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45 Coworkers That Are More Revitalizing Than Morning Coffee

Our careers are a serious matter. From the time we are in school, we are asked what we want to be when we grow up. And we don’t always have the answer on the tip of our tongue because this is the kind of decision that takes time and must be well thought through. When we finally decide, we go to college and study hard so that we can perform our functions in the best possible way. However, when we finally get to work, most of us have to pray that our coworkers are people that we can identify with and that we are able to have a good time at work. If you’re about to start a new job, this article will give you hope that your coworkers might be amazing people. We collected 45 examples of people who went far beyond expectations and made their colleagues’ days much better!

Time to take a break

What is the one thing we all want after working a lot? To get some rest! This nurse was about to retire, and her coworkers decided to throw a surprise farewell party for her. As part of the decoration, they put up a funny sign on the wall: “goodbye tension, hello pension.”

Image courtesy of Kvk1991/Reddit

In addition to being a wonderful pun on the words “tension” and “pension,” the sign definitely represented her feelings at that moment. It’s great she said goodbye surrounded by love and knowing that she did her job in the best way possible. She certainly has a lot to be proud of and a beautiful future to plan for.

Bringing cookies to work

Being a paramedic must be very difficult. They are the first professionals to have contact with victims and patients, so they have to be prepared for anything. But, despite the difficulty, this paramedic decided to think of a way to improve her coworkers’ day. So, she decided to bake cookies for them:

Image courtesy of RedDeadVegetation/Reddit

Judging by the photo, you can see that the cookies were well stuffed and full of chocolate. We would definitely be delighted to receive a surprise like this, and it would make our day better. A noble attitude for a noble profession!

These marshmallows are so dreamy

This girl never had the opportunity to eat a proper bowl of Lucky Charms. Her siblings always managed to snatch the marshmallows before she got the chance to fill her bowl. After mentioning this dream to a coworker, they decided to surprise her:

Image courtesy of mccarthybergeron/Reddit

To her surprise, they bought a packet of marshmallows just for her! It was certainly a very generous gesture, both because the coworker spent money on her and for having listened to her. No matter how old we are, fulfilling our childhood dreams is very important.

Merry Christmas

Christmas is the time of the year that makes everyone happy and warms our hearts. There is always a lot of preparation required for the holiday, especially the decorations. These coworkers decided to take Christmas decorations very seriously and recreated a gingerbread house in the office!

Image courtesy of BusinessShower/Reddit

We have to say that the best part about this house is the roof because it is covered in donuts of all flavors. And it’s not just donuts; chocolate and lollipops alone line the cubicle. We bet that this didn’t last very long if their coworkers got hungry.

An outdoors date

It’s tough to make real friends after we grow up, and it’s especially difficult to make genuine friendships at work, even though we generally spend more time at work than at home most days. However, we sometimes get lucky and find great friends in our coworkers.

Image courtesy of Jrosie279/Reddit

This woman planned a romantic trip to Italy with her husband, but their plans were canceled. But it wasn’t a total loss. Her coworkers decided to set up this beautiful table so the pair could have the vacation dinner they missed out on. Pretty thoughtful of them!

Best gift of all

We all have our difficulties in life and although we try to solve them on our own, we sometimes need a little help. And there’s nothing wrong with that! No matter how small the gesture, help from unexpected places are so meaningful. This man found that with his coworkers…

Image courtesy of CNN/Twitter

Upon discovering that he walked 11 miles every day to and from work, his coworkers decided to gift him a car! Now his journey will take a fraction of the time and the single father could spend more time with his young son.

Another unexpected gift

It is very sad when something we worked hard to earn is taken away from us. This little boy, for example, loved his bicycle, but when he went to the supermarket, it was stolen. Upon discovering that their little customer’s bicycle had been taken, the establishment’s employees couldn’t ignore the injustice.

Image courtesy of shark-bananas/Reddit

They got together and made a small fundraiser within the company to buy him another bicycle. Certainly, the boy didn’t expect to get another bike so soon and, judging by his face, the happiness was as great as the despair when he realized that it had been stolen.

The friendship rock

It’s common for people to have disagreements in any environment. We’re all different and sometimes humans just can’t reach an agreement. These two coworkers, for example, had a hard time when it came to sharing space in their storage box.

Image courtesy of SpiderToaster3610/Reddit

So, to solve this problem, they thought it best to divide the box in two, giving each their own space. And as a way of celebrating that they had reached an agreement, they “created” this friendship rock to remind them that friendship always wins.

Finally graduated!

The most annoying part of work is missing special occasions because of the 9-to-5. In this girl’s case, she couldn’t attend her own graduation. She couldn’t get someone to cover her shift, but her coworkers on the same shift took this as an opportunity to do something nice for her.

Image courtesy of idiotlasagna/Reddit

They made her a graduation cap and held a personal ceremony to make up for the one she missed. Although it stinks that she missed the real ceremony, it softened the blow and brought a genuine smile to her face.

Taking care of the pets.

This employee caught the flu and had to work remotely for a few days. He had a small fish tank on his desk, and although he didn’t want to bother his coworkers too much, he couldn’t neglect his fishy friend.

Image courtesy of LITTLEWASCHBAR/Reddit

To his surprise, his coworkers did more than just shake some flakes in the tank. Shey all pitched in and even made a chart to keep track! It’s such a relief when we find people in our lives that will go even a little bit out of their way to help us out.


Being pregnant is hard enough, and one of the biggest problems is satisfying the strange cravings. It’s especially difficult at work because you can’t just go out and buy whatever your body is begging for. But, this pregnant woman was very lucky that she could count on her coworkers.

Image courtesy of CorporateGranola/Reddit

When he felt the urge to eat Cheetos, her friend went out to buy the biggest bag he could find. And he did, indeed, buy the biggest bag of Cheetos. We bet that this woman was able to satisfy her cravings for days on end!

A literal cheesecake

Everyone loves cake, and that’s a fact. Regardless of the flavor, eating a yummy piece of cake is a feeling that can’t be matched. Perhaps that’s why an especially dry slice is its own level of disappointment. But this coworker didn’t let anyone down…

Image courtesy of nicksalot/Reddit

The whole office was probably shocked to discover that they had a professional baker in their midst. Not only did she bake a gorgeous cake, but we can tell just from the picture that it’s delicious. We love her sense of humor with a literal cheesecake.

A SpongeBob…cake?

Let’s be honest, almost no one likes to go on a diet. And when we do get around to dieting, it takes all of our inner strength to maintain it. Unfortunately for this girl, when her birthday came around, her new menu didn’t allow for cakes. But her coworkers wouldn’t let her skip the celebration…

Image courtesy of itchypoopsarethebest/Reddit

Instead of getting her a traditional birthday cake, they made a fruit-only tray for everyone to eat. The best part was the chosen theme: SpongeBob. They recreated Bikini Bottom, with SpongeBob’s pineapple house as the centerpiece. There might not be chocolate on the tray, but the gesture is just as sweet.

Getting ready for a procedure

Having any type of surgery is never easy. No matter how simple the procedure is, everyone has a tiny fear of surgeries. But with the support of friends and family, everything becomes a breeze. This woman was having a hysterectomy, and her coworkers showed their support in the best way possible.

Image courtesy of tjackso6/Reddit

If you can read the signs on the cupcakes, you’ll see that her colleagues were quite creative and hilarious with the messages they picked. “Gone, but not forgotten”? That’s just way too funny! Certainly, this kind of support gives her the strength to return even stronger.

A sweet retirement

This man was about to retire, so his coworkers decided to surprise him. They wrote a beautiful message, only they replaced a few words with an even sweeter message. They had a lot of imagination when creating this beautiful — and edible — message.

Image courtesy of Dabrina_Meah/Reddit

We have to admit that not everyone is creative enough to come up with a message like this one! Mark must certainly be a beloved guy if his retirement got this much effort from his coworkers. These are the kind of friends that we’d keep in touch with after clocking out.

You will be missed

So far, we’ve seen many interactions and kind gestures from coworkers who treat everyone with kindness. When your office is a tight-knit group, any change can feel jarring. This office had to deal with a desk change-up, which they responded to with a light heart.

Image courtesy of sunkist268/Reddit

If this is how they treat someone moving within the company, we can’t even imagine what the retirement party will be like. Plus, this must have been super awkward for whoever took this desk next. At least they have a fun work environment.

Farewell message

Joseph shared the sweet story behind this perplexing picture. He worked in a bakery, and his best friend there was clocking out for the last time. So, how did she choose to say goodbye on her last day of work?

Image courtesy of sovietmariposa/Reddit

Cindy left an equation for her ex-coworker…who is a math major! This is such a sweet way to show that you care about someone and will miss their company. If you need some help with the math, we’ll translate it for you. The note says i <3 u.

Sunny day

We can’t always be happy at work. Even if we love our job, there will be days when life gets us down. This person shared the story of one dreary day at work, where the weather outside matched her mood inside. So, her coworkers waited for her to step away for a minute…

Image courtesy of lacunaluna/Reddit

These coworkers are literally rays of sunshine. The sun wouldn’t come out for their sad friend, so they had to step in and help out. We bet that her smile was brighter than the sun when she came back to this little gift.

Fixing mistakes from the past

We love holiday gift exchanges! When it’s with a group of people you know well, it’s a wonderful way to end the year and start the next one on the right foot. This woman had a wonderful group of coworkers who wanted to show they really listened to her stories.

Image courtesy of adreyjay/Reddit

This woman told her coworkers about the time her father smashed her noisy Tamagotchi. Well, two decades later, they knew the best gift to give her. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: little gestures can make a big difference!

The best type of card

Sometimes we wake up in a sour mood and we just don’t want to do anything, and that includes going to work. Unfortunately, we have to fulfill our obligations and endure the long hours that are to come. However, some people are lucky and have very generous coworkers.

Image courtesy of cahnimaz/Reddit

This girl wasn’t having a good day, and one of her coworkers noticed. Instead of not doing anything about it, the person wrote her this cute message…to go along with a Starbucks gift card in the envelope! We bet that made her day better — even without the free coffee.

Traveling with … George?

Remember the Christmas party we saw just a few pictures ago? Well, this one is from another holiday party. The guy in the picture got this as a Secret Santa gift. But it wasn’t just the picture and frame; the coworker left a little surprise…

Image courtesy of daniklein780/Reddit

The person knew that his colleague’s favorite show was Seinfeld, so he figured it would be a nice surprise to work that into the gift. The “Santa” personalized a vacation photo of his colleague and his wife with a picture of George sneaking around behind them.

Good morning to all of you

There are two kinds of people in the world: early birds and night owls. Although, the internet has created a third option: eternally exhausted pigeon. It can be tough when you’re not a morning person but some of your coworkers always come in with a spring in their step.

Image courtesy of MissChemistryNerd/Reddit

This person wasn’t the first one in the morning. In fact, they were the last to leave. But that didn’t stop them from giving their coworkers a positive start to their mornings. These are just a few of the notes they left for people to find the following morning.

You’re forgiven

Depending on what your work is, your employer may — or may not — provide refreshments. If it’s the latter, it’s every man for themself when it comes to stocking the fridge. The previous “owner” of the soda water had put some cans of their favorite drink in the fridge, but they didn’t last long.

Image courtesy of bobert_the_wise/Reddit

One of their colleagues was in dire need of a drink and took the last can. Since it was taken without permission, they replaced the missing can and then some. It was such a sweet move that another colleague had to chime in.

Day Off

This is undoubtedly the best birthday present ever. As much as we hope for a present from work, we don’t usually get anything other than a card from our colleagues. At best, we might get a yummy cupcake from our boss.

Image courtesy of oganNoLs/Reddit

This person got the best birthday gift: a day off! Well, mostly. There is some fine print, but at least “Logan” was upfront about it. Plus he gets extra credit for making it look like a real Monopoly card. We hope our coworkers are reading this…

The cutest gift ever

Having a child is always a joy, both for the parents and for those around them. It’s not unusual for coworkers to throw a small party when an employee announces that they’re expecting a baby. To show their love, some coworkers buy presents for the parents to be.

Image courtesy of nixknits/Reddit

This person got the best gift a new mother could ask for: a handmade baby blanket from her colleague! Even if the person wasn’t a talented crafter, which they clearly are, the thought absolutely counts. Personalized gifts are imbued with so much love, and you can’t find that in any store.

Time to go home

This receptionist doesn’t just take care of keeping the office in order, she took it upon herself to cheer up her coworkers. Every day she prints a different meme and puts it on her desk, so when her colleagues arrive, they can have a few laughs before starting their workday.

Image courtesy of tokensbro/Reddit

This meme is hilarious and totally relatable. After all, who wouldn’t like to go home a little early when “a little” means 7 hours? We’re pretty sure everyone laughed at this funny meme, including the boss! We bet that the work environment in this company is great.

What a letter

This boss was leaving the company where he had worked for years. As a way of saying goodbye to employees, he wrote a message to every person that worked with him. Since not everyone would be there, he wrote all the messages in a single file and then printed it out.

Image courtesy of ThePoorIronMan/Reddit

Not a lot of bosses take the time to leave a heartfelt message to every single one of their subordinates. He must be a lovely person if he had so many things to say to everyone. Hopefully, he’s moving on for bigger and better things.

Is it really protecting him?

Manual jobs are difficult not; we know, we’re not saying anything new here. The long hours, sometimes spent outside, can be taxing. This guy knows all too well the struggles of manual labor. When it was raining, his coworker stepped in to help out…

Image courtesy of Hijae/Reddit

This cheeky colleague didn’t want to get rained on either, so he got creative. Rather than holding the umbrella with his hands, the machine could do the work just as well, right? Still, it was a thoughtful gesture. We’re ashamed to admit that we wouldn’t have thought of such a thing.

It’s a snail!

Not every company allows employees to bring their pets to work, even if some pets require constant care and attention. And this company is trying to break the norm so they allowed one of their employees to keep his pet snail on his desk.

Image courtesy of outofthedesert/Reddit

When the guy had to stay home for a few days, his colleagues to take of his pet for him. Not only did they take care of it, but the snail had an unplanned birth. How did they break the news? With a baby shower!

Be strong

Breakups are really difficult, but when you have friends, everything becomes easier. This girl and her boyfriend broke up and, noticing her sadness at work, a colleague decided to make a surprise box for her. She bought candy and a Dory plushie.

Image courtesy of krispeon/Reddit

What a perfect fit. We all know Dory’s “just keep swimming” catchphrase. It means that, no matter what, she has to move on with her life. It was a very kind attitude of her friend — for sure she will follow the advice of the fish!

Farewell cake

We all need to work to pay our bills, although we don’t always like the place where we clock in/out. But even then, we have to deal with it and stay until we can find a new job where we feel better. And when that finally happens, resigning from the old job is a relief.

Image courtesy of kmonizzle/Reddit

This guy was very happy to switch companies. Even still, he expected that this boss would throw him a farewell party, which didn’t happen. But his coworkers decided to surprise him on his last day, so he wouldn’t leave upset. Surely that cake was worth more than any word the boss could have said to him.

She’s gone

Cakes are ideal for any occasion, no matter what we are celebrating. In this case, this company decided to celebrate the departure of a not very pleasant person. Don’t worry, it wasn’t anyone in the office. He just went through a divorce…

Image courtesy of Versaton/Reddit

Based on the phrasing, we’re guessing that his coworkers didn’t like the ex-wife, either. Just like birthdays and holidays, having the support of your coworkers during any new stage in your life is great. We wish there were more people like that in the world.

Long-distance celebration

One of the worst parts about growing up is that we don’t get to do whatever we want on our birthday anymore. We used to celebrate at school with balloons and a cake, but now we’re forced to drag our butts to work. The only exception is when you’re sick…which also stinks.

Image courtesy of OpulentOctopus/Reddit

Even though he was stuck in quarantine during his birthday, Kevin wasn’t alone. He got a wonderful note and cake from his coworkers. If he was feeling sad, we bet this turned that frown upside down! Ten out of ten for the punny wordplay!

Unexpected gift

This guy needed a new computer, but he didn’t have the money to buy one. In today’s world, that can hinder your future career and learning opportunities, so his coworkers decided to help out. They really went above and beyond with this gift…

Image courtesy of JumpyyyKO/ Reddit

The computer in the picture belonged to their coworker. But what are they using now? A computer they built from scratch! We’re speechless at their ingenuity, determination, and kindness. Looking at his face, we can see that their coworker feels the same way.

Celebrating all times of the day!

We have another ray of sunshine lightening a gloomy birthday. This person shared that their birthday was set to start off with a lonely night shift. The only other person around was a security guard they barely knew. Or, barely knew before midnight.

Image courtesy of Dumb_Reddit_Username/Reddit

At the stroke of midnight, this lonely worker was gifted a surprise cake by the security guard. This is so heartwarming we’re speechless. Birthday wishes are always welcome, and expected from family and friends. But when they’re from strangers, it’s even sweeter.

The best boss of all

This boss definitely won the “best boss ever” award. When he found out that his employee was passing out in the middle of work because she wasn’t eating right, he started making lunchboxes for her every day, without her having to ask.

Image courtesy of Metallschleifer/Reddit

That is the type of kindness that is hard to find — and usually when we find it, it’s from a coworker, not necessarily the boss. Employers are always busy and have other concerns, while our coworkers see us and our struggles every day. But this boss is clearly different from the rest!

Try your luck

Some people are brave enough to quit the jobs that they hate so much, in spite of all the consequences. But most of us have to deal with it and remain at our jobs because of all the bills we have to pay. And no matter how much we may hate our jobs, we don’t really want to get fired.

Image courtesy of wrinklyrice/Reddit

This woman was feeling nervous because she thought that she was going to get fired. To ease the tension, her coworker bought a chocolate and a scratch card so she could try her luck and maybe get rich and get out of work for good. But the best part was the sweet note!

Birthday cakes don’t get better than this

Birthday parties in the workplace are wonderful, because it’s a time for distraction and fun for everyone. But what really cannot be missing from these parties — or any other party, really — is the cake. So, to celebrate her coworker’s birthday, this woman decided to bake the cake herself.

Image courtesy of Ltguy/Reddit

She’s clearly a talented baker, considering how professional the cake looked and how she managed to represent her friend’s favorite hobby so well. This further demonstrates what a wonderful person she is, and how well she knows her friends, not to mention how much effort she’s willing to put in.

She raised the bar on coworkers

We all have some difficult times in our lives and we don’t always have someone to talk to so that we can rant and let out all those sad feelings. Luckily for this woman, one of her coworkers had the noblest of attitudes when she saw that she didn’t look too happy.

Image courtesy of yodelaheehoo66/Reddit

She offered her help in the most gentle way possible, as she didn’t want to intrude on her life. To accomplish that, she wrote this sweet note to let her coworker know that she can talk to her whenever she wants. This was very sweet of her!

Taking our loved ones wherever we go

The hardest part about going out to work is leaving the ones we love at home — whether it’s our spouse, kids, or even our dog. But when you have loyal friends at work, everything becomes easier. This young man realized how upset his colleague was during working hours without his dog by his side…

Image courtesy of princesshaley2010/Reddit

He gave his colleague a sock that had his dog’s face printed on it. This was the best gift a dog lover could get, not to mention that it helped the guy him deal with missing his pet. His colleague certainly had a lot of creativity when choosing the gift.

The kind of people who make the world a better place!

Moving is a delicate situation, regardless of whether you’re moving to another city or another country. Usually, when we do that, we have to build our lives from scratch: new job, new friends, new neighbors, among other things. This guy didn’t have any of his family or closest friends on his birthday with him.

Image courtesy of Eeenesto_/Twitter

One of his coworkers decided to throw him a surprise party. The best part? They got his wife back on their home country on the phone so they could FaceTime. Certainly, it was a different birthday than he was used to, but the affection that his colleagues had for him softened everything and made the occasion much more special.

Spontaneous gifts are the best!

Receiving a surprise gift is good in any occasion, especially so when it’s a spontaneous thing. This person, for example, after carefully listening to his coworker talk about his favorite cartoons, series and movies, decided to give him a gift.

Image courtesy of thepedrolorian/Twitter

We bet that this person never expected that their coworker would go ahead and buy her a Mandalorian Funko Pop. She was so happy with the gift and couldn’t contain her joy that she decided to share this generous gesture on Twitter.

A Merry Christmas indeed!

Every holiday is a special time, because they are moments that we like to spend with our friends and family. But in some professions, it is not always possible to have a day off on the holidays and we have to go to work with a smile on our face.

Image courtesy of HumperMoe/Reddit

This security guard who didn’t celebrate Christmas decided to prioritize his friends over himself, so he offered to take over their shifts during this time of the year so they could go home and visit their families. People like that have to be praised, because they are hard to find.

A very thoughtful gift

Everyone loves homemade gifts. Not because they’re better than those from a store, but because homemade gifts hold a very special meaning behind them. This man, for example, was changing jobs and his former coworkers decided to give him a very special homemade farewell gift.

Image courtesy of AccordianAttack/imgur

His coworkers all worked together in fabricating this beautiful and thoughtful blanket. The gift is interesting because it means that his colleagues really did know him very well because they managed to get all his favorite cartoon characters on that blanket!

Deep down, we’re all a bunch of kids

A child’s birthday and an adult’s birthday are two completely different things. Usually, on a child’s birthday, the decoration is really colorful, the parents hire people dressed as characters that the child loves, among other things. On the other hand, an adult’s birthday tends to be much more serious, despite being a very special moment too.

Image courtesy of CivilRiceOnionRing/Reddit

The employees of this company decided to break free from those “standards” and prepared a very unique birthday party for their boss. Judging by his face, we can tell that he loved it and would rather have these types of birthday parties forever. Though we can’t but wonder who’s going to clean all that up!