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A Tidier Home In No Time: 45 Safe And Easy Cleaning Hacks

Have you ever met someone who has said that their favorite thing to do is to clean? No? We figured as much. Cleaning takes time and a lot of effort, and if objects cleaned themselves, we would not have to worry about a thing. Unfortunately, that’s not how things work yet. We’re still waiting on science and technology to fill that need in our lives. In the meantime, if you don’t want your home to be filthy, you need to clean it. We have scoured the internet, and thankfully, we found valuable cleaning hacks which will make your life easier. After reading this article, you will want to stock up on baking soda, it’s an indispensable item in any household, and you won’t be able to look at vinegar and lemon the same way again. You have been warned!

#1 Say goodbye to screens with smudge

Sometimes we get so caught up on our favorite Netflix series or our work that we don’t even notice our computer screen getting smudgier and dirtier by the day. If only your laptop or monitor could speak, it would tell you to please clean them.

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Don’t use wet wipes or cloths for a clean and smudge-free screen. Use a coffee filter instead, and if you’re using a cleaning solution, spray it on the filter instead of the screen. Coffee filters have become our favorite because they don’t leave any residue.

#2 Eliminate rust in almost all surfaces

Rust is not something you’d like to see in your home because it does not look good. It may also shorten the lifespan of the things in your home. Commercial cleaners sold today don’t always work on them or are very corrosive.

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It turns out you don’t need to spend much on getting rid of rust because all you need is a lime. Cut one lime in half, dip it in table salt and scrub the rusted areas with it. It works great because lime is acidic.

#3 Tidy up your cabinet hardware too

Dust just seems to find its way on all surfaces in the home, including knobs and cabinet hardware. It makes them look dull and old, and if you’re cleaning your house, you need to remember to include them too.

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Get an old toothbrush and use an oil-based soap to scrub the cabinet hardware thoroughly. After which, you should wipe them with an old shirt or cloth, and they will look as good as new. Make sure that you clean them regularly.

#4 Clean plastics with toothpaste

If you think that toothpaste is just for your teeth, you’re mistaken. You can use toothpaste for things other than making sure your pearly whites are clean. Plastic is one of the most challenging things to clean in the home because grease and dirt can easily cling to them.

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Take a used shirt or cloth and dip it in warm water. Apply toothpaste and use it to wipe the dirt and grease off of any plastic surface. You will see the dirt come off right before your eyes. This hack is going to make everything so much easier.

#5 Giving old furniture a new lease on life

When furniture is not cleaned regularly, it starts aging really quickly, and this is such a heartbreak, especially if you paid so much money for it. How do you ensure your furniture looks top-notch, even the older and stained ones?

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Sprinkle baking soda on the fabric and leave it there for at least half an hour before using the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. After this step, you will see that your furniture will look brand new; there’s a chance you won’t recognize it. It is also great to remove odors that are stuck in the fabric.

#6 Reach ceilings and walls fast and easy

Unless you are as tall or taller than Shaq, you probably won’t be able to reach the ceilings in your home. It’s easy to miss them when cleaning, but we all know they get dirty too, and there’s usually a stray cobweb to take care of.

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Thankfully, you can use your mop for areas that are hard to reach. Mops don’t only work on the floor; they also work on ceilings, removing dust and stopping further buildup. Make sure to spray your mop with some water to make cleaning easier.

#7 Baking soda is not just for cookies

Baking soda is popular as an ingredient in your favorite cookie recipe and as a cleaning agent. You may have already seen people cleaning things with the help of baking soda. If you haven’t yet, you’re in the right place.

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Baking soda is just what you need for dirty tiles. Dampen a sponge with water, then dip it in baking soda before using it to scrub your tiles. It will remove mildew, mold, and dirt but be sure to wear gloves and protect your hands.

#8 A burnt pan is going to need more than a scrub or two

We all know the struggles of cleaning a burnt pan. It’s a pain in the you know where, but there are a few secrets you need to know to make the task easier. Believe it or not, they don’t take scrubbing your hand and arm numb.

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Pour some vinegar and water into a pan and wait for it to reach boiling point. Dispose of the mixture safely and let the pan cool before rubbing the burnt area with baking soda. This will remove any residue of burnt food, making your pan as shiny as new.

#9 Freshen up your cutting boards

The chopping board is another essential item in the kitchen that must be cleaned 100% because it gets into close contact with your food. It’s easy for meat, veggies, and fruits to creep into the tiny spaces on your chopping board.

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The board will need more than dish soap and a sponge to clean it. Sprinkle coarse salt on your chopping board and scrub it with lemon. This will get rid of foul odor, and it will also remove difficult stains.

#10 Your coffee grinder needs some attention to

If you’re a coffee-lover, and we’re not referring to instant coffee, you probably have a coffee grinder in your home. It’s a must for every caffeine addict, after all, and although it doesn’t need frequent cleaning, it can be tricky to get rid of the odor.

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Fill it halfway with rice and let it sit for a minute or until the rice becomes fine. This will get rid of the odor, but it will also remove dirt. Get rid of the rice and use a moist paper towel to wash the grinder.

#11 Your washing machine drum needs you

It’s easy for lint to get stuck in the insides of your washing machines, and if you want clean clothes after you take them out of the washing machine, you better make sure that the washing machine drum is clean.

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Use vinegar and baking soda and mix both with water to form a paste. Soak a sponge in the mixture and then wipe it on the inside of the drum but be careful in doing so that you don’t damage anything. Don’t forget the rubber seal because it’s one of the dirtiest parts.

#12 Make your iron shiny and new again

Another item that households can’t do without is an iron. You wouldn’t dare arrive at work in crumpled clothes, that’s for sure! However, the soleplate is not the easiest to clean, and if you’re not careful, you can damage your iron.

Image courtesy of Professor Pincushion/YouTube

Vinegar and baking soda are going to do the trick. Get a cloth, dip it in vinegar, and wipe away the dirt or the burnt part on the plate. Use either salt or baking soda and rub it on the iron, but avoid getting it inside the holes.

#13 Onions help clean windows?

Who knew that the onion had another purpose, aside from making numerous dishes all over the world yummy and aromatic? We didn’t think it could be a cleaning agent until now and we bet there’s a big chance you didn’t either.

Image courtesy of treat_teal/Instagram

Cut an onion in half and wipe it on your glass windows to remove any stains. Use a soft cloth to wipe the glass afterward, and you’ll see that onions do miracles. Say goodbye to commercial cleaning products that contain chemicals and stick to an onion.

#14 Make sure that your plastic chopping boards are 100% clean

After discussing chopping boards in general, we will now discuss the cleaning process for plastic chopping boards in particular. They are more convenient than their wooden counterparts, but there’s a cleaning secret you need to know about them to use them to their full potential.

Image courtesy of Ghazalle Badioz/amanithekitchn.com

Try this hack before you decide to toss them in the trash. Soak the plastic cutting board in a mix of bleach and water for at least an hour. The mixture will work its magic on the stains. Afterward, wash the board with your regular dish soap and let it dry. You won’t recognize your plastic cutting board after.

#15 A tidy microwave oven makes people happy

We don’t overthink when we’re hungry and know that we have leftovers in the fridge. We grab the food, throw it in the microwave, reheat it, and voila, our tummy is happy again. However, we really should start paying attention to our microwaves.

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If you use it regularly, it’s bound to have food splatters and stains. Check your microwave because it might be high time to give it some loving. Fill a microwave-safe container with water and lemon juice and microwave until you see the water is very hot. The steam will help loosen up stains and dirt, which you’ll be able to wipe away afterward gently.

#16 Clean blinds all over the home

Another least favorite thing in the home for people to clean are blinds. Wait, do we even have a favorite thing to clean? Blinds have countless slats, so cleaning them takes an eternity, but this hack will now make it a breeze.

Image courtesy of onecrazyhouse.com

Secure a damp cloth to a pair of tongs with the help of rubber bands. Use the tongs to wipe each slat, and you’ll be done in no time. With this method, people in your home will be more open to the chore.

#17 The garbage disposal needs some lovin’ too

Notice untraceable odors in the kitchen lately? You might want to check your garbage disposal because there’s a big chance that the aroma comes from there. You can spray galloons of air freshener, but it won’t be able to mask the stink of the garbage disposal for long.

Image courtesy of TMB STUDIO/rd.com

Get an old toothbrush and use it with dish soap to scrub away all the food, grease, and garbage that might be stuck in the splash guard. Use hot water to clean the disposal area. Do not forget to do this regularly.

#18 A cleaner appliance means cleaner clothes

If you knew your washing machine was dirty, would you still use it to wash your clothes? The answer is probably no, right? How can it clean your clothes when it isn’t even clean to begin? Get rid of limescale and grime and ensure that your washing machine is in optimum condition.

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You have a few options. You can either use citric acid, vinegar, or bleach. Just pour it into the empty machine and let it run on the hottest setting, and your appliance will do the hard work. You will not have to stress about a thing.

#19 A solution for cups with brown spots

Think about this scenario, you are serving a cup of coffee or tea to your houseguest, and they notice that there are brown spots on the cup. What do you do? Grab the cup right away and throw it out the window before they notice?

Image courtesy of instructables.com

Don’t put yourself in this scenario by making sure that your cups are clean. Dish soap may not be strong enough, so you need a trick. Lemon peel! Make a DIY cleanser with lemon zest and salt and rub it on the stubborn brown marks. It works wonders!

#20 Envious Pots and Pans

We don’t know about you, but we try not to use chemicals when cleaning the house as much as possible. It’s just not ideal health-wise. If there’s a natural alternative, we’ll go for it. This hack will please anyone who doesn’t want to use chemicals.

Image courtesy of toriavey.com

Clean your pots and pans with a potato and some salt. Dip a halved potato in salt and rub the pan with it. It will get rid of food marks, but it’s also going to remove brown spots and burnt food residue.

#21 Leather furniture that’s just like new

Leather is durable, and leather furniture is an excellent acquisition in every residence. It lends character and charm; however, you need to maintain the material if you want your leather furniture in top condition. Leather costs a lot of money, but it is a worthwhile investment that will last for years if taken care of.

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Don’t worry about a few scratches because they can be quickly addressed by using shoe polish that is similar in color to your leather furniture. Not only will the polish repair the leather, but it will also help to elongate its life.

#22 Oven vent filters need to be cleaned too

Seeing as the kitchen is easily one of the dirtiest spots at home, it’s no surprise that the oven filter also gets filthy. It can quickly become unrecognizable after only a few weeks due to grime and food residue.

Image courtesy of serenabakessimplyfromscratch.com

Get some borax and pour it into a bowl big enough for all your oven vent filters. Load the bowl with heated water and allow the filters to soak for at least half an hour. Take the filters from the bowl and rinse them. Ensure they are absolutely dry before placing them back.

#23 Remove stains from your carpet

Carpet cleaning can be tedious, tiring, and can consume a lot of hours when done without much experience. If you have your carpets cleaned professionally, you need not think about it except for the bill, which can be pretty expensive, to be frank.

Image courtesy of faithlyn gruetzmcher/YouTube

Thanks to this hack, there is now an easier, faster, and cheaper way to clean your carpets, and it doesn’t even involve the use of harsh cleaning materials. Soak an old towel in a mixture of one-part vinegar and two parts water. Wring out any excess and put the towel over the dirty area on your carpet. Get the steam iron and press it over the damp towel for about 30 seconds, and the stain will come right off.

#24 Bye Bye Old, Hello New

The more you use your dishes, the quicker they become grimy and look used. Fortunately, you can do something to restore them to their former glory, and it doesn’t take too much effort. You don’t even have to buy those fancy cleaners.

Image courtesy of Ekaterina Gladskikh /Shutterstock

Mix baking soda with water and scrub the mixture on the dishes. Let it do its job on the marks and stains on your plates before washing them with hot water. Let the dishes dry, and you’ll notice a big difference in how they look.

#25 A steel sink that looks renewed

Sinks are used regularly, and it’s normal for them to get brown spots due to water stains eventually. Regardless of how much you scrub them with dish soap, they won’t disappear. Well, this hack is going to make things more manageable for you.

Image courtesy of Joe Lingeman/thekitchn.com

Clean your sink as you usually would and let it dry. Sprinkle flour on the sink, leave it there for at least 30 minutes, and wipe it with a towel or cloth. Your sink will look shiny, as if you just bought it yesterday.

#26 A clean air conditioner vent means clean air

If you want clean air to circulate throughout your home, you must ensure that the air vent is clean. Dust can quickly accumulate in the air vent, and like other parts of the house, you need to pay attention to it.

Image courtesy of lemishine/Twitter

Get a cleaning solution and soak a towel in it. Wring out any excess and tie it around a knife. Run the knife through the vents so that you can reach all the dust and dirt. The towel should make cleaning easier and quicker for you and you’ll be breathing in fresh air in no time.

#27 Dealing with dirty carpets

Dirty carpets are the bane of any homeowner because nobody likes to get down and dirty to scrub for hours. If you have the same problem, you’ve come to the right place because we have a well-kept secret that’s going to help you.

Image courtesy of Andrey_Popov/Shutterstock

Mix water, a few drops of hydrogen peroxide, and soap. Spray the mixture on the carpet and use a soft-bristled brush to scrub the stains and see them disappear right before your eyes. You’ll be capable to hold onto some money because you do not have to call the professionals.

#28 You don’t have to live with greasy stains

This might be new to some, but news flash, there isn’t a need to live with a greasy oven all your life, especially when you can do things to clean it. All you need for a grease-free kitchen are a few drops of mineral oil.

Image courtesy of Lucy Hewett/thekitchn.com

Put the mineral oil drops on a paper towel or old cloth and use it to wipe your greasy oven. The oil will break down the grease, so it won’t take much effort to clean the oven. Give this a try, and you definitely won’t look back.

#29 The stove burners are up next

Since we’re on the topic of cleaning the kitchen and ovens, we need to pay attention to the stove-top burners too. It’s easy for food to spill over the burners, making them greasy and dirty. The good news is there is a remedy.

Image courtesy of Trop Facile/YouTube

Mix dish soap and baking soda until you form a thick paste. Apply it to the stove and let it remain there for about half an hour. You don’t even have to do the hard work as the mixture will take care of that. Wipe the stove burners with a damp cloth, and you’ll see it will look tidy again.

#30 This hack will make cleaning the oven door easy

Like other parts of the oven, the oven door can get filthy too from all the baking and roasting, and if you still want to see what’s inside your range, you better clean it. We have discussed baking soda countless times in this list, and it helps clean the oven door.

Image courtesy of Clean My Space/YouTube

Sprinkle some baking soda on the oven door and use a damp cloth or old t-shirt to cover it. Let it rest for at least 15 minutes, and use the same material or old t-shirt to wipe the oven door clean with circular motions.

#31 Clean your glass shower doors for a more relaxing shower

We don’t know about you, but the sight of filthy glass shower doors interrupts our relaxing session in the bath. It’s unsightly, and if you have guests staying over, it doesn’t make a good impression. Surely, you don’t want other people to think that you are ok with dirt.

Image courtesy of thespruce.com

Get a stiff brush, some window cleaner, and a little elbow grease, and you’ll see excellent results. Don’t even waste your time with a squeegee or soft cloth because they will not help. Trust us on the window cleaner and stiff brush.

#32 Au revoir to rust rings

You need to be very careful when placing anything metallic on countertops because if you leave them there for too long, they will result in rust rings, and they are not a good sight. If you wait a very long time to clean them, chances are it will be difficult to remove them.

Image courtesy of smellslikefoodinhere.blogspot.com

Mix cream of tartar and lemon juice until they form a paste, and use them to clean the rust rings. Take an old toothbrush to scrub the area. Your countertops will look brand new again as if nothing happened.

#33 Chrome faucets like brand new again

Your bathroom looks better and more inviting when the faucets are sparkly and shiny. But with frequent use, they are bound to become dull, and sometimes resorting to harsh chemicals doesn’t do the trick. Thankfully, this hack has come to our rescue.

Image courtesy of bitzngiggles.com

Put some baby oil on a cotton ball and rub it on your chrome faucets. It will make them shiny again and add to your bathroom’s appeal. It doesn’t take that much, right? Keep this in mind next time you see dull faucets.

#34 Give your oven a thorough cleaning

Roasting meats and baking cakes and pastries are only a few things you can do with your oven. If you’ve had your range for some time and you haven’t had time to clean it, it’s probably not looking its best.

Image courtesy of medium.com

Mix dish soap with one cup of baking soda until it creates a paste similar to a pancake batter. Apply the solution to all the dirty parts of the oven and leave it there for about 20 minutes. The next step is to dry the oven by wiping it.

#35 Make your vases look presentable again

Like everything else in your home, your vase can get dirty. Dust can accumulate on the surface and make it seem like the vase is of a different color. Because of the unique shape of vases, it can be a challenge to clean them thoroughly.

Image courtesy of bestlivingguide.com

But don’t fret because eggshells are here to the rescue. Put some eggshells, dishwashing liquid, and hot water into the vase and swirl them around. This will get rid of the filth and won’t cost you a lot of money.

#36 Clean and expensive-looking lampshades

If you have an expensive lampshade, you might be having second thoughts about how to clean it properly and might be afraid of damaging it. Well, there is one solution to that and it’s an easy one that’s present in most homes, a lint roller!

Image courtesy of mrs.ds.cleaning.reviews/Instagram

The adhesive on the roller will clean up all the dust, and though the roller works best on smooth surfaces, it works on most different materials. And we all know how lint rollers work, you peel off the used layer, and you’re good to go.

#37 Everyone wants spick and span countertops

Spick and span countertops make us happy. Nobody enjoys living in a home with countertops that are grimy and dirty. However, they can be tricky to clean. Once you know this little secret, you’ll never look back.

Image courtesy of 975WOKQ/YouTube

All you need is some water and a mix of rubbing alcohol, dish soap, and water, and your countertops will look new again. With a paper towel, rub the mixture into the countertops, and in no time, you’ll see the grime and dust disappear.

#38 Sparkling clean gas stove

The kitchen has to be one of the dirtiest spots in the home. All the frying, chopping, and mixing can easily result in grease and food residues. Just ask any homeowner, and they will tell you it’s one of the most problematic areas to cleanse.

Image courtesy of mariakray/Shutterstock

If you’re having difficulty tidying up your stove, we have the answer. Mix baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and water in a bowl until it develops into a paste. Apply the paste to the stove and let it sit there for a few minutes before using a cloth or sponge to wipe it away. You’ll be surprised at what you see underneath.

#39 A cleaning hack especially for microfiber furniture

Cleaning microfiber is unlike cleaning regular furniture but don’t worry because it doesn’t take that much to ensure that your microfiber furniture is clean and fresh. All you need is alcohol and a stiff cleaning brush to get the job done.

Image courtesy of housemaidhero.com

Spray the dirty area with rubbing alcohol and clean the area with a clean sponge but make sure you use a white sponge as there’s a big chance that color will transfer from the sponge to the furniture. Use the stiff brush to rub on the same area and let it dry.

#40 Bathtubs you can be proud of

A bathtub that smells fresh and looks clean is very inviting, you might spend a bit more time relaxing than you intended, but if doing so rejuvenates you, we’ll say go for the extra minutes in the tub. However, if your tub looks disgusting, we doubt you’d want to stay there.

Image courtesy of houselogic.com

Make sure your bathtub is as white as can be by dipping cotton balls in bleach and running them along the tub’s edges. This will get rid of the grime and dirt stuck on the edges and even clean up any mold formed.

#41 After the bathtub, move on to the faucets

After you clean the bathtub, it’s time to move on to the faucets. You can’t just forget about them, after all. It’s not uncommon for faucets to turn dull after a few months because of soap and hard water. Thankfully, you can get them looking new and shiny in no time.

Image courtesy of Joey Hadden/insider.com

The only thing you need is vinegar. Saturate a paper towel with it. Wrap the paper towel around the faucet for approximately 30 minutes to an hour. You can also fill a plastic bag with vinegar and soak the faucet in it.

#42 For mirrors without any trace of dirt

Bathroom mirrors can quickly get dirty, no thanks to the splashes of water, dust, steam, and other things. After a few days, you won’t be able to see your reflection in the mirror. You can scrub as much as you like but you won’t be able to clean it thoroughly without the right product.

Image courtesy of Serhii Krot/Shutterstock

What will make cleaning mirrors as easy as 1-2-3 is a mixture of water and vinegar and then spraying it on the mirror. If you want to make your bathroom smell pleasant simultaneously, you can mix some lemon or lavender into the solution.

#43 Get rid of the dust from your car’s air vents

Dust can easily accumulate on vents in the home or the car. When dust piles up, it compromises the air quality that passes through the ducts, and this is a no-no in households with members who have asthma or respiratory problems.

Image courtesy of indianauto.com/tips

If the air vents in your car are in dire need of some cleaning help, keep this hack in mind. To clean the ducts, use a damp sponge paintbrush. When you are done, wax the vents to remain cleaner for a longer time. Dust won’t be able to collect with wax in the vents, and the wax will also make the vents easier to clean later on.

#44 Squeaky clean bathtub

Nothing feels better than lounging in the tub with your favorite scented candle or a good book after a long day at work. Sometimes all you need is ‘me’ time after all the demands of being a parent or an employee.

Image courtesy of DIY Pinto/YouTube

However, if your bathtub is grimy, we’re sure it will be a completely different story. Fill your tub with hot water and add a large scoop of oxygen bleach. Leave it overnight, and when the next day comes, you’ll have a tub that will be a joy to soak in.

#45 For an immaculate sink

A clean kitchen starts with a clean sink. If the sink is dirty, how else will you ensure that you have clean plates, glasses, and silverware? You can scrub until the cows come home, but without the suitable cleaning agents, dirt will still cling to the sink.

Image courtesy of everydaycheapskate.com

Get some hydrogen peroxide and dip the sponge in it. It will easily remove even the stubbornest of dirt and stains. It will eliminate any discoloration too. Soon enough, you will be able to have a clean sink.