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Digital Artist Brings The House Of Mouse Into His Own Home

This article was originally published on comicsenz

Disney has greatly influenced countless peoples’ lives, and many consider their animated films and TV shows as favorites. Disney developed a fantastical universe where practically everyone can connect with each other, find a favorite location, or read a heartwarming narrative. Samuel MB is a creator famous on Instagram for photo edits of himself just doing ordinary everyday things while always accompanied by one or a few Disney cartoon characters. His extraordinary Photoshop and artistic abilities, and a contagious love for all things Disney; have produced works that feature memorable scenes with many of our favorite cartoon characters. Let’s look at how the charming photo series demonstrates how the magic of Disney can exist outside of the screen by expertly fusing reality and fantasy.

Dinner Time

There is no better time than dinner time, and Samuel looks forward to preparing nutritious meals. He finds cooking slightly easier and more enjoyable with his tiny, fluffy helper, a character with which Disney fans all over the world are familiar.

Image Courtesy of samuelmb1991 / Instagram

Thumper joined Samuel to help him cut those carrots. Thumper has an unconventional method, though; he uses his teeth to cut the carrots. And if a piece of carrot accidentally ends up in his tummy, it’s not his fault! He is just a little guy coming to Samuel’s aid!

Chilling With Them Bros

Men crave spending time with their bros, and Samuel is no exception. This is quite understandable, considering that most of our lives today are often filled with stress, anxieties, and frustrations from work. We sure hope Samuel’s s/o understands his needs.

Image Courtesy of samuelmb1991 / Instagram

This time, he chills with the Lion King gang: Simba, Timon, and Pumba. These three dudes must be a blast to be around, and they seem to have a unique energy that draws other animals (and Samuel) in the savanna to come and join them.

Lady Becomes a Tramp?!

Everyone knows Lady and the Tramp. Watching it is one of our earliest childhood memories, and we are sure that many recall coming across the movie at least once in their lives. It’s such a classic that pop culture often references the iconic scene when they eat spaghetti.

Image Courtesy of samuelmb1991 / Instagram

Believe it or not, the scene almost never happened. It was cut from the film’s initial storyboards by Walt Disney because he thought it was too unbelievable. Well, here’s Samuel enjoying recreating that memorable scene, and we love his take on it.

Crying Buddy

You can consider yourself blessed if you have friends who laugh with you, have fun with you, and cry with you, the type of people who never leave your side no matter what. Samuel is one of the lucky guys because he has Dumbo as a friend.

Image Courtesy of samuelmb1991 / Instagram

Samuel is going through some tough times, but Dumbo, the real friend and pure soul that he is, is there to keep him company. We hope Samuel reciprocates if something terrible happens to Dumbo, and he needs a shoulder to cry on.

Little Merman

Although he might not be a red-haired, gorgeous mermaid princess, nothing stops our beloved artist from cosplaying as Ariel and hanging out with her friends. We get to see Sam chilling by the rocks in the sea, so let’s not complain…

Image Courtesy of samuelmb1991 / Instagram

Flounder and Scuttle seem to be having a blast with the artist. Scuttle is up to his usual spiel, explaining something with the fork Ariel uses to comb her hair. Flounder seems confused, but he is still happy to be there.

Samuel’s Little Helpers

Although Cinderella had these helpers first, the little mice, and birds, she was nice enough to lend them to Samuel so they could help him get dressed, as it seems that, for some reason, he cannot do so on his own.

Image Courtesy of samuelmb1991 / Instagram

They don’t trust him to do this task by himself, and it’s almost as if they’re saying, “Let it go, Samuel, we will do it; we have better fashion sense than you”. The artist made this so lifelike that we forgot it wasn’t real for a moment.

Hey, Give It Back!

Modern technology has made doing laundry easy and quick. however, it still needs to come up with a solution for preventing socks from going missing. You don’t even notice some socks missing at first until such time when you have no pair to wear.

Image Courtesy of samuelmb1991 / Instagram

It wasn’t until recently that Samuel started figuring out where the socks were going when he caught Djali from Hunchback of Notre Dame stealing them! At the rate he’s going, Djali must already have a mountain of socks at his place.

The Jungle Book

Baloo is one of the best and most memorable bear characters ever created. He is relaxed, carefree, kind, and fun to be around. Bear Necessities is also one of the best songs of The Jungle Book, and we’d like to think everyone agrees with this.

Image Courtesy of samuelmb1991 / Instagram

Baloo may be one of Mowgli’s best friends, but now he has a new companion. It’s, you guessed it, Samuel MB! Samuel seems to be enjoying this whole scenario where he relaxes on Baloo’s big belly and sails across the lake. What is there not to like?!

Do not Touch My Donut!

Everybody knows Tarzan, the feral child raised by animals in the jungle. He is used to fighting for his food and he lacks manners, but we have nothing against this scruffy good-lookin’ Disney guy. We are merely stating the facts.

Image Courtesy of samuelmb1991 / Instagram

Here you see Tarzan ready to tackle Samuel for a piece of donut. We must admit that our boy Sam Sam is holding up better than we thought, but he has to be careful because Tarzan is prepared for this type of combat.

Say ‘Cheese!’

We all remember that famous selfie Ellen DeGeneres took at the Oscars a few years ago, however, this selfie Samuel created with his photoshopping skills is the clear winner between the two. Let us show you what it’s all about!

Image Courtesy of samuelmb1991 / Instagram

All of these faces are familiar to any fan of Disney. Seeing them all together brings back so many fond memories from our childhood. Samuel is good at making his fans feel like children all over again, and that is one of the best feelings in the world.

Three Wishes Only!

If you ever watched Aladdin, we’re sure you also wished for the opportunity to make three of your wishes come true. Would you believe us if we told you that you could make that happen with some creativity? Here’s the proof.

Image Courtesy of samuelmb1991 / Instagram

This photo teaches us a lot about life! You must get out there, create opportunities, and open doors for yourself. You have to fight, be authentic, and not be afraid to bring your ideas to life to make all your dreams come true.

Do Not Disturb the Tiger

Jasmine is one of the most badass princesses in Disney history, and to prove that she has a tiger for a pet. How many Disney princesses can say the same thing? Rajah is a majestic creature, very protective and loyal to his princess and savior.

Image Courtesy of samuelmb1991 / Instagram

Although Rajah is not even remotely aggressive, there is still a possibility he won’t respond well to strangers. Samuel is alien to Rajah, Rajah has never seen him. They belong to different realms, so Samuel better keep calm and leave as quietly as possible.

A Long Slumber

Sometimes, silly little naps turn into long slumbers. The bed is too comfortable and warm, and the weather outside is raging with wind and rain. What else is there to do other than nap your day away?! So that’s what exactly Samuel did.

Image Courtesy of samuelmb1991 / Instagram

Samuel’s nap was so good it lasted for years! Either that or he decided to document his daily slumber so that we can witness how Simba learned his place as he grew. At first, he was cuddling the cat. Now, he is cuddling a grown man. It’s so cute.

A Little Bit of Magic Dust

Samuel understood well that sometimes all people need is a little bit of magic dust, and we don’t mean the physical kind fairies shower people with. We mean humans are often consumed by self-doubt that they need a little help to achieve their goals.

Image Courtesy of samuelmb1991 / Instagram

Well, okay, maybe this photo is taking things out of the realm of possibilities and reality. However, it’s still quite impressive and pretty. Tinkerbell made Samuel fly, and who’s to say he couldn’t do that himself?! In his artistic world, anything is possible.

Puppy Play Day

When you want a puppy play day but don’t have puppies, fret no more! Contact Samuel, and he will make all your puppiness or puppy happiness dreams come true in a blink of an eye. Don’t believe us? Look at this.

Image Courtesy of samuelmb1991 / Instagram

Imagine having his skills that as soon as you feel lonely or under the weather, you make yourself some company, and your day significantly improves! Hanging out, cuddling, and playing with Dalmatians are one of the things that can put a smile on anyone’s face.

Tug of War

Aristocats may not be as popular as 101 Dalmatians, but it is well-loved by Disney fans everywhere. The movie’s three little kittens took our hearts instantly, but every movie needs a villain, and for Aristocats, there were Si and Am.

Image Courtesy of samuelmb1991 / Instagram

The sinister pair of Siamese cat sisters thrive on causing mischief wherever possible. They are sneaky and like to get into a lot of mess for entertainment. Poor Samuel, it seems like they are taking his blanket away. Lady, stop them! 

Thanks, I’ll Pass!

Has anyone ever offered you something so appalling and disgusting you had to pass? It rarely happens to us because we love food too much, but there have been a few occasions when we just had to say no. Samuel can say this is something he experienced firsthand.

Image Courtesy of samuelmb1991 / Instagram

We can understand why he’d reject Pumbaa’s offering because who in their right mind would like to eat various bugs on a skewer? We’d dive right in if Pumbaa offered us a kebab or some ice-cold dessert but we’re not hungry to start eating critters.

Litter Training

Many consider training cats relatively easy because they quickly adapt to a routine and new surroundings. On the other hand, puppies may require more work to be house-trained. However, you must remember that certain parts of cat training can get challenging, such as using the litter box.

Image Courtesy of samuelmb1991 / Instagram

Little Simba doesn’t seem to be super pleased about what’s happening, and we would go as far as to say he is a bit embarrassed that Samuel has to be present when he takes a dump. Well, Simba, bear with him. You left that dookie on the floor, didn’t you?!

Cleaning Duties

There are days when you feel like cleaning and sanitizing your whole house in one go for no apparent reason. That must have been what happened to Samuel here, and he couldn’t wait for the Beast to finish his bath.

Image Courtesy of samuelmb1991 / Instagram

If we were Samuel, we wouldn’t feel so safe doing whatever we wanted if the Beast lived in our house! But at the end of the day, when cleaning calls, you must answer. Wait, how did the Beast even get in his house in the first place?

Have Kids, They Said

Have kids, they said. It will be fun, they said. That is what we can read from Samuel’s facial expression in this edit. Although these gorillas from Tarzan are not his children, the picture gives off the same parent-kid vibe.

Image Courtesy of samuelmb1991 / Instagram

Having one kid is tough; having multiple is a nightmare. Samuel must be regretting every decision that brought him to this moment. The plates are everywhere, cornflakes wasted, chairs broken, pots used as toys… It’s so chaotic, but we love it.

Bomb Incoming!

Going to the pool with the gang promises a good time. You get water on your skin, cold beverages to quench your thirst, snacks to fill you up, perhaps some booze, and good vibes. However, there is always that one friend that takes things a bit too far.

Image Courtesy of samuelmb1991 / Instagram

Shien Pou is that friend in this group. Li Shang disapproves of his behavior and is, in fact, judging Shien Pou so hard that we can only imagine the scolding he will get afterward. We can’t help but laugh at this photo. Look at Chi-Fu, lmao.

Spring Cleaning

Friends shouldn’t only be around fun times; they should also be there when you’re down and going through a rough patch. It’s easy to be surrounded by people when things are rosy, but it’s during trying times when you discover who your true friends are.

Image Courtesy of samuelmb1991 / Instagram

This is one of Baloo’s “bear” necessities – helping a friend with his spring cleaning, as a true mate should! Since he is big and strong, he’s in charge of lifting up the sofa so that Samuel can vacuum every inch of the house.

Drink It While It’s Hot!

How do you like your tea? With or without milk? With or without sugar? Sharing a cup of tea with friends is always lovely, especially when there’s gossip to share. Do you also enjoy spilling the tea while drinking a cuppa?

Image Courtesy of samuelmb1991 / Instagram

Samuel is serious about preparing some good tea, but it seems like no one is joining him, though, since there is only one cup. At least he has Chip and Mrs. Potts to keep him company. We hope that the tea was pipping hot and delicious.

Candle in the Night

Beauty and the Beast is one of the most unforgettable cartoons because it’s not just a princess story; it’s a life story. Belle, who’s always got her nose in a book, is one of the smartest princesses, and she’s not the only unique character in the movie; there are plenty of others too.

Image Courtesy of samuelmb1991 / Instagram

Who can forget Cogsworth and Lumiere, pictured here in conversation with Samuel? There’s also Fifi, the feather duster, and Sultan, the footstool. We could go on and on, but you understand why we love Beauty and the Beast so much.

Cheeky Artist

Samuel may look quite serious most of the time, but he also knows how to have fun. He can be extra cheeky and mischievous towards his beloved Disney characters, and this photo is an excellent example of his silly side.

Image Courtesy of samuelmb1991 / Instagram

Samuel, Samuel, tsk tsk tsk. We thought you were better than this! You are tricking poor Hercules and Philoctetes like there is no tomorrow. Sure, your muscles are big, and we can tell you work out, but come on, man, get those gains naturally! Smh.

Under Jafar’s Spell

Sam Sam may be the artist here, but as good as he is at his craft, he can still fall victim to the tricks of a few Disney characters. Here he falls under Jafar’s spell and willingly hands the magician his hard-earned cash.

Image Courtesy of samuelmb1991 / Instagram

To be fair to Samuel, Jafar is a little hard to resist, especially when he starts working his magic on you. We bet Samuel will be surprised to find out later that he is 50 euros poorer, and he will ask himself where the money went.

Watching 101 Dalmatians

Watching the movie 101 Dalmatians with real Dalmatians is a whole new experience, and Samuel can attest to that because here he is and the dogs taking a much-needed break at home and enjoying the movie together. Do they look like they’re having fun?

Image Courtesy of samuelmb1991 / Instagram

From the look on Samuel’s face, it could only be Cruella de Vil on-screen. The little puppies look worried and scared too. Fortunately, their mommy and daddy are ready to defend them should Cruella decide to pop up and try to dognap the little ones.

Gotta Love the Underdog

Many people are fans of Hades from the movie Hercules, and it’s easy to see why. Hades, the god of the dead and the king of the Underworld, is a sassy, relatable, and fun character, and Samuel just had to include him in his images.

Image Courtesy of samuelmb1991 / Instagram

Samuel is listening intently, albeit cautiously, as Hades tells the story of how he snatched thousands of souls and brought them to his kingdom, the Underworld. But we’re more intrigued with the fan Samuel is holding. What’s it for? Is Hades feeling warm?

Yes, Stepmother

We wonder how it feels to walk in Cinderella’s shoes for a day. The poor girl had to serve her cruel stepmother and stepsisters. Samuel must have been thinking the same thing when he decided to take over Cinderella’s duties for a day.

Image Courtesy of samuelmb1991 / Instagram

Serve tea in bed, clean the house, make sure the bedsheets are neat, walk silently, and don’t talk; those are just some of the rules he must follow. Samuel doesn’t even dare break eye contact with the stepmother as he serves her tea.

There, There Dear Boy

Sometimes all a guy needs is someone to comfort and tell him everything will be alright, even Samuel. He was going through a rough patch and needed someone to tell him not to worry because it would all work out in the end.

Image Courtesy of samuelmb1991 / Instagram

Samuel, do not worry; you are going to find your one true love at the right time. Forget about societal pressures and what people say; you don’t have to do what everyone does. Follow your own path. There, there, it will be alright.

Hay, Wait a Minute!

We know you’re wondering why we are spelling it as hay and not hey. Look at the photo below; it’s all the explanation you need. We don’t want to give away too much, so take a look and enjoy Samuel’s creation.

Image Courtesy of samuelmb1991 / Instagram

Khan, Mulan’s horse, doesn’t look pleased. Is it the quality of the hay or how the other horse is eating that’s got him in such a mood? We can’t tell; all we know is that Samuel has got some of the most phenomenal ideas for his photos.

In the Clutches of a Boa

Samuel’s love for The Jungle Book is evident in the many images he created with the movie’s various characters. There was Baloo the bear, the gorillas, and now, here is Kaa, the infamous Boa, known for his hypnotic abilities, huge mouth, and long tongue.

Image Courtesy of samuelmb1991 / Instagram

There’s no such thing as a bad snack for Kaa. He likes everything, even Photoshoppers who have thousands of followers on Instagram. Here he is, coiled around Samuel and ready to make him his meal. The last words Samuel heard before he fainted were, “Trust in me, trust in me”.

Time to Rip Those Hairs Off!

Guys enjoy activities that are different from girls. They don’t have manicures together; instead, they chill with their buddies in a cafe, shoot some hoops, play video games, or drink beer in a bar. However, Gaston and Samuel bond with each other in a different way.

Image Courtesy of samuelmb1991 / Instagram

Most people would expect this with girls, but this isn’t surprising since Gaston is one vain guy. Most guys may not like having their body hair waxed off, especially in front of their bros, but Gaston is cut from a different cloth.

You Should Smile More

People who pressure you into smiling more are among the worst types of people. First of all, why do they feel like it’s up to them to decide who should smile more often, secondly, they need to realize what they’re doing is rude.

Image Courtesy of samuelmb1991 / Instagram

Well, let’s hope Genie is not one of those people. Perhaps he was trying to teach Samuel how to do the duck face in photos, or maybe he was giving Samuel a few pointers in posing. Believing this blue giant is nothing but amazing is impossible!

What’cha Doing There, Little Raccoon?!

Pocahontas needs to take better care of her pets and teach them manners! This little raccoon dived into Samuel’s bowl of popcorn without even asking for permission. Luckily, Sam Sam didn’t seem outraged by what he just did and is still nice to him.

Image Courtesy of samuelmb1991 / Instagram

All we can think of while looking at that raccoon greedily pawing at the popcorn are those viral videos of wild raccoons grabbing food and mushing it all into their mouths and faces. They’re too cute to get angry at; come on!

It’s Your Boy, Mickey!

You can’t create a photo series of you and various Disney characters in everyday situations without including Micky Mouse himself. He is, undoubtedly, the most famous Disney character, so Samuel decided to share this picture with his 434k Instagram followers.

Image Courtesy of samuelmb1991 / Instagram

Samuel and Mickey look like good ol’ dudes hanging out and just taking photos in matching outfits. It’s not difficult to think of two as the class clowns; just look at their faces. We’re sure there’s not a dull day with them around.

First Date Kinda Thing

First dates can be awkward, but introducing your girlfriend to your family for the first time can be even worst. Imagine you are Samuel introducing your weird girlfriend to the family, and she suddenly starts brushing her hair with a fork.

Image Courtesy of samuelmb1991 / Instagram

This could also portray the embarrassing family you’ve been trying to avoid. There’s your cousin living her best life, taking spaghetti with her bare hands and mushing it into her mouth, and there’s your aunt judging everyone. You want to disappear from the face of the Earth!

Living the Dream

Many people wish they were living a simple life in the forest surrounded by animal friends and being in tune with nature. They would like to meet a special person with whom they can share their little piece of heaven.

Image Courtesy of samuelmb1991 / Instagram

Samuel is showing a glimpse into that kind of life, and here he is getting super close to Pocahontas, Bambie, and Cinderella. He couldn’t resist making Pinocchio a part of his loving squad too. Aww, this picture looks super sweet and nostalgic.

That’s Cruel(la)

The Princess and the Frog is one of the first Disney cartoons to include a person of color as the main character, Tiana. The move was welcomed and applauded by fans worldwide who rejoiced at seeing a different princess. Hurray for diversity!

Image Courtesy of samuelmb1991 / Instagram

Here is Samuel sharing some of his concerns with Louis, another character from The Princess and the Frog. They are talking about Cruella, the cruel villainess who doesn’t shy away from using animals for her own gain and fashion. Poor Louis is scared out of his mind.

The Best Birthday Ever

Kids usually celebrate their birthdays dressed like their favorite cartoon characters, and most often, they are given cakes made with their favorite characters. Samuel may no longer be a kid, but he invited his favorite Disney characters for his birthday celebration.

Image Courtesy of samuelmb1991 / Instagram

His cake is made in true Disney fashion, with numerous candles that we won’t even dare to count. Although it wasn’t made in the image or shape of his favorite character, he’s still happy because his cartoon friends’ presence is more than enough.

Love is Blind

They say love is indeed blind, and we agree because when you are in love with someone, they are the most attractive, beautiful, intelligent creature that ever walked the Earth. Other people could say otherwise, but you won’t care. Their opinions don’t matter.

Image Courtesy of samuelmb1991 / Instagram

When you’re in love, you see everything through rose-tinted glasses, but sometimes you need someone to give you reality check glasses too. You could get so blinded with love that you miss a few red flags and major relationship no-nos.

No More Infatuation

When asked if he would consider including other production companies’ characters in his images, Samuel said that he wanted to stay true to himself and only include in his work the characters he grew up with, most of which are from Disney.

Image Courtesy of samuelmb1991 / Instagram

Here he is again doing what he does best with his favorite cartoon characters, and this time, he is helping the distinguished gentleman, Claude Frollo, see the truth with reality check glasses. It’s funny how the beautiful Esmeralda became a gargoyle. Perhaps Samuel shouldn’t have given him the glasses after all.

Privacy Invaded

No one wants to see Jafar hopping out of the shower; however, that’s what Samuel thought we wanted to see. Although we can sit here and discuss his lapse in judgment, we opt to comment on the funny aspects of the photo.

Image Courtesy of samuelmb1991 / Instagram

A variety of characters is here to witness Jafar’s most embarrassing moment, so we won’t be surprised if they talked and spread gossip in the Disney universe. Pumba has the best reaction out of all of them, utter shock, horror, and panic.

All I Want For Christmas is Youuu

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, especially for kids. They have this deep sense of joy knowing that something great is going to happen, and are impatient to unwrap all the presents. Adults may not be as young as they once were, but they can still enjoy the festive season.

Image Courtesy of samuelmb1991 / Instagram

Although Samuel is happy and proud to give his two chubby monsters their Christmas present, they don’t seem impressed or pleased with their gifts. This is something parents everywhere can relate to; sometimes kids can be too hard to please.

Zombie Attack!

Samuel often loves to put himself in sticky situations to spice things up a little. This time, he is a part of a zombie attack/apocalypse. With him are a variety of Disney characters, some as zombies and others running away from the zombies.

Image Courtesy of samuelmb1991 / Instagram

It’s super funny that the three Disney ladies in front seem better at running and getting away from the zombies than Samuel, who has fallen. If you haven’t noticed by now, look at the bottom left corner, and you’ll see Timon screaming and running for his life. You’re welcome.

Time For a Makeover!

If you ever feel like you are in need of a serious makeover, just go see Genie from Aladdin and he will give you valuable fashion advice and the makeover of your dreams. That’s exactly what Samuel is doing here.

Image Courtesy of samuelmb1991 / Instagram

Genie knows what’s up! He styled Samuel in shirts with some awesome tropical designs and paired them up with different shorts and a variety of footwear. Somehow the fashion got better and better with each snap of the measuring tape.

A Love Triangle

Even in the world of make-believe, Samuel still managed to get himself into a sticky situation, a love triangle. We’re not talking about just any love triangle here, it’s one that involves the formidable villainess, from The Little Mermaid, Ursula.

Image Courtesy of samuelmb1991 / Instagram

These ladies might be too old for our dear Samuel, so it’s possible that this isn’t a love triangle but a battle of aunties for the love of their favorite nephew. Well, if you can’t get the one you love, you’d better love the one(s) you get.