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Bad Dreams Are Made Of This: 40 Perplexing And Creepy Images

These days, there’s not much on Twitter that catches our attention. Only a few Twitter accounts, like Cursed Images, truly live up to their names and provide good content. Cursed Images shares random images of locations, items, and people acting in unpredictable ways. All the images have something similar: they all make you feel uneasy and terrified. 

We initially believed it had anything to do with supernatural occurrences, but a closer look showed some disturbing yet mundane images. The lack of context behind these photographs is a significant part of what makes them so uncomfortable, leading to more questions than answers.

Keep reading for an exhilarating and horrifying experience that will leave you bewildered and confused. We warn you that you won’t be able to sleep well tonight because of these images.

Spider Cat

Cats have a remarkable ability to land on their feet and maintain their balance at all times. A cat’s physical makeup enables it to leap vast distances and twist while in the air. Cats are very flexible, which makes them nimble hunters.

Image courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

Despite the fact that cats are renowned for having amazing physical abilities, this is not the case in this picture. The chair was turned sideways, and the pillow rested perfectly on the armrest to confuse people. Someone simply created this for fun and to make people work hard to decipher the image.

All Eyes Are On You

Here we have the sweetest and scariest things all in one image. Do you ever feel as though someone is watching your every move and gazing over your shoulder? You probably won’t be able to sleep or move around at night if you have sheep like these on your farm.

Image courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

If this is the sight that awaits us, we won’t even be able to leave our home at night after glancing at those eyes gleaming in the dark. This picture is just sheer terror. We just hope that there are no cleverly disguised wolfs in that crowd.

Food Container

Spaghetti is one of the simplest foods to make, which is why it is so popular at gatherings and parties. This person must have been attending a party and informed the hosts that he would like to bring something for the get-together.

Image courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

He rememberd to buy pasta and even tomato sauce, but couldn’t be bothered to get a container. But that did not stop him from improvising and finding a way to bring the meal over to his hosts. A little word of advice would be to avoid using a white shirt.

Tin Foil

Tin foil, a type of grey metal formed of aluminum or a similar metal, is used specifically to cover or package food. Tin foil is typically thought of as a kitchen item. Up until this point, we were unaware that people might also use it for interior design.

Image courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

The mere sight of this room gives us the impression that whoever owns it must be planning something evil. Thinking that someone kidnapped would be detained and tortured in this place is distressing. What if the AC isn’t working? The space will change from a bedroom to a sauna in two seconds.

A Feral Child?

We have so many questions. We don’t mind the deer, but we’re worried about the strange little girl. Did she wander into the woods by accident or if she just really likes wild animals? Or, was she just sleepwalking and managed to safely get outside?

Image courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

She seems like one of those wild kids you hear about in fantasy literature. Some say the girl was photoshopped into the picture, but it appears as thought the doe is looking right at the little girl. Whatever the story is behind this image, it doesn’t change the fact that it is very unsettling and creepy.

Badger Invasion

The badger is a nocturnal animal, meaning that they’re active at night. Yet even when us humans are asleep, they won’t always venture into our “territory.” These guys must be super hungry if they don’t care that somebody is nearby.

Image courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

We have never seen so many badgers at once! Even though it may not be as disturbing as the other images on this list, this is nevertheless alarming. These badgers could be omens of something evil. What if they’re fleeing from a terrifying creature hiding in the woods?

Demon Dog

Dogs are known as man’s best friends. Most people consider their canine companions to be more than just pets; they’re devoted family members. However, instead of being a friend, the dog in this picture appears to be humanity’s deadliest enemy.

Image courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

People who live in condos and small apartments in metropolitan regions are highly fond of toy breeds, but this is too much. The longer you look, the weirder it gets. And it gets more sinister, too. Just look at the guy causing chaos under the bed!

Fear of Metal?

This looks like an extreme sport or some weird social media challenge. Why would you use one utensil to hold another? It will probably take this person hours to finish the bowl of soup. It’ll take more than skill and dexterity to not spill any soup.

Image courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

Our outrageous guess for this scene is that it’s actually some supernatural monster that can’t hold an iron spoon. Hence the chopsticks. Seriously, though, this person probably looks for the hardest way to solve every problem. Who are we to judge if it works for this person?

Bed Parking Space

What pet parent doesn’t love taking pictures of their fur children tucked into bed. But what do you do if your ride is your “pet”? It would be more difficult to place it on the mattress, and there will probably be a lot of curses as you attempt to set it all up.

Image courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

It took this guy a long time to accumulate enough savings to buy this bike. But once he could finally afford it, he couldn’t help but treat it like his child. Hopefully, he isn’t too bonded to those sheets since, following this photoshoot, and there will undoubtedly be grime and motor oil all over the place.

CD Food Cutter

Food, plates, and cutlery are all essential for a picnic. Someone forgot to remind this person, and they ended up forgetting to bring a knife to chop up the food. But this individual wasn’t going to let carelessness ruin their day.

Image courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

The solution? Use a CD as a cutter. We suppose a CD will do the trick if you don’t have a knife around. Since CDs like that aren’t very common these days, we’d like to know why he even had one handy in the first place.

Spaghetti Scan

Although we don’t know the details of what took place here, we can be certain that the boss won’t be pleased. Someone must be angry with one of their coworkers to try this stunt. Or, this could be an office prank war gone too far.

Image courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

Cleaning a scanner is already a difficult and painstaking task. And there’s no way this happened by accident. If we had to guess what happened after this image was taken, we think that someone was suspended as a result of this incident.

Doll Bowl

We have one semi-sane guess for this one: the person might have run out of bowls for serving guacamole and come up with this idea. Despite the fact that we adore avocados and guacamole, we would never attempt to eat them from a doll’s chest.

Image courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

Or maybe it was a Halloween party. However, this behavior brings to mind images from horror films and disturbed psycho killers. Cutting out a doll and using it as a food container makes us want to reach for a phone and call for help.

Bread Steps

Not every action is meant to be understood, but we hope that most have a reasonable explanation. Given that many people struggle to find ample food on a daily basis, we have been taught the importance of not wasting food and passing this lesson on to others.

Image courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

The person in this image disregarded the commonly preached morale against wasting food. We have no idea why this person decided to line their stairs with bread. Perhaps the steps were creaking, and the individual attempted to sneak in, but there are alternative methods to handle such situations.

The Reaching Hand

This is a modern-day horror movie in more ways than one. If we walked into this restroom and just saw the hand, there’s no question that we’d turn tail and bolt out the door. But upon seeing the phone, it takes on a new level of terror.

Image courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

So close yet so far! Though, it begs the question of why someone was using their phone while on the toilet in the first place. Yes, we know people do that, but keep your toilet scrolling to your bathroom at home.

SpaghettiOs Drink

SpaghettiOs was a staple of most people’s childhood. Even if you never actually ate any, there was no escaping the popularity of this weird spaghetti in a can. Unlike other Campbell’s products, SpaghettiOs requires a spoon. It is pasta, after all…

Image courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

We have two questions: how and why? At best, you could only get some lukewarm sauce out of the can. And, most importantly, why would anyone do this? It’s a good prank, but it takes a twisted mind to think of such things.

Pancake Face Mask

We already saw a picture of someone messing with their dog, and it seems like someone else decided to get in on the…fun. At least this doggo doesn’t seem too distressed. What a good dog for patiently posing and not immediately chowing down.

Image courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

Is it just us, or does this family look like the character Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Though, we’re not too worried about the man on the left as it looks like he’s asleep. The others, however, we’re steering clear of.

Genius or Lazy?

This image must represent either the pinnacle of brilliance or laziness. Although it is not advisable, who are we to stop you from eating in the bath if you are that hungry? After all, to function correctly, we all require nutrition.

Image courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

But we have a few issues here. For one, how dare they use a slice of bread instead of a proper hot dog bun! And the Styrofoam must go! Although, admittedly, it is the best solution for a floating plate.

Questionable Waffle Topping

Despite having a consistency similar to maple syrup, dishwashing liquid is not something you should put on your breakfast. Even if your mom tells you to wash your mouth out with soap, this is not the way to do it.

Image courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

This puts us in mind of those weird purple and green ketchup Heinz released years ago. Though this picture is rather disturbing, it gives us a good idea for a prank. Just add some food coloring to your condiments and watch your friends freak out.


Dogs can enjoy the wintertime just like people do. However, this Borzoi does not seem to be impressed with the snowdog twin his human friend constructed. Perhaps he plans to exact revenge on his master for this atrocity at some point in the future.

Image courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

Sure, we can see some similarities between the doggo and his snowy doppelganger. What a good dog for posing so nicely with the disturbing double. We hope he got a chance to destroy that thing immediately after the picture was taken.

Cat Invasion Or Not

This image is quite disturbing, and we are left wondering what these cats are plotting. Imagine walking out of your bedroom in the middle of the night, planning to head downstairs for a glass of water, and you’re greeted with this sight.

Image courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

Even if they don’t have any evil schemes in mind, those cats are inherently a falling hazard. Especially if they give you a jump scare like this. Let’s just hope that these are friendly felines, lined up to protect the innocent humans that live in that house.

Marabou Stork

Although this image may seem strange, there is a very harmless reason why the storks are in the bathroom. When Hurricane Andrew made landfall in several sections of the US in 1992, it was a category five storm. It wreaked great havoc and uprooted both people and animals.

Image courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

The hurricane posed a serious threat to many zoo animals. The zoo staff had no choice but to move the animals to a secure location to safeguard them. For some animals, the safe place was the restroom. Despite being a beautiful story, the flashlight gives it a rather ominous feel.

Cool Workout

We have so many questions regarding this image. If we visited a friend and saw this when we opened the refrigerator, we might be perplexed about their life choices. Maybe we should have called them more often. No sane person would do something like this.

Image courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

These appear to be desserts fit for a bachelor or bachelorette party. We are all aware that situations like these can spiral out of control. At the same time, we’d wonder, “Why have they been collecting all these dolls, and for what purpose?”

Ultimate TV Stand

First, who had the idea of placing a TV inside a cow? We don’t know if it is the TV stand or the missing part of the TV’s upper left frame that makes us bewildered. Is that even screwed on tight? Just what if the cow TV stand comes tumbling down?

Image courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

There are several affordable TV stands on the market, but this person thought of creating their own cheaper version. This TV stand is a nightmare, proving that cheaper does not always equate to better. The color of the cow and the images drawn on it could be very distracting while trying to watch TV.

Just Chilling

We guess the bear needed a break, as we all do at some point. However, we wonder how that hammock is still holding up and has not come apart. The general average weight capacity of a hammock with straps is 400 pounds.

Image courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

Adult male black bears can weigh over 500 pounds and reach up to 4.5 feet tall. They may not be tall but they’re hefty! It does take some skills to get into the hammock safely, and we are impressed. We do hope it enjoyed its rest.

The Furbies

Tiger electronics released the American electronic robotic toy Furby in 1998. The mini owl/hamster creature briefly became a must-have toy following its launch during the holiday season. A Furby will giggle when you tickle its belly and purr when you pet its back.

Image courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

However, some people seem to believe that furbies are evil and possessed. Without being tickled, the electronic toy has been known to suddenly giggle in the middle of the night. And removing the batteries doesn’t stop them, either. We’d hate to visit this person’s home.

Egg Sheets

Eggs belong in the chicken coop and kitchen. This image has us as confused as you probably are. This is blatantly evident and cannot be a prank. When we look at this picture, we assume that either someone is enraged or seeking retribution.

Image courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

To put it mildly, this is not what we would consider a delightful breakfast in bed. It is uncomfortable and we cannot help but consider the stain this would leave on the sheets and the damage it would cause to your mattress.

Aliens Are Among Us

There have been several sightings of unidentified flying objects. Scientists have discovered several factors, and they assume that there are other active civilizations in the universe. Statistics back up this argument. Artifacts have been discovered that all indicate intelligent life exists outside our atmosphere.

Image courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

This image serves as evidence of the presence of extraterrestrial intelligence. Maybe this alien ship crash-landed close to this man’s house, and they became best buddies. Life can get lonely sometimes, and we all need a friend with whom we can share a warm blanket.

The Power of Yeast

This particular picture resembles something out of Ghostbusters. Is it somehow related to Slimer? Something is certainly emerging from the trash can, and it’s not your friendly dumpster diver seeking salvageable items. At least the explanation for this disturbing dumpster is rather innocent…

Image courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

The yeast had caused the dough to rise and spill out of the bin. Some people would find it frightening, but this is just dough someone threw, not the trash. We prefer to see the silver lining and believe this is only leftover dough.

Food Boy

Bread is a staple food in most homes. We would classify bread as delicious, flaky, and buttery, but never weird. Well, if we were surrounded by that amount of bread in a bathroom, we’d give the same reaction as the guy cowering in the corner. This picture is a scene from The Adventures of Food Boy.

Image courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

The Adventures of Food Boy is a movie about a teenage boy who discovers he can create food with his hands. The image is from the scene where Ezra runs to the bathroom after uncontrollably shooting out food while giving his campaign speech. Upon getting to the bathroom, he shoots bread out of his hands uncontrollably.

Dalmatian Pet-Human

Imagine spotting your neighbor dressed as a Dalmatian and waiting for his owner at the door as if he were an actual dog. You’ll be prompted to grab your phones at this point and call the nearest police station to report the suspicious activities.

Image courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

This picture is quite unsettling. Who can say for sure what our neighbor is capable of? Is he stalking someone? He might merely try to bite us as we make our way into our car, or he might try to steal our mail. These neighbors are frequently presented as serial killers, which makes it unsettling.


Elmo is among the most well-known characters on the television show Sesame Street. Elmo was an extra puppet on the Sesame Street version in the 1970s. The early version of Elmo was very funny looking and lacked personality. Certainly nothing like the character we know and love today.

Image courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

The producers of the show made the decision to alter a few things. Elmo is currently a main character on the show and a favorite figure from our childhood. In this image, Elmo appears in a frightening manner that would not be appropriate for any kid’s TV program.

Duct Tape Bugs Bunny

So many thoughts are racing through our heads. One is, “What in the world has occurred here?” Due to Bugs Bunny’s sudden transformation into a more dangerous version of himself, we get the impression that we have left the world of Looney Tunes.

Image courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

We hope he’s wearing long sleeves and leggings underneath, or he’ll have a terrible time taking that outfit off. He cannot get out of that costume quickly to use the restroom. Perhaps Bugs Bunny was kidnapped and made to fake a smile for the camera.

World Clown Day

Clowns are spooky because you can never know how they’re feeling because of the scary smile that is a constant fixture on their faces. They have consistently been represented as killers in literature and film, which doesn’t help. This image reminds us of the character Pennywise in the horror movie IT.

Image courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

The malevolent transdimensional demon from ancient times, Pennywise, preys on children. Pennywise can shapeshift and majorly wears a clown outfit throughout the movie. Seeing nine people dressed as Ronald McDonald in a parking lot would give anyone nightmares. And, overall, clowns haven’t had a good reputation throughout history.

Fried Egg Embroidery

There are several embroidery types to beautify a clothing piece, but we don’t think eggs are among them. Even though we are not professional seamstresses, we can affirm that fried eggs are not used for embroidery. We have to wonder what this person was thinking.

Image courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

This may be an experiment to find out if it is possible to stitch real fried eggs unto a piece of clothing. A perfectly good sewing machine could easily be ruined by attempting to sew a fried egg on your clothing. Although they are not the most expensive machines available, sewing machines are not the cheapest either.

Tea Time

Being terrified of spiders, including toy spiders, is a common fear among kids, but this little girl is really brave. Some adults we know are still terrified of spiders. This image was staged by the father of the girl in the picture.

Image courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

Her father, who raises tarantulas, was attempting to inform the public and demonstrate why spiders are not inherently dangerous. He explained that they had heard negative comments about the creatures from friends and neighbors. So he decided to capture the picture in order to inform people.

Winnie the Poohs

Winnie the Pooh is a honey-loving, friendly yellow-furred bear who lives in the Hundred Acre Woods. We adore Winnie the Pooh and don’t have anything against the endearing creature. But the idea of a world filled with a large number of adult-sized Winnie the Poohs is unsettling.

Image courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

It would feel like we are in a dark alternate reality. If not for their eerie smiles, it might not be quite as disturbing. Today’s most well-known cartoon characters include Winnie the Pooh. Winnie the Pooh was inspired by a real bear purchased by Lt. Harry Colebourn, a Canadian veterinarian.

Frog Plague

This scene is straight out of a horror movie and our nightmares. The American green tree frog is a common species. Green Tree Frogs are known to live in and around suburban homes, including water tanks, drain pipes, mailboxes, and even toilet bowls. They like cool, shadowy areas.

Image courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

However, we must admit that the condition of the toilet itself horrifies us more. We worry that the frogs will “croak” after a few more days in that unclean “habitat.” Hopefully, the photographer scooped them out and put them in a bucket after taking this picture.

Giant Bread

Everyone wants to be known and leave their imprint on the world. The motivation for people’s desire to be the biggest, tallest, and strongest is very well explained by this. Those who lack the necessary physical prowess attempt to break records and produce or grow gigantic objects.

Image courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

Are these submissions for the Guinness Book of World Records? If we woke up to one of those loaves of bread on a table across the room, we could faint or think ourselves delusional. It could take a whole month attempting to consume just one loaf of bread.

Koala Killer

We find this very horrifying. It makes us think of a scary Halloween costume or a killer’s outfit from a horror film. If we saw someone wearing this mask, we’d scream our heads off. It’s made even worse by the placement of the cutout for his mouth.

Image courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

Using a koala’s face as a mask is understandable, but placing the mask portion on the body of the koala takes it to a new level. That’s not just strange; it’s terrifying. We’re confident that this image would frighten not just zoo keepers but several people.

Shrek And Fiona

Most brides fantasize about having a fairy tale wedding. This is a cheerful image, and the couple appears to be enjoying themselves greatly. As a result, it does not fall into the category of cursed images or images that prevent you from sleeping.

Image courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

The couple in the picture, Amanda and Nathan Gibbs, decided to dress as the fairy tale couple and use the occasion to raise money for a good cause. After losing several close friends to cancer, they wanted to take action to spread awareness of the disease and motivate more people to get checked out.