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Too Far Gone To Troubleshoot: 40 Pics Of Cursed Computer Setups That Are Bugging Out

Ownership rights allow you to modify whatever is in your possession without seeking permission from third parties. When purchasing clothes, cars, or furniture, many people can choose to revamp them to suit their tastes and preferences. Customizing clothes or cars is manageable; on the other hand, one wrong move when altering a computer can cost you a fortune. Most people leave the customization to the pros; however, some people undertook the task themselves and were left with some interesting, funny, and downright sad results. We have compiled a list of 45 images of ‘Cursed Computer Setups’ showing the lengths computer owners may endure to repair or upgrade a computer. We hope that our list may inspire your creativity while avoiding the mistakes highlighted below.

1. Watch Out! Mr. Robot

If you prefer shortcuts, CTRL+D could be your best friend when you need to get rid of unwanted files. Unfortunately, if you don’t empty the recycle bin, one can retrieve the files from your trash. SHIFT+DEL is the best shortcut for permanent deletion.

Photo Credits: Reddit/Alfatango109

Folks with trust issues may prefer bringing down the entire system using water. He may have received a tip on the arrival of cops, or the wife had discovered the laptop as evidence of infidelity. We don’t advocate breaking or evading the law, but this could be a smart move.

2. Environmentally Friendly Keyboard

The ongoing debates on climate change and environmental conservation have prompted individual choices on reducing the carbon footprint. After hours of typing, watching, or gaming, this keyboard owner decided to prank his coworker. To increase their carbon sequestration, he made the keyboard a mini garden.

Photo Credits: Reddit/pcmasterrace

Now his coworker won’t have to spend a fortune on flowerpots. Our concern is the plant’s safety when typing or gaming on the keyboard. The owner can seek alternative gardening options in the garden. We hope that the Garden of Eden board doesn’t have the forbidden fruit.

3. The Receptionist Working Remotely

Slow internet falls on our list of the most annoying things that could ruin the day. Slow Wi-Fi can make your home and office quite inhabitable, so you may want to leave the office with your desk and equipment. The woods may lack reception but could give you peace of mind.

Photo Credits: Instagram/that_meme_guy_named_ed

The woods can let work in peace without the disturbance of colleagues and noise in the nearby streets. We are curious about what it took for this receptionist to find this outdoor spot. The power source may also be an issue besides the concerns of exposure to wild animals.

4. Hotter Than the Sun

You may ask questions about the sun’s temperature when the day is at its hottest. It’s funny that the sun burns at a constant temperature, except the depletion of the ozone layer allows the penetration of more harmful UV rays. The sun’s surface burns at around 5537.778°C.

Photo Credits: Reddit/r.softwaregore

If your PC could get hotter than the solar system, we believe that we may have a hard time locating your remains. If this message pops up on your monitor, the best idea could be to unplug your PC and let it cool down so that it may survive longer.

5. Newest Engineer in Town

When we heard about a cat’s proverbial nine lives, we didn’t think of cats as qualified engineers. The cute creatures are excellent pets that keep your home rodent-free. A cat makes your house livelier with minimal damage to your items.

Photo Credits: Twitter/CatLoversMx

We may assume that he chased a rat into the CPU, but from the look on its face, it wasn’t his first time going in. His swagger and mastery give an idea of him struggling and asking for some tools to fix the faulty pieces. This may be the most affordable engineer in your neighborhood.

6. Building a Mobile Computer

Creativity and determination should never go unappreciated. Creating offline and online games takes time and creativity to give players a remarkable experience. This player took time and hidden skills to get the experience of playing on a PC instead of the phone’s screen.

Photo Credits: Reddit/Sizel

This is a fantastic hack for keyboard gamers, only that some phones may not support the mouse and keyboard. The creator proves that you can use readily available material to get results. You can use this idea the next time your computer breaks down or you desire keyboard gaming.

7. Straight ‘Outta’ Krypton

Our next image may send chills down your spine. Krypton has advanced technology that surpasses the steps we have made on Earth. We haven’t had the privilege of seeing this in real life because items from Krypton are unavailable as we haven’t established trade relations.

Photo Credits: Twitter/girinsujang

The image above gives a glimpse of alien technology. Its rarity makes it strange to most computer geeks and tech-savvy folks. We’ve launched investigations to determine whether it connects to the Cyborg’s heart structure portrayed in Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

8. Tech-Savvy Cavemen

Where do you retreat when stressed and in need of time to think? The following image makes us question whether the owner was on the run from cops or taking some personal time. Judging from the number of cans, they may be regular visitors or traveling in the company of friends.

Photo Credits: Twitter/chewwybeans

One may claim that the cave’s regular visitor is an assassin, fraud, or thief hiding from the law. It may also be a hiker making a brief stop to reply to mail or check what’s trending on Twitter. We hope they are fine and safe from the danger lurking in the shadows.

9. Keyboard Thrones

HBO’s Game of Thrones is among the most-watched TV shows, highly acclaimed by lovers and critics around the globe. GOT’s quotes, memes, and theme songs have influenced fashion, sports, music, and DIY creations. This boy went through the trouble to recreate the Iron Seat in his dad’s office as a gift.

Photo Credits: Pinterest/March Matron

GOT has won the hearts of various generations, as evidenced by the choice of parents to name children after some iconic characters. From the boy’s enthusiasm, we assume he has a name like King Geoffrey or Robert. What better gift for your dad than a fully customized throne for the office?

10. Shortcut for Every File and Folder

Arranging your files and folders helps you find whatever you need without breaking a sweat or straining your eyes. Unfortunately, some people prefer dropping new content on the desktop without dragging them into folders. We wonder how long it would take this person to find a file.

Photo Credits: Twitter/wihelde

This has gone overboard as the desktop doesn’t have any sign of free space. We hope that it’s a screenshot set as the PC’s wallpaper. This could be an easy way for one to confuse nosy folks that may be peeping at your monitor whenever your computer is on.

11. Glass Table in the Earthquake

Glass is an adorable home décor that needs utmost care and maintenance. It would be best to exercise utmost precaution when using glass furniture to avoid accidents. Areas prone to earthquakes may not be favorable for the beautiful glass coffee tables as they may end in pieces.

Photo Credits: Pintrest/ebaumsworld

After an earthquake, you are likely to collect pieces of your table and items that you had placed on it scattered on the floor. You may also need to watch the weight you put on the table so that it doesn’t cave in and leave your computer on the floor.

12. Don’t Touch My Baby Computer.

Hold on, is this a baby computer or a baby’s computer? If you have a PC or laptop and a child in the same house, you may have trouble completing various assignments as you are subject to distraction. You can put the DIY skills to better use and make your child happier.

Photo Credits: Twitter/milkslushy

At first glance, it looks like the owner made sweaters for the computer, including the mouse. We may need more information on how to build this toy computer. You can also use the piece to hide some valuables you need to keep away from third parties visiting your home.

13. Let’s go Shopping

Who said that the shopping cart is exclusively for shopping in the physical store? This genius kid has better ideas on utilizing an old cart to hold the monitor and keyboard as he plays games online. We hope that he didn’t escape class to play video games in the storage room.

Photo Credits: Twitter/hayattakioan

If you’re the parent, you should make suitable arrangements to attend the next meeting with the school to explain your son’s absence from class. We’re sure that a crowd of eager players may be in the vicinity waiting for a turn to push some buttons on the cart.

14. Hello, Mr. Toad

Once in a while, you may come across unexpected visitors in the least expected parts of your home. Imagine the shock of coming across a gigantic toad around your electronics. The owner of this table may have been lucky to have an anti-toad virus that prevented further damage.

Photo Credits: The Chive

Finding a toad in enclosed spaces is highly unlikely, except if you live in a toad-infested area. We hope that the owner didn’t trap the innocent toad outdoors to hold some computer parts. Some may argue that it’s a plastic toad to keep children away from electronics.

15. Ninja Dooms Day

Imagine living across The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in real life. We guess that the world could be a place with a thin line between reality and fiction. Bizarre incidents could be ordinary, with the example of a system unit working while on fire.

Photo Credits: Reddit/Noyceebru

Players of the game agree that The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is lit. The wallpaper preaching the ‘Doom Eternal’ may have prompted the villain to increase the temperature. We hope the owner put the camera aside and put out the fire before the fire spread further.

16. New Acer Generation

We have loads of questions about the next Acer brand. We doubt that Acer played a role in building the unique piece unless we missed the company’s memo and need to restructure their reputation for the worst. We are curious about how one uses this laptop without a mouse.

Photo Credits: Reddit/Pcmasterrace

You may need longer arms or a mouse to navigate this laptop as the touchpad is almost out of reach. One may need to revisit how to use the computer with a slightly complicated system for adults. We hope that children may have an easier time learning to use this Acer laptop.

17. Aquaman’s Workstation

Divers often recover bizarre items from under the sea. Typical recoveries include skeletons, shipwrecks, and other treasures that could be years old. Divers have recently found a complete computer system sitting underwater. We believe that this comp system may have belonged to Arthur Curry, Aquaman, or another Atlantean.

Photo Credits: Twitter/CursedSetups

We have questions about how Aquaman accesses the internet, watches movies, or plays games underwater. Our list may have featured more bizarre discoveries than Aquaman using Tinder below the surface. We hope that the divers didn’t set up the computer before taking the photo.

18. Crime Scene

Our next image resembles an active crime scene with the yellow tape reminding visitors not to cross the yellow tape. This creator has ingeniously set up a computer system allowing him to hide cables and account for devices that could require more space on the table.

Photo Credits:

We can’t help but admire the setup while hoping that a horror movie didn’t inspire the creator. The challenge in this room is watching out for the dangling objects, especially if you’re taller than the owner. A wrong mistake can prompt the owner to create an actual crime scene.

19. The Deadline Came Earlier

Almost every person is guilty of procrastinating a task until the final hours. A looming deadline can make one rush and deliver substandard work or prompt one to seek more straightforward ways of solving the problem. After constant procrastination, you need to eradicate activities that may waste time.

Photo Credits: Reddit/nerdyvaroo

Victims of procrastination can be as creative as this guy reducing trips to the bathroom by working from the bathroom and maximizing the remaining time. This computer setup proves that the procrastinator’s job or studies could be on the line. We hope that this is a private bathroom.

20. Debunk the Computer

How can you utilize the limited space in your room when you have a computer, chair, and table for your workstation? This guy thought it’s best to use the upper bunker to hold all the paraphernalia. The setup is cool but poses a high risk to your general safety.

Photo Credits: Reddit/Blursedimages

Crashing from high above can damage your computer beyond recognition or give you unpleasant injuries. The worst case is that you may collide with your roommate resting in the lower bunker as you exceed the weight limit. It’s also riskier when you’re ascending your workstation.

21. Don’t Drink and Operate Machinery.

Churches, schools, and community halls have various reminders that excessive alcohol is harmful to your health. It would be better to avoid operating machinery and devices when under the influence. This image shows how alcohol can make one plug the monitor into the power source.

Photo Credits: Reddit/Pcmasterrace

The owner of this PC had trouble getting the computer on after drinking one, two, and many glasses. After various attempts, he contacted the retail store to scold them for giving him a faulty PC. We hope that he called the store to apologize for his unbecoming behavior when under the influence.

22. Duty Calls in Sahara

The Safari Browser gives the impression that you can tour the world and the internet comfortably from your home at the highest speeds with utmost security. This user may have needed to respond to an email or complete a task before exploring the Sahara further.

Photo Credits: Reddit/Pcmasterrace

When duty calls, you must respond immediately or risk losing your job. In this case, you may need a solar-powered computer to complete your assignments or reply to an email that finds you well. We hope that the owner of this desk has found viable alternatives to electricity.

23. Rest in Peace, my Computer

Most people desire to go to heaven, but few are ready to die. We steer clear of things that could remind us of death, like coffins and cemeteries. This man is a weirdo that chose a morbid computer setup involving a beautiful casket. This setup can shock even the Undertakers.

Photo Credits: Unrealitymag/Computeraddiction

Considering the size of this coffin, he may have bought it for a child or precisely for holding the computer. We hope that he isn’t planning to bury evidence safely in the coffin. We hope that viruses wouldn’t have the guts to attack a dead computer hidden in the coffin.

24. Microwaved System Unit

The system unit in this picture can pass for a burning microwave if we crop the other items within the frame. What would be your first course of action when your system unit bursts into flames? It’s funny how the owner could take a photo instead of putting out the fire.

Photo Credits: Reddit/r.gaming

The flammable air freshener sitting beside the computer can cause more damage, and we hope the owner reached out for it before losing everything else. We conclude that this person values clout more than their life and other valuables around the system unit.

25. A Meeting with Ben 10

After a great movie, one may be addicted and eager to portray specific characters. Critical characters like Ben 10 will leave a lasting impression among fans for over ten years. Our next image shows that most kids love the Cartoon Network and Ben 10.

Photo Credits: Reddit/gaming

Most kids born in the 90s know more about the iconic Ben 10, having denied parents peace until they got Ben 10 stickers, clothes, shoes, and other essentials. Three decades later, most 90’s kids are parents maudlin about Ben 10. This comp owner isn’t afraid to profess love for Ben 10.

26. Televising a Computer

The television set has undergone rapid improvements and developments from bulky pieces to smaller screens to larger screens with smaller bodies. This TV may have been available during the Vietnam War. The TV’s age means that it’s unable to connect to a mouse or keyboard.

Photo Credits:

We request an investigation into how the keyboard and mouse connect to the TV. When you’re unable to get a new computer or TV screen, you can transform the current one to perform various tasks. We need some advice and guidance from the guy that upgraded this antiquity.

27. The Computer Manager

Can you trust a manager to repair or upgrade your computer system? An effective manager can keep more than your finances and assets. Our next image shows an individual qualified to put broken pieces together and hold them in places, even if hanging by a thread like the CPU.

Photo Credits: Reddit/Images of Canaada

We believe that this system unit may have outlived many of its successors and probably the original owner. The system unit seems tired of giving all it can to benefit the users and could be asking for a revamp, new housing, or retirement soon, having done more than it signed up for.

28. Heavyweight Computer Champion

Our champion deserves an award for turning the heavy computer system into a mobile unit. We can honor him for heavy lifting and ingenuity in building a portable unit. The champ proves that you mustn’t be ripped like Brock Lesnar, John Cena, or The Rock to ferry the weight.

Photo Credits: Slideserve/Brent

Having to mention WWE superstars, we’d like to remind you that ‘Don’t Try This at Home’ if you value the computer system. Maximize your experience by finding space to set up your computer system as recommended by the producer to minimize accidents and strain on your shoulders.

29. Hello, Mr. Bean

The legendary Rowant Atkinson had a lasting impression on acting and comedy without uttering more than ten audible words on the screen for over two decades as Mr. Bean. We understand why someone would be addicted to Mr. Bean’s jokes. Beans may remind one of the iconic show.

Photo Credits:

We wonder whether this person wanted to watch Mr. Bean’s episodes to cool down after a long day or just warm the beans. Slotting in the beans may have been hard or impossible, but we hope the soup didn’t mess up the laptop. Perhaps he should get a checkup on his state of mind.

30. CPU’s Creamery

You may use a computer or laptop for years before ever accessing the CPU. On the other hand, kids have a way of reaching items in the most secret places, but we have questions on how the kid got his hands on the CPU and how the dad would react upon finding the piece in cream.

Photo Credits: Twitter/CursedSetups

We hope that the CPU wasn’t in working condition for the child’s sake—days like these test a parent’s patience with children at the forefront of the experiment. The funny thing about kids is that they may forego long-desired and expensive toys and choose to play with the most costly items within their reach.

31. The Best Toilet System Unit

Our list features ridiculous ideas showing that people have bizarre choices and tastes when refurbishing the computer system. The next feature will blow you away as you try making sense of how the owner chose the toilet. You’ll use more of your mind to build or comprehend this.

Photo Credits: Reddit/Cyberpunk

This picture highlights better ways of rebuilding and reusing the toilet. If you’re weird enough to infuse your system unit in the toilet tank, having it on display doesn’t seem like an impossible idea. We hope unsuspecting visitors won’t use it for short or long calls.

32. Time for a Prison Break

After more than fifty episodes of the highly acclaimed Prison Break, we believe that Michael Scofield has a plan for getting out of physical and imaginary hypothetical prisons. We believe that this prison may give Scofield a hard time getting through from the inside or outside.

Photo Credits: Twitter/Devhumor

Our ingenious friend used the available equipment to build a better casing for the system unit’s casing. The burglar-proof case helps the guy keep content safe unless one decides to carry the entire system. We hope that the owner made provisions that could limit one from having it all.

33. Surviving Roommate Drama

Lone wolves find it hard to maintain roommates or friends. A better way to avoid conflict and constant arguments with roommates is to move out or stay alone. The owner of the system unit below had to move out and avoid falling out further with the roomie.

Photo Credits:

The price you pay for staying away from home may include living in the basement. We believe that the house’s engineers didn’t imagine that he would use the space as a living room in due time. Fortunately, he can connect with the outside world using the available technology.

34. Forever Young

Almost every child has a hint of quality memories associated with Walt Disney’s movies and tv shows. Continuous exposure to Walt Disney content can shape an individual’s fashion, taste, and preferences. It’s common for kids to have computers like the one highlighted below.

Photo Credits: Imgur/S***tybattlestations

It’s quite weird coming across an adult holding on to the monitor with a touch of Walt Disney. One can hold on to the computer for specific memories collected from childhood. Some folks may agree that a Hanna Montana-themed laptop will have more fans.

35. Broke-Computer

This guy seems like a broke tech-savvy. It’s unusual for a man to use laundry baskets and oil kegs as chairs for the computer unless they’re broke. We may not jump to conclusions because the owner may still be in the process of moving into a new apartment.

Photo Credits: Twitter/CursedSetups

We may forgive the owner for missing chairs and furniture for the computer, visitors, and PC users, but it is hard for us to forgive them for missing a system unit’s casing. Unless he’s been doing repairs, we recommend that he sells the computer to get better furniture.

36. Browsing in the Studio Apartment

Studio apartments come in different shapes and sizes depending on the house’s location and your need for more space. Unfortunately, if you don’t look hard, you may find a studio apartment with limited space like the one highlighted below, holding only a cabinet and chair.

Photo Credits: Twitter/CursedSetups

When seated, the computer must be moved to the floor, while the time to work entails moving the laptop back to the chair. Constant lifting of the system could be risky as they could slip and fall. We may have to spend more time and energy searching for spacious studio apartments.

37. Extinction is Looming

In a few years, you may have to visit the museum to see computers from the 80s and 90s. The following image features monitors that seem to have survived the 9/11 blast. The second computer has the face of an alien alighting a UFO.

Photo Credits: Reddit/Blursedimages

The owner of these computers may have a lot of explanations for Homeland Security. Given that these computers are rarely found in stores or eBay, the owner may have salvaged them from a fire, junkyard, or blast site to help future generations learn the history of computers.

38. Time to Cool Off

The typical symptom of a faulty system unit is overheating. If the internal fan malfunctions, your system’s temperature may rise to devastating levels limiting its operations. You can follow the proper channels to get a repair or improvise with the readily available equipment.

Photo Credits:

This guy took the initiative of introducing a bigger fan to cool the system down. Our question is, how did he come up with the idea of taping a fan to the system unit, and how strong the tape is to hold the heavy fan in position for hours.

39. Reusing the Pizza Boxes

After eating your pizza, you may dump the box and wait for the next delivery. We applaud this creative friend for helping us learn better ways of reusing the pizza delivery boxes. The box can hold small items or serve as the housing for your computer.

Photo Credits: Reddit/Blursedimages

The image above shows how a little creativity can help you make the environment cleaner while using the readily available equipment in your locale. Fixing the computer on this box could win a grand prize in the science competition. We worry more about electric shocks and the PC’s safety.

40. Cheap is Expensive

When shopping, you need to get the best quality irrespective of price. Hard-earned experience has taught us that cheap products are expensive as they may cause more damage or prompt you to make regular purchases. Cheap shelves and beds can cause you more harm.

Photo Credits: Twitter/alejnwn

The owner of this unit may be a lucky lad as most of the screens are intact after the fall. Are his hands on his head as he thanks God or taking photos to remember the lucky day? You can avoid unnecessary repairs and damage by reinforcing tables to hold the weight.

41. Computer Bed for the Bedridden

When bedridden, one could be bored without company and entertainment. This setup is ideal for the hospital or bedroom when you can’t get out of bed. It features a strategically placed monitor and keyboard best for the bed’s height and user’s size.

Photo Credits: Reddit/Sadcringe

This setup can help you hibernate and complete tasks or hibernate from the family’s distractions. We hope you won’t drift away from your assigned tasks, fall asleep, and drop the keyboard. Mount the TV tightly to ensure that the monitor doesn’t fall on your head or feet.

42. Back to Work

Losing your hard-earned job and source of income can be distressing as you seek alternative means for a decent living. When you get back to work, we recommend keeping a lid on your overexcitement to avoid mistakes that could cost you the new job sooner or later.

Photo Credits:

This guy came back to work with a unique setup that could cost him the job. Why would you do away with an operational system unit for a basket fitted with a DVD player and lights? We hope that he can deliver results and convince the boss to let him retain the basket.

43. Back From The Dead

Did you know that a sound system unit can outlive you? Our next image features an old system unit that would need Enola, Sherlock, and full access to NSA’s resources to find the owner. We believe that the system should have found its way into the junkyard long ago.

Photo Credits: Twitter/CursedSetups

As a sentimental piece, we believe that this system unit can last for more years as it’s passed down to the next generations. If she chooses to put the system out of its misery by discontinuing the family tradition, we hope she can donate it to a museum.

44. One for the Geographers

It took Geographers lots of time and energy to convince us that the Earth isn’t flat. This image shows that a Geographer may also prefer alternatives to the flat monitor. Our geographer friend loves studying the Earth and its features, prompting him to project research onto the globe.

Photo Credits: Imgur/Gundarian

Using the globe as a monitor is out of the equation for the ordinary person. Unfortunately, researchers and scientists are prisoners of habits. The image shows that when your computer screen is broken down, you can project images to a globe and complete the tasks or watch a movie.

45. Just A Joke

The system isn’t a computer resembling a computer or microwave computer but a regular old microwave. The guy uses a sticker on the microwave as wallpaper and pressing iron as the mouse. This guy is hilarious with a funny sense of humor, and we hope he has connectivity.

Photo Credits: Reddit/anqari

This is an example of teenagers having fun in the absence of supervision. We hope that his notoriety was for clout and likes on the Gram and not the aftermath of a few cookies. Let’s hope that future technology may entail a computer and microwave combined in one.