold back his terror.